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14 Essential Items in Your Natural First Aid Kit

beth August 8, 2013


By Julia, Contributing Writer

It’s always important to be prepared especially when it comes to potential illness and injury. Unfortunately, when living more naturally you don’t always have the luxury of just swinging by the store to pick up natural remedies. Putting a natural first aid kit together will have you prepared for minor ailments and injuries without scrambling to find somewhere locally that carries what you need on hand.

Below I’ve listed some items you may want to have on hand but this list should certainly be tailored to the individual needs of your family and is not meant to be exhaustive. You can store these items in any small bag you have on hand, make your own if you’re so inclined or buy one. I’ve seen very inexpensive travel type toiletries bags you could use for this purpose or check out Etsy for some cute customized ones. In a brief search, I found several that were under $10.

Natural First Aid Kit

Redmond Clay

There are so many things that Redmond Clay can be used for. Bee stings, burns, itching/rashes, cuts/scrapes, etc. You can buy the clay already hydrated in an easy dispense tube.


Arnica comes in either gel, ointment or tablets. The gel or ointment can be applied topically to bumps and bruises as long as the skin is not broken. The tablets can be used for headache or general pain relief and are placed under your tongue. (Be sure you are taking homeopathic tablets and NOT the herb by itself as the herb itself is toxic if taken internally.) Arnica is good for treating bumps, bruises, sore muscles and sprains and can also diminish shock.

Herbal Tea

When dealing with an upset stomach or nerves, a nice hot cup of tea can be just the thing to settle your stomach. Peppermint, ginger and chamomile all are good ones to have on hand as all three will calm your stomach and chamomile will relax and calm your nerves as well.

Rescue Remedy

Speaking of nerves, Rescue Remedy is great for when you need some instant calm. It is a homeopathic that will help guide you through stressful situations when you need presence of mind and to ease panic.

Coconut Oil

Keep a small jar of coconut oil in your kit. There are an infinite number of uses for it. It is great for chapped skin/lips, scrapes/cuts, rashes, bug bites, sunscreen, etc.

Cloth Wipes

Make your own or buy some, but have them in your kit. You never know what you may need to have a cloth on hand for.

Essential Oils

There are many uses for essential oils so choose the ones that you think will be most beneficial for your family. Lavender is calming and works as a bug repellent and is good for burns, for instance, so it is a good one to have on hand.

Hand Sanitizer

A good natural hand sanitizer can really be beneficial to make sure your hands are clean before applying any of the topical items in the kit. I like Buncha Farmers hand sanitizer that is made of lavender and honey. (They also carry a nice natural stain stick that, although not a first aid item, might be a good thing to throw in the kit to take care of stains when you aren’t at home to treat them.)

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is great for decreasing duration of colds and can knock out a sinus infection as well. Gargling with apple cider vinegar diluted in water (8 oz of warm water and 1 T. of ACV) can really tame a sore throat as well.

Real Salt

If you are in need of electrolytes from overexertion and loss of fluids through sweating, dissolve some Real Salt in water and drink. Real Salt contains 60 trace minerals and is far superior to your typical table salt. It can rehydrate and restore electrolyte balance. You can purchase a small 2 oz. size to keep in your kit.

Papaya Enzyme

Papaya enzyme can be purchased in chewable tablets and is great for nausea and indigestion or any stomach upset.


I recommend keeping some lecithin on hand if you’re a nursing mom. If you start to get a clogged duct, lecithin can help break it up and prevent the clog from developing into mastitis.

Elderberry Syrup

A yummy immune booster, keep elderberry on hand in case of colds and flu.


If you have allergies in your family, Allergena is a homeopathic designed to relieve them. Make sure you purchase the one made from the zone of the country you live in as each one is specifically formulated to combat the allergens where you live.

Do you have a natural first aid kit? What would you add to this list?


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