10 Ways to Use Cod Liver Oil to Promote Health |

10 Ways to Use Cod Liver Oil to Promote Health

krista June 14, 2016

Many of us know that cod liver oil has a host of benefits for everyday supplementation. But, did you know that it is useful to heal certain illnesses? Learn more and what oil may help you cure your chronic ailments!

By Danielle, Contributing writer

You’ve certainly heard the buzz about cod liver oil (CLO). If you’ve been a crunchy mama for more than a minute, you’ve read on the amazing everyday benefits of adding a cod liver oil to your little one’s regimen. Indeed, cod liver oil has a host of benefits when supplemented daily, but did you know that it should also be used to promote healing for certain ills?

Cod liver oil boasts some of the highest levels of vitamin D and A as well as omega 3’s in a supplement. Parents have noted changes in both their child’s health and behavior from regular supplementation. It is truly the one supplement I would not go without, just based on my child’s own positive health and behavior changes. Omega 3’s and vitamin D are increasingly found to reduce inflammation, promote heart and cardiovascular health, and aid in behavioral and brain illnesses. Don’t forget to consider adding this supplement in therapeutic doses for chronic, serious illness.

10 Ways to Use Cod Liver Oil to Promote Health

Ailments Helped by Cod Liver Oil

CLO has been studied extensively for its healing properties. Many have used CLO to heal the ailments below, as well as other immune conditions.

Heart Health

Cod liver oil has been shown to prevent and aid serious heart condition. Studies have shown that cod liver oil can prevent atherosclerosis, as well as treat high blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. How can a fat help heart health? It acts to lower triglycerides, which are like a bad fat in the blood vessels causing impaired heart function.


A handful of studies have shown that supplementation with CLO can help manage glucose and insulin levels in the blood. Supplementing during pregnancy and through the young years of life may even less the chances of being diagnosed with diabetes. It’s a common misconception that fat causes you to be overweight in the same way which sugars do. The truth is good fats help us balance our less beneficial fats, and cause essential body systems to function.


Because of its ability to severely limit inflammation, CLO is often prescribed in therapeutic doses for both the pain and to heal arthritis. Arthritis is caused by an inflammatory autoimmune condition, and CLO can ease the pain and cause the immune system to begin functioning to a point where it can heal the arthritis and joint pain.

Bone Health

Moms have long forced gallons of pasteurized milk into our babes convinced that the calcium will build strong bones (and lessen our ER visits). We now know that vitamin D plays a much more crucial role in bone health than once thought, and the high levels of vitamin D in CLO will strengthen your little ones’ bones much more than the moo juice.


I know a number of moms (me being among them), who is worried about their child’s growth and weight gain. Many may turn to Pediasure and other chemical-laden child vitamin supplements in this case. But the high levels of omega 3’s, DHA and EPA,  and anti-inflammatory effects of CLO make this a go-to.

Fertility, Pregnancy, and Breastfeeding

The omega 3 and anti-inflammatory properties of CLO can balance hormone levels involved with libido, sexual hormone production, and ovulation. If you are trying to conceive, supplement with CLO to ensure that your hormones and hormonal glands are working optimally.

If you scour the commerical prenatal vitamins on the shelf, you will see most with added DHA and/or EPA. DHA has been found to boost brain development in fetuses and babies. Supplementing with CLO during pregnancy and breastfeeding will ensure your babe has all the DHA needed for a brain boost, without the synthetic chemicals of most prenatals.


The majority of our immune system is in our gut, and everywhere you turn, digestive issues abound. CLO has been shown to aid the healing of gastric ulcers.

Brain Function and Concentration

Omega 3’s have been shown time and time again to promote overall brain health, including aiding conditions such as ADD, ADHD, and autism. Numerous studies have found a connection between low omega 3 levels and Alzheimer’s.

Cavities, Soft Teeth, and Teeth Sensitivity

Your dental health truly matters as they are an insight to what is occurring internally. Certain teeth can even explain which organs or systems in the body are malfunctioning. A soft spot, cavity, or sensitivity should not go ignored. The vitamins and minerals in CLO can aid in remineralizing teeth which are weak and sickly.

Wound healing

The vitamins in CLO help prevent infection in a wound taken internally. Studies have also shown that CLO is beneficial topically on wounds to speed healing. Yet another reason to have this one on hand at all times.

Dosage Suggestions

You certainly need higher doses of CLO to bring about healing and therapeutic results, as opposed to your daily dosage for maintenance. Before adding a therapeutic amount of CLO, begin slow and test how you feel. If you feel nauseous or experience digestive upset, lower the dosage. This may be a normal part of your immune and other systems detoxing or starting back up from a paralyzed state, but you still should pay careful attention to your body when adding any new supplement. The suggested dosages below are a guide, but be sure to monitor your own body’s response.

  • Daily dosage for children (3 to teenage): 1/4 teaspoon daily
  • Daily dosage for adults (teens to adult): 1/2 teaspoon daily
  • Daily dosage for pregnant and breastfeeding women: 1 teaspoon daily
  • Therapeutic dosage for children: 1/2 teaspoon daily
  • Therapeutic dosage for adults: 1 teaspoon daily
  • Therapeutic dosage for pregnant and breastfeeding women: 2 teaspoons daily

Types of Cod Liver Oil

Recently, cod liver oil, the fermented type to be exact, was in the news (the crunchy news, at least) for having questionable safety. As soon as any fat is extracted from its natural source, the utmost lengths must be taken to ensure it does not become rancid. Heating or otherwise altering or preserving it may cause rancidity and ruin its effects. This is you should do your research, and purchase a CLO which is sustainably-made and minimally processed. Other fish and vegetable oils (think flax, hemp, etc) are also available, but they do not contain the high count and may also contain trace minerals which are not beneficial to your body.

Here are some main points to look for in a healthy CLO:

  • Cold processed, because heating and other methods of processing can cause rancidity and lose vitamins and minerals.
  • Sustainably-farmed.
  • Openly claims where the fish is farmed. Even when properly processed, a fish’s health hinges on the health of the water in which it grew. Be sure to find a company which openly tells of where its fish are farmed and certifies the waters’ quality.
  • Non GMO. Many fish are fed GMO feed, be sure that it is not the sustenance of your supplement.

What oil should I purchase?

Your health food store shelves are lined with a number of oils, and after a few glances at the labels, you may have realized that they don’t quite fit the health bill. You may be able to receive some of the benefits, but the trace amounts of toxic minerals, possibly rancidity, and questionable make these options not a good fit for therapeutic use or high doses for healing. 

When looking for a cod liver oil, it is important to find a product that has no contaminants, no additives.

CLO can be used very successfully to heal mainly ailments. Be sure to monitor how you feel when beginning supplementing, as you may need to increase or lower your dosage for the perfect dosage to bring about your healing.

How have you used CLO to heal? Please share your stories of healing!

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