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The 7 Myths Of Modern Dentistry

admin October 6, 2012

Let’s talk dental health.

Do you ever wonder why your dentist asks you to come in every six months for a check up and then insists you sit through an X-RAY?

Do you ever wonder why fluoride is in your drinking water and toothpaste, yet it is considered toxic by the FDA and if you consume too much you are advised to call Poison Control?

For all those who think that dental procedures are just a normal part of life and everyone gets cavities, THINK AGAIN.

This is what the ADA doesn’t want you to know

Your teeth do not need to be poked, prodded, and drilled

You can clean and restore your own teeth without any special dentists, chemicals, or procedures!

We have been told a lot of flat out myths over the years when it comes to our teeth.  The strides the government has taken to shield this from our view is appalling.  Many dentists have realized the error in their ways, and now, follow a much more natural path.  However, the majority of dentists are still promoting these fallacies.

Myth #1: Fluoride is Essential to Healthy Teeth

“Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century” (Robert Carlton, Ph.D., former U.S. EPA scientist on “Marketplace” Canadian Broadcast Company Nov 24, 1992)

In the late 1940’s, the Department of Public Health recognized a study which showed that people drinking from local water sources possessing more natural fluoride had healthier teeth and less cavities than those people which drank from local water sources containing less natural fluoride. With the results of that study in hand, the Department of Public Health raced to find a man-made chemical fluoride to aid cities around the United States as they added fluoride to their public water systems.

It is very important that we realize that the fluoride added to our water supplies is not the natural mineral fluoride. The man-made chemical fluoride compound added to our drinking water is actually a toxic waste product from phosphate fertilizer plants. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola:

Fluoride is a cumulative poison. Approximately 98 percent of the fluoride you ingest in water is absorbed into your blood through your gastrointestinal tract. From there, it enters your body’s cellular tissues. On average, about 50 percent of the fluoride you ingest each day gets excreted through your kidneys.

Whether this happens or not is highly dependent on the presence of calcium, magnesium, Vitamin C, and selenium in your bloodstream, to which the fluoride will bind so that it no longer is seeking calcium-rich tissues that make up so much of your body. The remainder accumulates in your teeth and bones, pineal gland, and other tissues, including your blood vessels.” (

In January 2011, the EPA relented under growing concern about the dangers of fluoride from the public and lowered the maximum amount of fluoride allowed in public drinking water.  In 2006 the National Academy of Sciences recognized the detrimental effects of fluorosis, poisoning from an overabundance of fluoride in the body. (  In its mildest form it appears as white spotting on teeth.  In its worst state it causes pitting and discoloration of teeth leading to other major dental problems.  As of 2010, thirty-two percent of children suffered from dental fluorosis. ( explains that excessive fluoride exposure has also been linked to a range of other chronic ailments including arthritis, bone fragility, glucose intolerance, gastrointestinal distress, thyroid disease, and possibly cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.

A 2012 Harvard study showed disturbing evidence that fluoridation greatly affects the brain, lowering I.Q. levels of children living in those regions with highly fluoridated water.  Studies are also beginning to link fluoride’s effects on the brain to Alzheimer’s. (

To read more on studies proving the toxic properties of man-made fluoride and its destruction of public health read Dr. David Kennedy DDS’s detailed analysis, Scientific Facts on the Biological Effects of Fluorides.

So why, you might ask, was this toxic chemical ever allowed to be put into our drinking water?  Well there are more than a few people asking that question.

The Hard To Swallow Truth

Fluoride can be filtered by distillation, reverse osmosis, or by my personal favorite a high quality water filter.
You can pay big bucks for Fluoride Free Toothpaste or just make some yourself at home for pennies.  I use this Homemade Remineralizing Toothpaste Recipe from Keeper of the Home.  If you prefer not to buy all of the individual ingredients but still want to make it at home, you can purchase a toothpaste kit from The Bulk Herb Store.

Myth #2: A Root Canal Is A Safe Procedure

All of my life I had heard about the pain involved in having a root canal procedure done, but I did not actually know what a root canal was.  Our teeth are not just “pearly whites” sitting there ready to chomp our food, although they do this with great ability.   Our teeth are made of the hardest substances in our bodies.  The outer layer of our teeth is the enamel which encases the dentin.  In the middle of each tooth is what is called the pulp chamber.  The pulp chamber contains blood vessels and nerves in its soft structure.  The root of each tooth connects to the jawbone and these are held in place by your periodontal ligament.  (

Dr. Joseph Mercola explains that dentists are taught in dental school that “each tooth has one to four major canals.  However, there are accessory canals that are never mentioned. … Just as your body has large blood vessels that branch down into very small capillaries, each of your teeth has a maze of very tiny tubules that, if stretched out, would extend for three miles. Weston Price identified as many as 75 separate accessory canals in a single central incisor (front tooth).”

When a root canal is performed the pulp within the tooth is removed and in its place a foreign substance is inserted to fill the chamber.  Oral bacteria remains in this area and becomes toxic.  When your immune system is strong these toxins may not harm you, but when your immune system fails to keep them in check these toxins can easily enter your bloodstream or into surrounding tissues.  This is when a simple root canal can cause major complications.

The idea behind a root canal is to keep infection from occurring and abscesses from forming, but what a patient is not told is that many times the risk of the root canal procedure is much higher (as well as to save a damaged tooth instead of removing it in favor of a false tooth).  Root canals have been linked in studies performed by Dr. Weston A. Price to heart disease, kidney disease, arthritis, joint, and rheumatic diseases, neurological diseases, and autoimmune diseases.

According to a five-year study performed by Dr. Robert Jones on three hundred breast cancer cases, there is an extremely high correlation between root canals and breast cancer.  His findings showed that ninety-three percent of women who had breast cancer had also had root canals performed on them.  Dr. Josef Issels claims that in forty years of practice, ninety-seven percent of his terminal cancer patients had also had root canals. (

Dr. Joseph Mercola, explains in a recent article, that when the mercury from amalgam fillings is paired with the toxic bacteria hiding in the root canal the results can be disastrous.  He describes how this pairing of toxins with mercury can actually alter a person’s DNA and cause a whole host of new diseases and birth defects not only affecting the patient, but also his family tree.

The safety of the root canal has been hotly debated among dentists for over one hundred years.  Those that claim the safety of the root canal procedure have no legitimate studies or research to back their claims.  To protect yourself from possible disease down the road, it is as simple as having a tooth pulled.  Not only might this save your life, its a heck of a lot cheaper too!

Myth #3: It Is Better To Remove The Wisdom Teeth When A Patient Is Young

There are so many youth and young adults having their wisdom teeth removed now at the suggestion of their dentist, even though they show no sign of discomfort or problems.  Why is this allowed?  Ten to twelve percent of people will develop appendicitis or cholecystitis.  You will not hear any doctor prescribe that a patient prophylactically remove his appendix or gallbladders on the off chance that he might need to one day based on these statistics.  However, studies show that the exact same percentage, only ten to twelve percent, of people will develop impacted wisdom teeth that need to one day be removed, yet dentitsts are claiming that eighty-five percent of wisdom teeth need to be extracted?  (Jay W. Friedman, DDS, MPH, The National Center For Biotechnology).

