Recipe Collection: Favorite Christmas Recipes |

Recipe Collection: Favorite Christmas Recipes

admin December 13, 2012

With less than two weeks until Christmas (!!), it’s time to think about something fun…the food!

When I was a kid, I’d wake up on Christmas morning and we’d have something special and yummy for breakfast.  At that time it often meant canned, refrigerated cinnamon rolls or something equally quick…but still yummy.

(By the way, my brother and I were weird kids.  We were never up at the crack of dawn; we slept in until 8 or 9.  We went downstairs patiently, seeing the beautiful, loaded Christmas tree…and went in the kitchen for breakfast, or a couple of times even to watch TV and snuggle before we opened presents.  We were so patient, even as small children!  All my neighbors and cousins would be up at 5 or 6 and pulling their parents out of bed to open presents right now and we were never like that.  So far my kids seem to be following my footsteps…I hope!)

These days, of course, our special breakfasts are a little different.  And so are our dinners (we used to go to restaurants).  They sometimes do take awhile…but they are so good and worth it to me!

Need a little holiday inspiration?

Christmas Main Meal

If you’re looking for ideas for any main meals (main dish, side dish, etc.) try one of these recipes.  So very yummy.

Christmas Treats

If you’re looking for something extra-special for a dessert or other treat, try one of these!

One-Day Sale

For TODAY ONLY, you can get 30% off any of our holiday and winter-inspired booksFestive TraditionsTreat Yourself, or Wholesome Comfort. It is in these books that you will find the well-tested deliciousness for the holidays and winter season.  All together they contain over 100 amazing recipes!  Normally they sell for $7.95 – $8.95 each, but if you bought them all today you could get them for just $17.40!  That’s a great deal for 100 recipes.

Truthfully these are the books I refer to most often when I am looking for something to make.  I make the broccoli-cheddar soup from Wholesome Comfort at least once a week (and last weekend I made a huge batch and put the extras in the fridge for quick lunches this week).  The cinnamon rolls in Treat Yourself are another favorite.  They don’t last!  I’ve only made the pastured egg nog from Festive Traditions so far (it’s Jill’s book, the editor of Modern Alternative Kitchen) but that’s a delicious way to enjoy the holidays!

Buy any of these books for 30% off using code HOLIDAYBOOKS.  Then enjoy your delicious holiday recipes!

What are your favorite holiday recipes?

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