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5 Reasons Why Bloggers Are An Awesome Source of Recipes

admin February 20, 2014

These days, there are so many sources of great new recipes.

There are the traditional cookbooks, cooking and homemaking magazines, recipe sites, and — bloggers. Like me. 🙂

I think bloggers are a great source of recipes, although I may be biased.  ha.  But truly, I believe that they are.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t work so hard to create and publish new recipes myself.  I want to tell you why bloggers are such a great source of recipes, too.  Maybe, if you haven’t tried any recipes from bloggers yet, this will inspire you to do so.

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Reason #1: Bloggers Cook in the Real World

Bloggers are awesome because they’re real people, who cook in the real world.  When we’re designing recipes, we’re putting together some of this and some of that in order to create something our families will actually eat.  We’re not stuck in a test kitchen somewhere, designing for a panel of “food experts.”  We’re not being paid (usually) to come up with something super unique or perfectly balanced.  Nope, we’re cooking real life dishes.

That means that when you find a blogger’s recipe, you know they’ve been tested on the toughest critics: the kids.  You know they’re family-friendly.  You know they can be made with kids screaming and wrapping themselves around your ankles.  Because that’s how they were made before they came to you. 🙂

Reason #2: Bloggers Cook Like They Eat (And Like You Eat)

Everyone has a slightly different “style” of eating.  That is, you may prefer certain types of ethnic foods, or dislike certain ingredients.  When you’re looking for recipes, find some bloggers who eat like you eat — you’ll be much more likely to like their recipes.  There are so many different bloggers out there that you’ll be sure to find a handful who really do eat the same way you do, and that’s awesome.  Plus, it’s personal.  It’s that one blogger creating recipes for his or her own family, not a whole team of people creating “good” recipes.  Which means that when you find those bloggers who suit you, you can come back again and again for more awesomeness.

5 Reasons Why Bloggers Are An Awesome Source of Recipes

Reason #3: Bloggers Have Diverse Options

Do you have special dietary needs?  There are bloggers out there who have the same needs that you do — and they’re sharing their recipes with you.

A lot of bloggers get started because they find themselves seeking recipes for their specific dietary needs, but there aren’t many out there.  So, they learn to cook and create, and then they want to share what they’ve come up with so that others aren’t left scrambling without the resources they wish they’d had.  If you have specific needs, go find bloggers who share them and you’ll find a wealth of safe recipes!

Reason #4: Bloggers Offer Rapid Feedback

Sometimes, recipes don’t quite work the way you think they should, either because something’s misprinted, or because of “user error.” 🙂

When you’ve used a blogger’s recipe, you can get quick feedback about that!  Pop onto the blog or their Facebook page and ask — hey, what’s up with this?  Many times, the blogger him or herself, or the community, can help you troubleshoot what happened and get you back on track.

Other places for recipes don’t offer this kind of feedback.  Blogs are awesome!

Reason #5: Readers Have Input

If there’s a recipe you’d really like to see from your favorite blogger, all you have to do is ask!  Many do take their readers’ suggestions seriously and try to develop and post recipes that readers are looking for.  So if there’s something you do want to see, and there’s a blogger whose recipes you enjoy, drop them an email asking for what you want!

These are just five reasons why bloggers are an awesome source of recipes — I’m sure there are many more!

What is your favorite source for recipes and why?


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  1. Spoken with wisdom. As a fellow blogger, I know what it’s like to make delicious food while there’s a 2 year old sitting in his high chair screaming for yogurt. Kids are definitely the hardest to please and I’ve found that we like recipes from bloggers’ cookbooks than recipes from test kitchens. What a great post. Pinning this!


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