Uninformed dentists have been telling these myths to their patients for years:

  1. Third Molars Have A High Incidence of Pathology
  2. Early Removal Of Third Molars Is Less Traumatic
  3. Pressure of Erupting Third Molars Causes Crowding of Anterior Teeth
  4. The Risk of Pathology in Impacted Third Molars Increases With Age
  5. There is Little Risk of Harm in the Removal of Third Molars

These statements are not true and actually studies show the opposite.  Dentists also do not make it a habit to tell their patients the extent of risk present in having this surgery performed, especially when there is no health related reason to having it performed in the first place.

According to Jay W. Friedman, DDS, MPH, complications of wisdom teeth extraction include:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Trismus
  • Hemorrhage
  • Alveolar osteitis (dry socket)
  • Periodontal damage
  • Soft-tissue infection
  • Injury to temporomandibular joint
  • Malaise
  • Temporary paresthesia (numbness of the lips, tongue, and cheek)
  • Permanent paresthesia
  • Fracture of adjacent teeth
  • Fracture of the mandible
  • Fracture of the maxilla
  • Sinus exposure or infection
  • Anesthetic complications

Many of these complications are not as RARE as your dentist would like you to believe.  Is it more important to have your wisdom teeth removed early on the small chance that you might need to later in life even if the percentages are much higher that you will fall prey to one or more of these complications?  For me, that is not a very difficult question.

To read more information concerning this growing issue please read Jay W. Friedman’s, DDS, MPH article, “The Prophylactic Extraction of Third Molars: A Public Health Hazard.”

This article from the NY Times is also quite interesting, “Wisdom of Having That Tooth Removed.”


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Myth #4: Having Metal In Your Mouth Is Not Dangerous (Fillings)

The safety of silver fillings have been debated for years.  Amalgam fillings, silver fillings, are are the easiest and cheapest for dentists to use.  These fillings are primarily in question for their mercury content, about 1,000 mg.  Amalgam fillings contain more mercury than any other product in America.

Dr. Joseph Mercola explains in his article, “Dangers of Mercury Contamination,” that mercury is the most toxic of all the heavy metals.  Mercury poisoning can affect the body’s neurological, immunological, and endocrinological processes.  Mercury hinders the body’s ability to detoxify itself which leads to further illness.  Research links neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to mercury exposure.

Dentists are taught that because the mercury is bound with other metals, mercury does not leak into the patient’s body.  However, studies show that mercury vapor can be measured from the tip of an amalgam filled tooth.  The fact that this vapor can be measured, means that mercury is leaking into the body.  Dr. Joseph Mercola continues to explain the dangers of mercury contamination:

Once released from an amalgam-filled tooth, mercury in the form of nonreactive mercury vapor goes from your mouth to your lungs, then to your brain via your bloodstream. A common enzyme in your body called catalase converts (oxidizes) mercury vapor into the “Hg2plus” form, which is VERY toxic, and traps it inside your cells. Once here, it is very difficult for your body to remove it.

Experts say the mercury from amalgam is highly absorbed and gets into all parts of your body, including your brain and bone marrow. Every time you chew, mercury vapor is being liberated from those fillings and absorbed, potentially causing your health to decline over time.” (

Many composite fillings, the second most used by dentists, are not much better than their amalgam counterparts.  According to Douglas L. Cook, DDS, SC, most composite fillings contain the additives aluminum oxide, iron oxide, and fluoride.   Metal oxides are very dangerous to a person’s health.  If you are in need of a filling, ask about composite fillings that do not contain these dangerous metal oxides.

There is much valid research to prove the danger of amalgam fillings.  Silver fillings should never be given to anyone, much less children and women of child-bearing age.  The FDA has been unwilling to seriously consider the evidence presented to them when their own scientific panel says:

Chronic exposure to mercury, even in minute amounts, is known to be toxic and poses significant risks to human health. Current scientific evidence clearly demonstrates that dental amalgam unnecessarily exposes dental patients to substantial amounts of mercury vapor, particulates and other forms and is therefore not a suitable material for dental restoration.”

Furthermore, “It is incompatible with current valid scientific evidence to continue to endorse or otherwise condone the use of a permanently implanted material in teeth that continuously emits a very potent enzyme inhibitor and metabolic toxin. Moreover, mercury’s damaging influence on the developing brain makes dental amalgam an entirely inappropriate material for use in children and women of childbearing age.” (The Center For Natural Dentistry)

If you are concerned about your dental health and desire to read more on the dangers of metal in your mouth, and/or how to go about having it removed and replaced in a healthy way read Dr. Joseph Mercola’s Article here.

To read more on the glaring evidence that the FDA is ignoring concerning amalgam fillings and their mercury content read this article by The Center For Natural Dentistry: “Dangers of Dental Mercury

Myth #5: Dental X-RAYS Must Be Taken Yearly To Maintain Proper Dental Health.

Many dentists require their patients to have an X-RAY performed every six months to one year.  They claim it is to maintain optimal dental health.  Usually insurance covers this, and the dentist gets paid.

However, if you question the necessity of having an X-RAY at a particular appointment or if you dare say the “R” word and question the level of radiation you are receiving, the dental hygienist or dentist will be quick to respond with the same pat answer, “you receive less radiation from a dental X-RAY than if you were outside enjoying the sun.”   Funny how they all give the same response, isn’t it?

Well, next time your dentist tells you this, give him a little lesson in science, the electromagnetic spectrum to be exact.  John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D. reports:

The mistaken assumption is that the ultraviolet light from the sun is comparable to the penetrating photons of x-rays and gamma rays. … Ultraviolet radiation does not penetrate past the skin, it does not cause cancer of internal organs such as the tongue, lungs, breast, pancreas, colon, etc. Ultraviolet light can cause cancers of the skin (and probably some cancers of the eye). X-rays can cause cancer not only of the skin, but also of any internal organ exposed by the x-ray beam.” (By John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D., and Egan O’Connor.
The X-Rays and Health Project)

We are exposed to more radiation today than ever before in human history.  Airplanes, cell phones, x-rays, even our food contributes to our radiation levels.  Radiation is cumulative over the body’s lifetime.  Children are very vulnerable to damage by radiation exposure, says the Chicago Tribune, considering a child is still growing.  Radiation can hinder the proper development of cells.

The thyroid is one of the biggest concerns during a dental X-RAY for both an adult and a child.  During a dental X-RAY a lead cover is placed over the major organs of the body, but the thyroid is left open for exposure.  Unless you specifically ask for a thyroid guard, more than likely this lead shield will not be offered to protect you from the harmful radiation.

