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5 Ways To Naturally Treat Burns

beth March 4, 2013


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Burns happen easily. It doesn”t matter how you get them, by bumping into the clothes iron or grabbing something hot off the stove, they hurt! Not only do they hurt but if left untreated they can become infected, product nasty scars, and overall become much worse than they have to be. Many store bought burn creams contain a list of unfavorable ingredients that, while your finger might feel better, your body wont appreciate.

Instead, naturally treat your burns with things that are just as easy to make sure you have on hand.

**Note, this post in in reference to minor burns. If you get a serious burn seek medical advice.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil will work wonders to cool and calm a burn. It also naturally has antibiotic and antiseptic properties that will keep the burn from getting infected. Not to mention the calming effect the the scent itself can have when your a little distraught at having burned yourself to begin casino online with.

Raw Honey

Raw honey is antibacterial and very healthy for the skin. This attributes to it”s ability to lower the risk of scarring. It also works well to relieve the pain. Raw honey contains natural enzymes, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that make it a great wound fighter. Simply clean the wound and apply the honey to the burn itself and the area around it. You can repeat this as needed.


This herb has been used for centuries for many skin issues – including burns. It has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties which make it great to promote healing and keep infection at bay. An easy way to apply this useful herb is to boil it as a tea. After you let the tea cool dip a cloth in it and apply it as a compress. You can also find it directly as an oil or use the herb itself in a homemade cream to keep on hand.

Aloe Vera

Chances are you have this plant around the house – and if not you should get one. Aloe is full of beneficial nutrients that promote healing and relieve pain. By keeping a plant on hand you will get the most benefit of this. The longer the aloe has been cut from the plant the more healing benefits are lost.  Some store bought aloe might also contain unnecessary additives and preservatives that you would prefer to avoid when healing.

Coconut Oil

Is there anything coconut oil can”t do? Coconut oil has long been known to prevent infections that could be caused by bacteria. It also speeds healing. It is important that you are buying virgin, unrefined coconut oil in order to get the healing benefits – just like with aloe the more processing it goes though the less health benefits you can gain from it.

How Do You Naturally Treat Burns?

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  1. OK, so I’ve been thinking. There are so many articles and posts about things used to “treat and heal” various minor ailments from colds to burns to cuts and scrapes. Why must we always treat everything with something? Why can’t we just let things run the course and heal by themselves? When someone in my house gets a burn, we put in under cold running water for a few minutes. Then nothing, no ointments, no lavender oils, nothing. Colds? I do nothing, no elderberry, no saline drops, no decongestants, nothing. Cuts and scrapes? Wash it with soap and water, then maybe a dry bandaid, perhaps a dab of antibiotic ointment one time right after it happens, then nothing. Just having trouble understanding the push to always treat something or make it heal faster. Maybe I’m just too practical?


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