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How We Get All Our Homeschooling Materials {Affordably}

admin May 15, 2019

I know lots of people who spend hundreds on homeschooling materials for their kids each year.

I just can’t bring myself to do that.  I know we won’t use most of it.  I know we’ll pick and choose what works for us.  And, I like to have a wide variety of different things to choose from.  So, I just don’t buy curriculum-in-a-box.

But, as I said, I do want a lot of things around.  I’m going to share with you exactly how I get all of the homeschooling materials we use, and how I get the best deals on them!

How We Get All Our Homeschooling Materials {Affordably}

These are all our favorite things!  Some are specific times of the year, but some are any time (or random).

Back to School Sales

I can’t wait for these in a couple months, because I will go in and buy tons of stuff.  This is where I will get:

  • Crayons ($0.50/box or less)
  • Markers ($1/box or less)
  • Colored pencils ($1/box or less)
  • Pencils ($1 for 20-ct. box or less)
  • Pencil sharpeners ($0.50 each or less)
  • Notebooks ($0.20 each or less)
  • Binders ($1 each)
  • Rulers ($0.50 each or less)
  • Glue ($0.50 each or less)
  • Glue sticks ($1 for 4 or less)

In my area, Walmart usually has the best prices.  I typically shop there, or at Meijer (which is a regional chain and closer to my house).


Believe it or not, Costco sometimes has awesome deals on office stuff.

  • Construction paper ($6 – $7 for 600 sheets)
  • Workbooks ($10 each for multiple subjects)
  • Kids’ early reader book sets ($10 or less for 5 – 6 books)
  • Learning rugs or decorative items


Here, we get a hodge-podge of items, depending on what’s on special!  Sometimes they have one-day deals that are awesome, so look for those (many homeschooling blogs will share).

  • Ultra-washable crayons ($1/box on sale)
  • Wikki stix
  • Water beads
  • Laminator
  • Laminating sheets
  • Sheet protectors
  • Books (sometimes, if a good deal — like boxed sets of kids’ early readers)

Five Below

This store isn’t everywhere, but if there is one near you, you must go.  They have tons of stuff and everything is $5 or less.

  • Science kits (crystal growing, slime making, super ball creating, etc.)
  • Various science experiment books
  • Art books/bits (oragami, drawing lessons, “adult” coloring books)
  • Math workbooks (Smart Alec series)
  • “Did you know” type books (random facts, world’s grossest, etc.)
  • Outdoor play items (balls, nets, etc.)
  • Play-Doh

Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale

The Build Your Bundle Homeschool sale is only May 15 – May 22, so you do have to act fast on this one. 🙂

I get almost all my spelling, reading, science info (not experiments or kits, but texts), history, etc. from this sale.  They’re all digital files, and some can be used digitally, and others need to be printed.  I have a huge file folder on my computer, organized by subject, with dozens of these.  Some we don’t use the same year I buy them, but we end up using later!

Some items I’ve gotten in previous sales:

  • Maxwell Mouse Math ( add and subtract mats with number cards to practice simple problems — my 4-year-old loves this)
  • Let’s Classify! flash cards (my littles both love these)
  • Games teaching historical places, states and capitals, presidents, and more
  • Quark Chronicles (botany, anatomy, and some others…they’re novels that teach science concepts)
  • Unit studies (on several subjects — including the owl study we’re about to do)
  • Dora and Diego full Spanish 1 curriculum
  • Sight word cards/activities
  • Full spelling curriculum for 4 years
  • Math Mammoth grade 3 (included THIS year)
  • Animal Classification Escape the Volcano Flash Card Game (included THIS year)
  • Preschool play-doh mats and activities
  • …tons more

I can’t even begin to cover everything I have!  But I love being able to pull out and print what I need, when I need it.  And because it’s digital, I only print what we’re going to use, and I can re-print for future kids whenever too.  It’s pretty awesome, and my kids enjoy this stuff.

Anyway, you should definitely check it out.  There are 15 different bundles to choose from, depending on your kid’s age and your family’s needs.  Or, you can build your own from 200+ materials, so you get everything you want and nothing you don’t.

The “build your own” part of it this year is even easier than before.  You can choose any material you want (no price caps) and any number of materials.  As the retail value goes up, so does your discount!

I’m looking closely at that STEM bundle, plus building my own to meet my kids’ needs.

I hope this list is helpful to you!

Where do you get the best deals on your homeschooling materials?

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  1. We have local homeschool sale or swap every year
    I got everything I need for the next year yesterday, all for $70! I also watch for free online print off, etc


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