Radiation has been linked to thyroid cancer and brain tumors even small babies in those women who were administered a dental x-ray during their pregnancy.

My advice, skip the x-ray if it is just a regular dental check-up.  When you do need one, make sure you are covered with a lead vest, and do not forget to ask for that thyroid guard.

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Myth #6: Routine Dental Examinations Are Necessary.

I believe that there are many good reasons to have dentists around.  In much the same way that I am glad that there are doctors when I truly need them, I am glad that there are dentists when I truly need them.  However, this modern day notion that every person young and old ought to visit the doctor or dentist at least once a year (and in many cases much more often) to be issued a clean bill of health is ludicrous.

I do not need to take my child into the pediatrician yearly just to answer a few questions on my car seat strapping procedure; nor does the doctor need to hear my child speak, or see my child walk to tell me if he or she is healthy.  Unless my child is showing signs of illness or signs of problems with her teeth, I do not see a need to take him or her to the office on a strict schedule.

I understand the argument, that it is for maintenance.  A check-up is for catching things before they become an issue.  Whereas I am not against having my child’s teeth looked at, at some point, to make sure that everything is in good and proper order, I am concerned that the drill-happy dentist might get a little carried away.

I have seen it happen on more than one occasion.  A dentist saw my husband for the first time in three years.  She cleaned his teeth and took his X-RAYS and told him to come back in a week because they needed to drill and seal what looked like it might turn into a cavity one day.  It wasn’t until months later that he could finally chew on that side of his mouth; and all for the “mystical cavity” that never was, but might have been.

Dr. Fredrick Douglas Burton, M.D., explains that much disease comes from dental work performed in the mouth.  Dentists are not properly trained, and not given new information concerning issues with outdated practices or dangerous methods. In Dr. Burton’s twenty years of practice, he has found that the source of many illnesses comes from diseased teeth, metal filled teeth, implanted teeth, root canals, metal braces and cavitations (cavities in the bone and gum).

What dentists meant to fix, actually caused life long health complications.

Myth #7: Without Modern Dental Care We Would All Be Toothless.

I cannot count how many times I have had conversations where someone would argue that without fluoride in our drinking water we would all have cavities and our teeth would be falling out.

I have had friends with young elementary age children tell me that they are already planning on having their children’s wisdom teeth removed early because they do not want it to be worse for them later.

I have read stories of those who have battled courageously with cancer for years, all to find out that it began with a mercury laden filling placed in their mouth once upon a time.

What is the truth?  By no means, are dentists an evil group looking to poison us all.  I might claim that about the FDA, but that is another post entirely (just kidding – sort of).  You might ask, if dentists are not bad, but dental work might be, where do I go from here?

I will give you the exact same answer, I would give to someone asking about general healthcare.  BE INFORMED!  Take the responsibility on yourself to research medications, procedures, etc.  Just because a man or woman has “alphabet soup” behind their name does not mean they know everything.  You are your best advocate, because it is your body and your future health.

Practical Dental Care

Brushing and flossing daily is the most simple and logical step that you can take to proactively care for your teeth.  Remember use fluoride-free toothpaste!  Secondly, eating a healthy, whole foods, nutrient rich diet can impact your dental health more than you know.  Sure we hear that sugar will give you cavities, but did you know that you can actually reverse tooth decay without ever going to see a dentist?

Dr. Weston A. Price did much research in this area.  He documented for many years as he traveled, the plight of indigenous people groups as they came into contact with modern industry and commerce.  Time after time, these once healthy people with healthy teeth would see declining health and tooth decay as over-processed and sugary foods made their way into each person’s diet.

Through blood tests, Dentist Melvin Page pinpointed the cause of tooth decay in modern people. When our blood chemistry is out of balance, primarily from the consumption of processed foods (especially sugars), the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in our blood deviates from normal. When this happens, minerals are pulled from the bones causing tooth and other bone loss. So, sugar causes tooth decay because it depletes nutrients from the body, not because bacteria eat it and produce acid. In order to restore the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in our blood, and to enable minerals to bond unto our teeth, it is usually not sufficient just to avoid eating too much sweet or processed foods. One must also eat health building foods, containing potent amounts of minerals and vitamins to create a chain reaction that will build glassy hard tooth structure in place of decayed tooth structure.” (Natural News)

A study performed by Doctors Edward and May Mellanby, showed that diets where oatmeal was ingested regularly hindered healing and actually encouraged new cavities to form, presumably due to its ability to prevent mineral absorption.  The same study showed that simply adding Vitamin D rich foods to the diet improved tooth health.  The most impressive findings were of those diets which were completely grain-free, eating Vitamin D rich foods.  This group had no new cavities forming and the cavities which previously existed had healed.

Diet has a huge impact on dental health.  By cutting the sugars and increasing vitamin dense whole foods to our diet we can not only limit the cavities, but we can heal them too!  Who needs drills and mercury?  Go eat a spinach salad, and sprinkle a little Kelp on top to help with all that radiation poisoning!

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Steps To Natural Dental Health

  • Eat a healthy, whole foods, nutrient rich diet.
  • Brush and floss daily
  • Filter the fluoride out of your water and use fluoride-free toothpaste.
  • Do not have a root canal procedure.  Have the tooth pulled if absolutely necessary.
  • Do not get amalgam fillings.  Ask for a composite filling without metal oxides added.
  • Have x-rays taken sparingly and always use a lead cover-up and thyroid guard.
  • Choose a Biological Dentist if at all possible for check-ups and necessary procedures.

There are many things in the modern world of healthcare that we would greatly benefit from being more informed.  When it comes to our dental health we need to understand how our small decisions might affect the big picture of our long term health.  Asking questions and pursuing answers should be priority.  Taking control of your dental health might be new a concept for some, but when it might be as easy as a change of the diet or flip of the faucet, trust me, its worth it!

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How has modern dental care affected you, good or bad?  Has it affected how you approach your dental health?

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  1. Great article! My dentist had a fit last time I denied x-rays. They do always compare it to the sun as if what the sun emits and what that machine emits are identical substances? Can I get some Vit-D from your x-ray machine? I don’t think so.


  2. Awesome post! Thanks so much for all of your research! I wish I had known these things before I subjected my oldest children to these needless procedures!


  3. I loved your article! Thanks for sharing. On a side note, I am a fellow North Dakotan:) Anyways, I have had a very long list of dental procedures throughout my life. I am a healthy individual and eat organic and whole foods for the most part and have done so since I was a teenager. However, I worry about my constant dental emergencies and wonder why it has ever started. As a child, I routinely received dental cleanings and fillings in my teeth. As an adult, all my old fillings needed to be replaced but as each one was, each tooth got severely sensitive to the point where I couldn’t stand the pain and received root canals. I have 5 maybe 6 total. Then a few years later, I’ve had 2 root canals fail on me. Since my nerves were stripped I had no idea the infections growing in my mouth until it was extreme. I would have known had I had x-rays sooner… two teeth have now been pulled and under the teeth was massive destruction of my bone due to infection. I now have one dental implant and another will be placed soon. I feel horrible about my predicament and know that I will continue to have the same problems because of all my root canals. What I’m wondering is: is it possible to “heal” my mouth at this point? The only thing I’ve heard about and tried is oil pulling but to be honest, I don’t do it daily like recommended. Thanks for any input you have for me!


