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How Do I Unschool if My State Has Curriculum Requirements?

Rustina August 10, 2023

By Rustina

Does your child learn best when they really care about a subject, but you are worried your state requirements are too restrictive to allow child led educational plans? 

Although it gets a bad rap sometimes, unschooling is an amazing way to teach your children about life and educate them. If your state has curriculum requirements that make your interest in unschooling a concern, there are a few options. 

How do I Unschool if your State Has Curriculum Requirements

#1 Research your state regulations

Familiarize yourself with your state’s requirements for homeschooling. This will help you find creative ways to use unschooling principles within the framework of those requirements. Look for statewide parent associations for homeschoolers to connect with others and gain more insight.

#2 Blend the elements 

As referenced above, consider blending unschooling and more traditional subjects to meet the curriculum requirements. You can incorporate elements of unschooling practices with reading, writing, and mathematics by using real-world examples, creative games like Minecraft, engineering activities, practical applications, and child-led learning. We learn so much even when we are playing and having fun. Learning shouldn’t be boring and rigid.

#3 Pursue child-led activities

Whether your child is hands on, research ignited, or loves busy work, encourage your child to pursue projects aligned with their interests and passions. Document the learning experiences and outcomes to demonstrate how they align with curriculum requirements. Create journal-like entries to organize the work.

#4 Document learning progress

That leads to keeping records of your child’s learning experiences, including books read, educational outings, field trips, discussions, reviews, and other activities. Documenting your child’s learning progress will help you showcase their educational growth and provide evidence of their development, even if it does not fit the traditional school model. 

#5 Use online resources

Add online resources, educational websites, and digital learning platforms to supplement your child’s education. These resources often offer a range of subjects and materials that can support both unschooling and traditional learning requirements. They also often offer prepared documentation of said activities.

#6 Connect with homeschooling communities

Join local homeschooling groups or online communities in your area. Meeting with other homeschooling families can offer support, guidance, and resources to help you navigate the challenges of unschooling within a regulated environment.

Remember to review your state’s specific homeschooling laws and regulations to ensure compliance while incorporating unschooling principles. Each state may have different requirements and expectations, so it’s crucial to understand and adhere to them while finding creative ways to personalize your child’s education.

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