Power Up with Vital Proteins

While often overlooked, protein is one of the body's most vital nutrients. Nourish your body with high-quality collagen whey protein from Vital Proteins.

What If…My Water Breaks Early?

The drama of when a pregnant woman's water breaks has been plastered on every movie screen — but how serious is this moment and does it mean an immediate emergency? Learn more about exactly what is happening during labor and when the bag of waters breaks, and how to handle it.

The Truth About Ear Infections

When the little one wakes up with a mild fever, tugging at his ear, most parents assume (often correctly) -- it's an ear infection!  So, like all good parents do, they quickly make a doctor's appointment to get a prescription for antibiotics, but is this really the best way to handle ear infections? 


Herbal Profile: Rose Hips

Rose hips are not just the rounder part of the lovely rose - they are an essential part and a nutrient-packed plant. Discover more about this amazing plant, flower, and vitamin C powerhouse.


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