  4. I had a quick question on the one point for steps to natural denal health you said “Do not get amalgam fillings.  Ask for a composite filling with metal oxides added.” Do you want it with or without metal oxides?


  5. Fabulous post, Lindsey! I had a cracked filling that became severely abscessed and ended up with a root canal, but that was just before I began learning about natural remedies. I love seeing this info out here for people to learn from!


  6. You know, I have to say that I probably shouldn’t read these articles because they just make me mad. I am a very conscientious dentist and I truly care about my patients. I am interested in alternative treatments and I actively pursue natural remedies. There are so often misleading “facts” or “revelations” presented in this article that just make me sad! I am not talking about things that are controversial- fluoride or amalgam, x-rays, etc. but “facts” about dentists’ training and what “modern dentists believe.” Weston A Price wrote in one of his articles that “dentists are generally taught to leave the PDL intact during an extraction- like leaving the placenta after the birth of a baby” but this isn’t true. Dentists are taught to remove it. Your article states that dentists do not “make it a habit to tell their patients the extent of risk present in having this surgery performed.” These are well known risks. Dentist are very aware of them and I have never, ever, been in an office where these risks were not presented to the patient prior to an extraction. You also state that dentists are not taught about accessory canals in dental school. Untrue. Of course we learn about accessory/lateral canals! Anyway, I find it really difficult to be in “alternative” circles with an open mind when there are lies going around about things like training. How can I trust the controversial information when I know from my own personal experience that much of the non-controversial information is false? It just makes me very sad. It means that dentists will dismiss the entire article. There is no hope of “winning over” conventional dentistry when this misinformation is presented as truth.


  7. I also wanted to point out that the photo of the model with the blue teeth is upside down.


  8. Sorry, it was Hal Huggins on the Weston Price Foundation website–correction.


  9. P.S – We have a great, caring dentist. We have been with him since he graduated dental school 25 years ago. He bends over backward to help us when we have an emergency.


  10. I am a dental hygienist and I agree with Madison. I find this article very judgemental to all dentists and what they do. If you find that you go to a dentist that fills a tooth that might turn into a cavity one day then find another dentist. As for x-rays, a lot of lead aprons have the thyriod collar attached. I have a low cavity rate therefore I personally get x-rays every couple of years. If you have a high cavity rate then more often might be necessary otherwise you might develop a larger undetected cavity that is more likely to have sensitivity or need a future root canal. Also I looked at the homemade toothpaste and it looks quite abrasive to me therfore could likely do damage. When I see these 1 sided opinions with one article to back it up it makes it difficult for me to respect it. One thing I do agree on though it it is super important to have a healthy diet to mantain good oral health as well as staying away from bad habits like smoking and high sugar consumption.


  11. We have used lots of natural alternatives (without any side effects) to enpower our family’s choices in accessing medical care. My friend’s family of 5 were taking 11 prescriptions and now take none.

    Email me at if you would like more information.


  12. I have a permanent retainer attached to the back of my bottom row of teeth, does that have the same composition as a mercury or silver filling? and does it cause the same effects?? Also it’s glued on there with some adhesive material, not sure what that is made out of had it now for 5 years.


  13. I realize that there are often various sides to any health situation – the “mainstream” one and the “alternative” one. I am all for knowing information, but I have to say that sometimes these sites cause me anxiety because I have had something do (root canal) in the past and now connected to cancer? This tooth is towards the front of my mouth, so I didn’t really want it taken out. I often will try an alternative method first and then if it doesn’t work go to the more mainstream – like homeopathic remedies. This is hard to read since there are times that you do have to just have the regular work done, and then I am all worried about it.


  14. Sorry, I meant to say that after trying homeopathic remedies I will try the mainstream remedy if the homeopathic did not help.


  15. I too agree with Madison. (I probably shouldn’t read these articles either.) I am a dental hygienist who is about as natural, organic, and “crunchy” as you can get, but many facts in this article are deeply inaccurate and misleading. I find it a bit odd that people outside of the dental profession, who have never spent a day of their life with their hands in someone’s mouth or eyes on one x-ray can weigh-in on the subject and appear to be the expert. I too like Dr Mercola, and enjoy reading his research, but that does not mean he is an expert on dentistry, and he certainly (nor do you) know what dentists are taught in dental school. (that is evident in the statements you made in your article.) I caution you to be so “black and white” in your judgements as it does cause a lot of unnecessary fear in people. There are some things in dentistry that I am not fond of, but articles like this come across that all dentists are misinformed and uneducated about their profession! Also, you seem to be very cynical in your approach that all dentists are ordering x-rays , treatments, and cleanings for the love of money. Like Madison, did it occur to you that many dentists are very concerned about their patients and very compassionate toward them and their needs? This notion of not need needing regular dental cleaning is ridiculous. Do you realize that gingivitis and periodontal disease is present in a majority of people and if left untreated can be a risk factor for heart disease and pre-term birth…among other risk factors? Regular, routine dental visits are designed to prevent disease and prevent extensive dental treatment. All in all, I love the fact that people are educating themselves about natural approaches, and many dental offices are implementing such things. This article though, has several inaccuracies and misinformation. And Madison is right, the blue model in the article is upside down.


  16. I’m not a dentist, and I’m suspicious of the modern health industry where regulated by the government. I’m not a regular reader of this site, but I’m not a troll, I promise; a friend posted the link on Facebook. 🙂 I guess all I wanted to say is be careful: statistics can be skewed to say essentially whatever you want them to say. You cite a study that said 93% of breast cancer patients had root canals. Scary thing, for sure. But since root canals are so prevalent, in order to really prove correlation, we need to prove a high incidence ON BOTH SIDES. So the next question becomes, how many root canal patients have also had breast cancer?

    It’s like saying that 100% of people who die in car accidents were in cars, therefore no one should drive cars. It may be a flawed analogy, but do you know what I mean? When we only look at one side, we can make the numbers say whatever we want them to say. We also need to look at the number of people who drive/ride in cars every year who get to where they intend to go safely and without major incident. Obviously, no one would argue that we shouldn’t seriously respect the safety issues while driving, but very few people would argue that because all of the people who die in car accidents were in cars, therefore no one should drive, you know?

    Again, I’m not saying there aren’t serious repercussions of many aspects of modern health practice based in unnatural/synthetic means. Obviously, there are. But as someone who’s not invested at all in this argument, I just want to offer the simple caution, be careful that your numbers are really saying what you think they’re saying.


