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How 5 Backyard Herbs Help Swollen Feet

Rustina June 27, 2023

By Rustina, Contributing Writer

Everyone is always all excited for summer fun and warm weather -but not me. It is a reminder that my lymphatic flow is not good. Swollen ankles and feet get a bit more support in socks and nice boots. Flip flops and sandals not only don’t reduce swelling– they also don’t hide it 😬.

My lymphatic struggles started shortly after I took Depo Provera birth control. I have my theories on why that affected it, but there has never been support from our current healthcare model of course. “Just wear stockings all the time. Oh, your knees are now doing that? Just wear taller stockings!”  It is a never ending cycle, I think, taking that approach. I wanted to do something about it besides cramping my hands every morning and strangling my ankles with the stockings! 

I found 2 approaches that are helpful. I support the lymphatic system with herbs (tincture, teas, and lotions) and movement (rebounding, gentle exercise, dry brushing, and lymphatic self massage). 

There are 5 amazing herbs that can help, and they may be right in your own backyard!

5 Backyard Herbs to Promote Lymphatic Detox

Violets are diuretic (increases urine output that promotes elimination of toxins and fluid, thus supporting the kidneys and usually relieving lymphatic congestion) to help the flow of fluids (S) and dissolve thick fluid/hardness in lymph (S)

Dandelion is also a diuretic (S), so it helps in similar ways as violets – the leaves are most often used for this purpose. It is also anti-inflammatory to help as well.

Burdock is anti-inflammatory and has antioxidants (helps keep the lymphatic tissues healthy from less free radicals), as well as known for detoxing/purifying fluids and stimulating the lymphatic system (S)

Cleaver is well known for promoting lymphatic drainage as a diuretic and anti-inflammatory (S)

Red Clover is an antioxidant that is also known to stimulate the lymph flow, purify the blood/improving blood pressure (S) which can support lymph flow, balance hormones to reduce waste in lymph (S), and support the immune system (which is closely intertwined in the lymphatic system) (S)

How to use these herbs to support your lymphatic flow

You can use these herbs in DIYs: 

I also love a cream from Earthley called Lymphatic Cream. It is made with cleavers and burdock root along with apricot oil, castor oil, kokum butter, calendula, yarrow, and ginger.

Herbs can be a huge help for all sorts of issues. When it comes to lymphatic issues, it is great to incorporate these 5 and also to remember to drink plenty of water and breathe deeply! The results take a while, but overall, my body feels stronger every day. I feel healthier, and that is always the goal! 

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Have you used herbs from your backyard to help you?

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