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6 Ways To Make Alternative Medicine Affordable

beth June 18, 2013

Money is tight for just about everyone – especially families.  This means we are all making cuts and trying to find ways to save money the best we can. These cuts often take place on things we find the least important – which shouldn”t be our health. Often, we get questions asking us how to afford things or comments that even though something seems like it would be great for a families health – that it just isn”t affordable. While that may be the case for a very few most people can afford alternative health care if they just know where to look.

It’s A Lifestyle

I think many people look at alternative medicine as something they like to do but are not committed to doing.  Many often want to use natural remedies while at the same time keeping their medicine cabinet stocked with conventional drugs.  If that’s the case then it’s not going to be affordable because in reality you’re paying double for your health care. The first step is in making sure what goes into your body is something that will do good and not harm – this can be done by eating a real, whole foods diet. If your putting good things in you will find your family getting sick less often and needing less seasonal medicines (cold, allergies, etc”) . This means you spend less money on healing which allows you to focus on never getting sick to begin with.

Growing Yourself/Buying Local

You can grow many herbs and healing plants yourself. It doesn’t matter if you have your own land, live on the 50th floor of an apartment building, or even if you are in a climate where it is cold all the time. By growing things your self you can have a yearly or year round source of healing elements in your own home. After the initial setup this will cost you nothing more but the time to tend them. You can even get by the initial cost if you have a friend that is willing to give you a cutting. We will be talking more about this come December.

Just as with food buying local can be a major money saver with alternative medicine as well. One reason is you have no shipping cost. The other is by getting to know your local small businesses and being supportive and loyal to them you will often be given better deals and the best product. These people make a living off of relationships and yours is meaningful to them – they are also typically very willing to explain things and help you understand their product better.

Buying In Group/Bulk

Many companies will give you a discount on a large order (Green Pastures is one of these).  If you buy in bulk you almost always get more for your dollar. Don’t need all that stuff or have no where to store it? Then go in with another family! Find someone like-minded in your area and share an order. That can also be a great way to cut your shipping cost as well.

Check with Your Insurance

Have you ever asked your insurance if chiropractic care is covered? What about acupuncture? Even some of your herbal supplements and medications may be if prescribed by your primary provider. Always check with your insurance before you pay something out of pocket.

Work With Your Naturopath/Natural Provider

Many natural physicians realize that while many of their patients have insurance not all of them have access to alternative health care on their plans. Due to this, many offer reduced rates or payment plans to families that want their care but can’t afford it out of pocket. They want to be able to provide you that care – so it never hurts to ask.

Watching For Deals/Specials

I look for deals all the time. If I see something I usually buy for $20 is on sale for $10 for a short period of time I will stock up if I can. While we are not always in the position to do so I just keep in mind that’s money I won’t have to be spending in months to come.  The best ways to find out about deals is to subscribe to newsletters (and sometimes Facebook pages) for the companies you shop at the most. If they are running a special they want you to know about it and will usually send you plenty of reminders so you have a chance to get in on it! I also buy many products from Amazon – if you become a Prime member you get free two day shipping which has saved me tons of money.

How Do You Save Your Family Money On Things Like Herbs, Alternative Doctors, And Other Natural  Health Needs?

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