  17. I am a dental hygienist and just want to say wow!! Every research and article we read we have to take with a grain of salt, you have done some good research and for sure I agree that it is really important to watch our eating and to question everything! This is your body that is being altered no matter if it is for good or bad, and sometimes we have to look at an option for many different angle. I for sure look into alternative measures for my patients because if I didn’t I wouldn’t. Be helping them. Each person I see I set up treatment plan for just that person, I see many people in the same household on different schedules, one might be once a year one might be every 3 months. And if someone asks me something I don’t know ow I look it up. Home made tooth pastes do tend to be very abrasive and can cause recession and expose the roots of the teeth. So there needs to be other options as well. Baking soda and salt will cause the damage quickly, but if you do not want to use a commercial tooth paste my job is to help you find a healthy choice that you can be comfortable with, try grinding it into a fine fine powder, use a very small amount, use a toothbrush marked extra soft or sensitive and run it under warm water to soften it more. Also ask your hygienist to assessment your brushing technique to be sure you are not causing damage, also ask to have any recession charted each visit and be advised if it changes. I have clients that will not use a fluoride paste so we have opted to use only a tooth brush with water one day and theirhome made toothpaste on other days and of course to floss floss floss!

    Any dentist I know will always be willing to discuss treatment options and possible complications from any procedure. Don’t be afraid to ask if they would have it done or if they would do it on their children. All dental professionals have continually update their education and you willsee more an more looking into natural options as their clients ask more about it, but the key is to just ask or they will not see a call for it in their practice.

    Bottom line is prevention!! And Ask!! We are people to and some people just need that question to say oh I didn’t know you wanted to know about that!!

    Happy smiling


  18. Parallel to myth number 4.

    if you *DO* need to have your wisdom teeth pulled (or any tooth). Make sure your dentist/oral surgeon is aware of practices to minimize the stress on the jaw which can induce TMJ.


  19. Thank you for this insight, like many people nowadays I’m starting to learn about all the benefits of natural treatments over commercial ones, and I knew that fluoride wasn’t good, but all of this other stuff I didn’t know and thank you for that. I have fillings and a crown on one tooth and several more to fix, I’m wondering if it’s going to be better if the dentist replaces the dark fillings I already have, I assume that’s the mercury, with the white fillings?


  20. Your article had some GREAT points but like the dentist above (I think it was “Madison”) posted, there are some INCREDIBLE dentists out there. My family currently sees a wonderful, Christian dentist who is VERY honest and very considerate of his patients. He went out and spend lots of $ on new x-ray machines that emit less radiation. He doesn’t push fluoride, he doesn’t even DO metal fillings. I know he’s a rare one, but they are out there. You just have to learn to be very particular.

    I do have to say I disagree with not having regular check-ups. My kids go every six months to have their teeth cleaned and our dentist checks on them, but doesn’t necessarily DO except ask if everything is feeling okay in those visits. X-rays are not every visit, but every few visits maximum. My daughter had a cavity that was caught VERY early because one of these check-ups and the pain and restoration was extremely minimal. Again, I have an incredible dentist who is willing to show me what he sees and why. Of my four children in 3.5 yrs, this is the ONLY filling they have ever had. As for me, I have gingivitis (and an assortment of other auto-immune issues) and I go regularly because it is necessary.

    I also totally understand that your point about wisdom teeth isn’t to just pull everyone’s and that is a good point. Another GREAT point would be to have a real oral surgeon do the surgery. I had terribly infected (4 times over) wisdom teeth that caused INCREDIBLE PAIN for me. I had a maxillofacial surgeon remove them. He was HIGHLY skilled and that’s key. I wouldn’t just let anyone pull my children’s wisdom teeth, even when necessary!


  21. I am a dental hygienist and although I don’t agree with your article I respect that you have taken time to do some research. I agree with another post that we could all find articles out there to show evidence on either side of the spectrum. However, it saddens me to read this article when I have spent so much of my life going to school, practicing dental hygienist and trying to give my patients the best care I can give! I am not going to touch base on some of the more controversial issues, but I have to disagree with myth #6…. I truly feel it is important to get your teeth cleaned and examined regularly. Some people may not need to come in every 6 months (I do have patients on longer recall schedules), but ALL of my family members and people I LOVE come see me every six months (one every 3 months) Per my request! All of my training and education along with what just feels right in my heart tell me to plead with your readers to at least come in for regular cleanings and oral cancer screenings(which are done during the examination)! Even if you don’t do any fluoride or x-rays or even, gulp…fillings….. just keep a healthy mouth so that bad bacteria doesn’t accumulate and lead to any other health issues with your body. I wish more people would brush and floss more regularly… Sadly, it’s just not that common (at least not in my neck of the woods).


  22. A couple observations: “I think about it the same way that I do other things that I wish I maybe had not done in my own life or in the lives of my children.” I really need to take this statement to heart as sometimes I do feel angry , mainly at myself, that I didn’t “wake up” earlier than I did. My kids are grown now, but if I were having children today, I would not vaccinate them at all. I am convinced that vaccinations caused constant ear infections that my children suffered from and the asthma and eczema that one of my kids had. I have been ridiculed by dentists (more than one) for refusing fluoride treatment. If you dare to question their “superior” knowledge they do tend to get angry, at least the ones I have dealt with. I am now driving 5 hours each way to visit a dentist that I know is good. I will be making my 6th trip there this calendar year in a couple weeks. I have had all my amalgams removed, and am in the process of having my children’s removed. I have spent a small fortune. The two dentists in this office have patients that come from all over the country and I am told one family comes from Europe. One more thing: Thanks Lindsay for writing this article. We need to all be diligent about informing people of truth. If you can get your hands on a copy of the book, “Am I Dead? Or Do I Just Feel Like it?” by Fred Hughes (amazon), you should read it. Lots of info on the link between cancer and teeth, very enlightening.


  23. […] reading an article my wife sent me (The 7 Myths of Modern Dentistry), I was curious about my dentist and if he had the same health views as I do. I quickly realized […]


  24. Thank you so much for the time you have taken to write this article! I am having a meeting today with my Dentist to either keep him of fire him and go to a holistic dentist. We have been with this one for 14 years but in the past 2 years there have been many issues and he is not respecting our wishes. You article gave us just what we needed to take charge of our health and equip us with with just the right topics to converse about and see is he can be the dentist for our family or not. Simple as that! Thanks again!


  25. This is such a well written post. Thank you!


  26. I had an old injury to one of my front teeth from childhood that rarely bothered me…right up until I went to a dentist in my late 20s that aggressively “tested” that tooth with cold/heat/shocks to see if it was still alive during a routine cleaning. Um, yep…it was!! And, thanks to him, my tooth began bothering me to the point where I went in for a consultation re: a root canal. Thank goodness I saw a different dentist and she suggested a wait and see approach, since a root canal is so invasive. I went home feeling sick to my stomach that I was going to end up losing the tooth, and a front tooth at that!

