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Natural Teething Remedies That Work (Really)

admin October 12, 2016

Now that the FDA’s effectively put the kibosh on teething tablets (here’s what you need to know), many parents are scrambling to figure out: what are the natural teething remedies that work?!

I understand.

Many parents will give up and simply turn to using Motrin or Tylenol.  But seriously, don’t do that!  Both of those drugs are dangerous.  They come with the risk of liver failure.  They deplete glutathione.  They can harm your baby’s gut health.  I would never use those drugs.  Honestly, I haven’t used them since my oldest was a baby (she’s 8.5 years old now) when I didn’t know better.  I don’t even keep them in my home anymore, and haven’t for several years.

I know, that’s not a very moderate view.  But it’s the straight-up truth.  OTC pain relievers are almost never necessary and they’re dangerous.  Don’t use them for teething.

Natural Teething Remedies That Work (Really)

Rather than using OTC drugs, or hoping you can stock up on a lifetime supply of teething tablets before they’re gone, why not explore some other natural remedies?

We’ve actually found options that were more effective for us than teething tablets.  We’ve been through five teething babies, the youngest of which is just waiting on his canines and two-year molars at this point…and we’ve never needed more than natural remedies.

In fact, our youngest was once so miserable from teething that he was a biting, drooling, clingy, screaming mess…and then we gave him our top remedy, and within ten minutes, he was smiling and playing again.  That’s how powerful, effective, and safe natural remedies are!

Luckily, they’re easy, too.

#1) Teething Tincture

This teething tincture is our go-to remedy for teething.  It’s super easy to make (watch me make it below), it takes only a few minutes.  It contains cloves (known to help oral pain) and catnip (known to soothe fussiness and promote restful sleep) in a glycerin base (alcohol-free and kid-safe).

We give usually 1/2 – 1 dropper to our teething babies as needed.  It is seriously my favorite, and I have given out tiny 1/2 oz. jars to my friends to use for their babies.  Many people have told me how well it works for them.  I keep my own 1/2 oz. jar in my diaper bag so I always have it when I need it.

If this sounds awesome to you, but you’re not sure about sourcing all the ingredients in it, head on over to Earthley and grab our teeth tamer. It will last several months. That’s cheaper than teething tablets and most other remedies!

Feel like a DIY project instead? See how to make the tincture:

#2) Amber Necklaces

A lot of people swear by these — Baltic amber necklaces.  Amber supposedly contains succinic acid, a mild pain reliever.  When worn against the skin, the amber warms slightly, and the acid is absorbed into the skin, relieving pain.

They do need to be real Baltic amber, or they won’t work.  Fake amber doesn’t do the job!

Here’s where you can get one.

#3) Chamomile and Lavender

These two herbs are also beneficial for teething pain.

You can mix up a 10 ml roller bottle with 6 drops of lavender essential oil, or 3 drops each of lavender and chamomile essential oils.  (This is 0.5% dilution.)  Rub this on the outside of the baby’s jaw to help relieve teething pain.

For an older baby, you could also make chamomile tea and offer it in a cup.

#4) Frozen Items

Many babies enjoy chewing on frozen items.  These are good choices:

  • Apple or pear slices (they contain an enzyme that’s a mild pain reliever)
  • Damp wash cloths
  • Breastmilk ice cubes (in a mesh feeder for ease of use)

Feel free to use other frozen items, like teethers or other fruits if you like.  Fresh apple slices can be used, as well.

#5) Teething Cream

This teething cream is another simple recipe you can use.  I recommend steeping the oils with 1 tbsp. whole cloves rather than using the essential oil, especially for young babies.

The cloves help to relieve the pain, and the oils help it stick to the gums.  Many moms have used this with great success!

With these remedies, you should be able to sail through most teething without issue.  If you have a toddler who’s still struggling, you can try offering anti-inflammatory syrup.  It’s based on honey, so you may not want to give it to the younger ones, but maybe you do — after all, honey may not really be bad for babies.

I hope you have peaceful nights with your little one, with no teething pain!

What natural teething remedies that work are best for your family?

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