    Several years later, I still have my tooth, and while I have to be careful (no more biting into apples), it beats the alternative! Hear, hear to looking at your options and trusting your body. Don’t blindly follow ANY rules/guidelines/etc if it doesn’t feel right to you.

    In my experience, dentists and doctors are some of the worst at using fear tactics to get you to stay in line. Great post!


  27. where are your sources listed? I can’t find the Harvard study you mentioned on how fluoridation greatly affects the brain.


  28. I just Google ‘Harvard Study + Fluoride’ a slew of links popped up. Here is the first one, an article on the study:


  29. I have two root canal/crowns next to each other. There is a gap between them that is constantly irritated and bleeding. On top of this, I have at least 3 more crowns. What do you do if your mouth is already so messed up? If I had all of these teeth pulled, I wouldn’t have many teeth left. It’s so frustrating. I haven’t had anything done because I’ve been pregnant the last couple of years w/ my two babies and don’t want to expose them to toxins if I had these things dealt with. Thanks.


  30. Great post Lindsey!

    I have been looking around at natural fillings myself, I believe nowadays (in Europe at least) mostly composite is used without metal oxides. But it still contains BPA, a hormone disruptor, wich leaks especially at placement or removal. I haven’t found any totally safe options yet…


  31. I find it interesting that I had a period in my early 20’s when I did not get rountine dental care for almost 3 years and drank mostly bottled water (no fluoride). When I started having tooth pain, I found a dentist and had 5 cavities. I ditched the bottled water, went back to the tap and get checkups every 6 months now. No cavities or dental problems since then. Coincidence? I think not. I LOVE my dentist, she gives all the options and I choose the plan. I get xrays every 12-18 months and an apron/thyroid shield is always offered (I get waaay more xray exposure at work in the ICU with my patients, but that’s a whole other story). Only 1 of my kids has had a dental xray, she is 9 and has had only 1 xray ever, Routine xrays are not done on the kids before age 8 unless there is a potential problem. I pass on the fluoride treatments, but have had some sealants done for my oldest. I would rather my kids have that over cavity fillings.

    My mother in law’s tongue cancer was detected it the very early stages by her dental hygenist. Thanks to the good catch, it was easily surgically removed, no chemo or radiation was needed and she has been cancer free for over 3 years.

    My husband had been told for years to have his wisdom teeth removed, he waited until he had problems, went to an oral surgeon, the surgery was VERY invasive and recovery was long and miserable. Two of his teeth had to be chiseled into tiny bits and the jaw bone was in jeopardy of being damaged. He could not eat anything hard or put excess pressure on his jaw for 6 months. The oral surgeon told him if he had done it 10 years earlier as the dentist recommended, it would have been ” a breeze”. I had my wisdom teeth out when in college as part of my orthodontist’s plan, and was eating a sandwich the next day. An oral surgeon did mine too.

    I would be wary of not getting any professional dental care at all, but agree that dentists should be more holistic and respectful of patient requests. And IMO, fluoride in moderation is OK. There are plenty of studies that go both ways and studies that contradict each other, so in my mind it’s all about as clear as mud. I just know that my family drinks fluoridated tap water, uses fluoride toothpaste, we’re all just fine and perfectly healthy, so I’m gonna stick with it.


  32. Bottom line is prevention!! And Ask!! We are people to and some people just need that question to say oh I didn’t know you wanted to know about that!!


  33. “I have had friends with young elementary age children tell me that they are already planning on having their children’s wisdom teeth removed early because they do not want it to be worse for them later.”- WHAT THE??? I had three of mine removed when they DID become an issue. The 4th caused zero problems but if I hadn’t insisted that I DO NOT want it to be extracted, they would have pulled it right along with the others. I don’t care if it might cause problems in the future. All of my teeth might cause problems some day so I guess they all need to be pulled. Logic, folks. I had friends who had them cut out before they even came in. My recovery was not in any way worse than theirs. The only difference? I was a bit older. If they cause actual problems, out with them. If not? Leave them be. Seriously. Just wait. The jaw still grows up until your early twenties at least so your 14 year old not having the room doesn’t mean that he won’t when they come in at 18-25 years old. I was told that there was “no way” I could accommodate ANY wisdom teeth. How come I still have one? Just one, but still. Yes, cases like Pam’s husband do happen, but the extractions are overdone. I am not having a just in case extraction. There is a difference in between waiting 10 years vs getting them cut out before they even come in. If you don’t get my appendix out just in case, you might get appendicitis and not notice, it could burst and then you’d wish you’d had the surgery before. My husbands appendix burst and he was in the hospital for a week. I had mine done in college and was up and walking the next day- sound ridiculous? Well, wisdom teeth extraction is a surgical procedure. Just as much as an appendectomy. It has risks. If it needs to be done, then so it be. If not, why expose yourself to the risks?? And wisdom teeth removal is NEVER a “breeze”. Never. Them having to be chiseled into tiny bits? Common if they already come in impacted OR if you are cutting them out before eruption. I repeat, it’s a surgical procedure. Mine were INFECTED and I, too, was eating soft, regular food the following day. Also waiting 10 years vs. having them taken out on the recommendation of one dentist- two extremes right here.

    And don’t even get me started on x-ray overuse. The dentist wanted to x-ray my THREE year old. He has big spaces between all of his teeth and is THREE years old. He doesn’t need an x-ray. Or a “fluoride treatment”. Or his teeth cleaned. Actually, he didn’t even need a check up. Truth be told, I don’t really believe in dentistry but not taking them apparently makes you a bad mom. I already got yelled at for not bring him at one.

    For what its worth, I always had cavities until I STOPPED with the fluoride altogether and started oil pulling.


  34. I had a horrible anxiety attack and had to go to the hospital to get an emergency refill on ativan after reading all of this.. I am have come to the conclusion I will be killing myself in the near future due to my dentist saying I had tooth decay in all of my teeth and had to have fillings put in all of them. when I look at my teeth in the sun I see huge portions of half my God given teeth gone and I am pretty positive I have metal oxides in my filings. the sad thing about it is my fillings are very deep and I remember bleeding a lot when I got them done this stuff is most likely slowly killing me and releasing tooons of bpas into my body because I am a horrible teeth grinder.. I blame it on screwed up childhood and being locked up into a bootcamp for 2 years of my life long story.. if I could have one wish it would be to have all my teeth back. My last dentist never ever said anything about me having tooth decay he would always tell me how healthy my teeth are. Its sad how some dentist think they are doing a favor when they are really not just making the problem worse. I have no way to pay for these when they all start falling out of my mouth. I could go on and on.. My mom is very sick and she has a lot of root canals and metal fillings I hope that I can hold out untill they pass oneday and then it will be my turn for sure.


  35. Research in the medical and dental community is highly scrutinized within the community. Do a google search on Evidence based dentistry or Evidence based medicine. The processes described by these methods are intended to provide doctors with sound clinically based research.
    I am currently a dental student in my fourth year of school. I am married with two awesome young boys. We have awesome teeth and all of my patients who work with me who come in with many problems leave me in great condition. Your clinicians work hard to become the professionals you need to provide you with quality healthcare. I’ve been in school almost a decade. That’s a lot of time and “hard” work. These last couple of years of school I’ve seen the result of tooth neglect and it ain’t pretty. Cavities are preventable, but it can be harder to prevent with the modern diet of fermentable carbohydrates that are a staple at almost every meal. There are patient that lose their teeth by their 30s and need dentures do not be one of them.


  36. Wow, this is some pretty interesting stuff to read here. very helpful information.


  37. I have over 16 years experience as a Certified Dental Assistant. It is important for people to go for an exam and cleaning at least once per year. Every 6 months is preferred, some people go every 3 months, but at least go once per year. There are many problems that can develop with our teeth and gums, that when diagnosed and treated early, saves people from having to endure lengthy and expensive dental care.

    There also things like oral cancer, herpes, diabetes, and our overall general health that can be seen in the oral tissues that many people aren’t even aware they might be ill or developing a health problem.

    Many dentists, at least in North America and many countries in Europe, do not even use Amalgam (silver) fillings anymore.

    Fluoride treatments and x-rays are not mandatory. You can request not to have them. Keep in mind that some problems with the teeth, bone, and gum tissue can’t be seen with the naked eye. There may be visible signs which are then confirmed with an x-ray.

    It’s also important to note that some home remedies and some forms of natural toothpastes and rinses aren’t necessarily healthy for the teeth and oral tissues in the long term.

    Take care of your teeth, practice a good oral healthcare routine, and a balanced diet, but at least go to the dentist once per year for an exam and cleaning. Most dentists really do care about your oral health and will not recommend treatments just so they can bill you and/or insurance companies. Like medical doctors, dentists take an oath. They are bound to provide you with the best care possible.

    If you are unsure about recommended treatment, ask questions. Ask the dentist why he/she recommends a certain procedure. Is the procedure needed or optional? You can always consult with another dentist or two to get a second and third opinion.


  38. With all the technology and medical breakthroughs one would think that dentistry would have evolved too. It’s still a barbaric practice!


  39. Best article I have read on this topic! I have refused the xrays over the past few years and they always go crazy. They try to use scare tactics and when that fails they told me the dentist would lose his license because it is required by the dental association to to the xrays. Have you heard that one before? I told him I would sign a waiver and he finally stopped pressuring me. They also told me that BS about the xrays being as safe a sunny day, yeah right…


  40. Composite fillings contain BPA, so be aware that we must choose the ‘lesser of two evils’ when choosing our filling material. I suppose this is just another reason why prevention is key!


  41. I have been researching natural dental care for a little bit now,very informative article,thank you :)! I do have a problem though. I have a broken tooth,a small piece has broken off the back and I guess I did not take as good care of it as I thought I was because it did get infected a couple of months ago. I went to the dentist,he says it calls for a root canal because it had abscessed. sooo painful. I have already had one root canal YEARS ago,I have regretted it ever since. My problem is,it is very close to my front teeth,when I smile you would definitely be able to see a gaping hole if I had this tooth removed. I don’t want a root canal,but I don’t want any more infections either! Are there any alternatives,anything else I may be able to do to take care of this problem?


  42. great article good to see someone telling the truth!!!


  43. I’m chiming in much after this article was written, but no one has mentioned anything about genetics. I have come to realize that my son (6 years old) has his fathers teeth and my daughter (4 years old) has mine.

    Our son has had perfect teeth (like his father) and we take our daughter in for the first time and she has a visible cavity and I had 5! Ah – seriously!

    We eat healthy and brush regularly but after this we have hit the flossing (no dentist has ever explained tn me that flossing is more important than brushing until recently) . Now my husband will eat anything processed and drinks pop, whereas I NEVER drink pop or juice and avoid processed food. I have come to realize I (and my daughter) just have to take care of our teeth better- our teeth aren’t as genetically strong as my husbands. Anyone else feel this way?

    My teeth aren’t bothering me, so I am currently banning fluoride, using baking soda/salt for toothpaste, taking Fermented Cod Liver Oil and avoiding all sweets as well as the Coconut Oil pulling method.

    We’ll see what happens! I’m not willing to get 5 teeth filled!


  44. just wanted to post here, NO THERE IS NO BPA in composite fillings these days, once again, please do research


  45. Quite an interesting blog. These were unknown to me and I’m intrigued about the 3rd myth because I myself have an impacted wisdom tooth. I just hope I do not have to undergo a dental procedure to remove my wisdom tooth knowing about these complication it’s quite alarming.


  46. citations or is this hear say?


  47. Can you please provide references on the dentists who admits ” They’ve realized the error in their ways, and now, follow a much more natural path?” As a current dental student, I find this article fascinating and will like to know what alternatives there are to regular visits in preventing established lesions that can advance into gingivitis, periodontal disease, and other oral/medical preventative ailments. However I will like this information from your resources (a trained Dentist and/or Physician).


  48. Thank you for a very informative and enlightening article.
    My wife recently had severe pain lower right side teeth that went along the bone to her ear (as she described to me and the dentist). First apt, of course X-Rays, then dentist decided she needed a cap on tooth but first full mouth deep cleaning or scaling. I voiced my disagreement concerning deep cleaning. I am of the opinion that this is taking a giant step backwards in health care, and does more harm than good. My own personal experience has been loose teeth and finally loss of teeth a few years after this was done to me, coincidence the dentists say. Anyway back to my wife. She consented to the barbaric scaling and then after depleting our deductible insurance, we finally get a cap. after about a week wife still has pain. She went back to the dentist and he did an x-ray!! He applied fluoride varnish?? to the area, and concluded she would be referred to a specialist, orthodontist. AND of course billed some more. Well we are now at a point that we cannot afford any more dental ?care? and my poor wife still suffers. At this point I HATE ALL AMERICAN GREEDY dentists and we plan to drive to Mexico per advice from a friend. Cost is much less (realistic pricing) and treatment is much better.
    You didn’t mention about scaling or deep cleaning in your article. Deep cleaning makes me recall the history of medical treatments back in the dark ages when the medical scientists back then insisted that everyone must have a pint of blood drained from their system to avoid sickness. Barbers did this and the icon barber poll of spiral red came from that. So whenever I see a barber pole I think about dentists doing deep cleaning, for your own good!!! And of course, to put money in their pocket.


  49. […] The 7 Myths of Modern Dentistry (Modern Alternative Mama) […]


  50. Hi there, Love all you wrote about dental care! Do you know anything about caring for braces naturally? I used only clay or baking soda to brush my teeths and a natural bristle tooth brush. Now since I got braces, it seems there is noone out there who offers natural ways of caring for my teeths with braces!! Any idea? Thanks so much


  51. has anyone tried blotting brushes?? I’m intrigued by these but would like to hear if anyone else has used them first?


  52. Can dental x-rays fry your cell phone if it is in your pocket while the hygienist is taking the x-rays? I noticed my cell phone was completely dead when I got home from my dentist appointment..Is it a coincidence or did the x-rays fry the phone?


  53. Do you know if dental sealants in children can be removed. I had some placed on my daughter’s new molars but I was not aware of the bad side effects of BPA. She is only 5 so I would really like to get them taken off if possible. If they will wear off with time then maybe I should wait, but I do not want her to have poison in her mouth.


  54. I’m wondering what to do about a root canal that has already taken place.


  55. I’m so glad you wrote this article and that I’m not crazy! I always try to say no to the x-rays that they require by saying that I think I’m expecting. They want to have my 5 year old son take xrays for a simple cleaning. I said, “he is 5, why would he need dental x-rays”? They responded saying it’s necessary for prevention and good dental hygiene. I am outraged. So I have not taken him to the dentist. We have all switched to non-fluoride toothpaste as well. I also brush with charchoal periodically to re-mineralize, brighten and help reduce bacteria. My teeth have never looked and felt better. Do you think it’s a mistake to not take my son to the dentist? What are your thoughts on that?


  56. This is a great article. I do have a question. My husband has very sensitive teeth and has had several root canals, covers, etc. He has weak enamel (discolored, not from staining) and it even hurts him to eat things like nuts and seeds. He uses sensodyne and mouthwash. How should he go about from here? I use baking soda, oil pulling, and flossing but he doesn’t really like the baking soda and says he doesn’t have time for oil pulling.


  57. I just skipped out on a dentist appointment today. I’ve been going every six months for most of my life. And every time, it’s “oh looks like you need a filling”. Screw this. My mom and I get in screaming matches about why I think the dentist is pointless, and how the FDA wants to poison us. She won’t listen to reason and even when I show her facts and studies, she cops out by saying “I’m too old to care”. She’s only 57. That’s not old. I don’t want to lose my family because of their indoctrination to the system. I don’t know what to do.


  58. Hi
    Thanks for sharing this piece of information. I have a wisdom tooth that’s placed abnormally…and the doctor suggests the best thing to do with it is pull it out (which will need a dental surgery!) I am honestly putting it off because I’m scared of the pain involved…have seen my sister go through a harrowing dental surgery experience! Also, the other alternative suggested is a temporary filling…would like to know if it would be a wise choice?

    Also if I notice cavities in my teeth at an early stage, is there something I can do to control it from spreading or is filling it up a must?


  59. Hi
    Thanks for sharing this piece of information. I have a wisdom tooth that’s placed abnormally…and the doctor suggests the best thing to do with it is pull it out (which will need a dental surgery!) I am honestly putting it off because I’m scared of the pain involved…have seen my sister go through a harrowing dental surgery experience! Also, the other alternative suggested is a temporary filling…would like to know if it would be a wise choice?

    Also if I notice cavities in my teeth at an early stage, is there something I can do to control it from spreading or is filling it up a must?

    Would really like to mention another simple yet informative read I came across…might be of help to fellow readers:


  60. Hi,

    First off, love the article..if more people approached things from a holistic perspective the world would be a happier, healthier place! Also, I was wondering if you’ve ever heard of wisdom teeth extractions changing the face? A dentist told me that the facial width/height shrinks by 2-4mm for every tooth that is extracted and I am despondent over having mine removed (when they weren’t done growing/didn’t need to be removed anyways). I’ve read that the bone resorbs in the excavation sites so am consequently looking into getting dental implants to regenerate it/restore my natural face. (which I believe is now narrower) I also thought I should list this potential side effect as one more reason not to get unnecessary extractions. Thanks again for the article, also love that you mentioned the fluoride first, as the issue really needs to be brought to light.


  61. thanks for the information. I visited a new dental clinic in nys and on my first visit the dentist told me I need to have all my fill ins redone. (The most recent one is about Two yrs old). Anyway they call me to come in 3 months later for a another cleaning, but my ins only covers 2 a year, so I went back after 6 months. This time the dentist took out the hygienist and told me she was doing the cleaning herself. So while looking at her computer screen she proceeded to clean my teeth with a drill. Telling again my fill ins need to be redone and insisting on it. While drilling I felt a little piece of something in my mouth and I ask her what is that and she said it was probably a piece of the equipment. I kept the little tiny piece. Any way after getting home I look at one of the tooth that she was drilling to clean and noticed part of the filling is gone. So it looks like I’m gonna get a cavity. I need to find an honest dentist, any idea where I can search? I don’t trust that woman anymore.


  62. […] The 7 Myths Of Modern Dentistry – Modern Alternative Mama – I loved your article! Thanks for sharing. On a side note, I am a fellow North Dakotan:) Anyways, I have had a very long list of dental procedures throughout my life. […]


  63. Depending on how impacted your 3rd molar is, an extraction may not be needed; the same goes for orthodontic treatment.
    Whether or not to use amalgam fillings truly depends on the patient. The dentist should provide patient the pros and cons of using silver fillings vs colored fillings.
    In every dental clinic, they should have a consent form stating the potential risk(s) of having a procedure done.
    A person’s oral health affects the body as a whole and vice versa; therefore, early exam of oral health is highly recommended. Sometimes a dentist can help solve mysteries that physicians can’t or sometimes miss.


  64. Can I simply just say what a relief to find someone who genuinely knows
    what they are talking about on the web. You actually know how to bring an issue to light and make it important.
    More and more people need to read this and understand this
    side of the story. I was surprised that you aren’t more popular
    since you certainly possess the gift.


  65. So basically you are saying that you shouldn’t visit a doctor or dentist until you have a reason to do so. That’s like saying that you don’t take your car in for an oil change until your oil lamp is on. You ever hear of PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE? Your body needs that too.


  66. Thank you very much for your insightful, informative blog. I have an abscess that I first felt (but did not see) back in January. I soothed it by swishing with salt water, applying homemade clove oil, and drinking a concoction with fresh garlic cloves blended into it for infection. It did not bother me for 2 months, now the abscess has come to a head and is painful. I have been soothing it the same way. I have a dentist’s appointment in two days. I have read that the only two options for an abscess is root canal or extraction. Is this true? Can an abscess be healed?


  67. Can an abscessed tooth be totally healed naturally? Are root canals and extractions the only options for an abscessed tooth?


  68. […] “controversial” post I’ve ever written or posted (like Lindsey’s post on dental myths a couple weeks ago), there are some people who simply refuse to understand or agree with any part […]


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