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Red Raspberry Leaf: The Wonder Herb for a Healthy Uterus

nina January 7, 2013

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Red raspberry leaf tea is one of the most commonly recommended herbs for pregnancy. And for good reason. Not only is it safe to drink daily after you reach the second trimester, but you can continue drinking it to promote uterine well-being even if you aren’t pregnant.

What does it do to earn such high praises? Quite a few things, actually.

One of its main actions is that of a uterine toner. Red raspberry leaf contains an alkaloid called fragrine, that tones the muscles in the pelvic region, including the uterus.

That’s great! But why should I tone my uterus?

Getting strong isn’t only for biceps

Think about a muscle that doesn’t get used very much – a bicep, maybe. It has little tone and cannot lift much. This muscle becomes easily exhausted when it’s put through more strain than it’s used to. It hurts and you feel sore for a while afterward.

Now, imagine that you begin exercising this bicep regularly by lifting weights, increasing your strength over time. You find that you can steadily increase the amount of weight you can lift because the muscle is more adept at doing its job. In short, it’s become easier for it to do what it was designed to do.

The uterus is a hollow organ with lots of muscles that stretch and contract. Keeping it well toned makes it easier for it to do its job – with less pain, too.

Preventing hemorrhage and miscarriage – Now imagine that puny arm holding up a weight it’s not used to holding. The arm quickly drops because it’s not strong enough to hold so much weight. A uterus that isn’t toned is too relaxed to perform its main functions – carrying a baby to term and contracting after birth to prevent hemorrhage.

Faster and easier birth – Now picture those arms pumping iron. They’re used to working out regularly and do many reps with ease. During pregnancy and labor, the uterus is constantly contracting. For a uterus that hasn’t been properly toned through physical exercise and with herbs like red raspberry leaf, it is difficult to do all of those repetitions, making it less effective and prone to exhaustion.

Labor and afterbirth pain reduction – Your uterus needs to return to its original size after you give birth, which is about the size of a pear. This happens with contractions – the same kind of contracting that it did during labor. Yes, this hurts too, just like labor. However, for a well-toned uterus, the contractions are more efficient and don’t take as long to return it to it’s normal size.

Drinking a few cups of red raspberry leaf tea from the second trimester until after your baby is born will help tone your uterus and prepare it for delivery, as well as making menstrual cramps less painful.

Herbal Tip – Drink red raspberry leaf tea instead of a couple of your normal glasses of water to stay hydrated. It’s caffeine-free! You can also add some other herbs for this nourishing pregnancy tea.

As if that’s not enough to make you buy some right now, red raspberry leaf boasts even more beneficial properties:

Red Raspberry Leaf isn’t just for your uterus

High mineral content – Another reason that red raspberry leaf is recommended during pregnancy is because of its rich vitamin and mineral content. It has concentrated amounts of vitamin C and also contains vitamin E. Raspberry leaf also contains easily assimilated iron and calcium.

All of these minerals make it a common additive to lactation teas as they help to increase breastmilk production. However, some women find that when they use raspberry leaf tea to boost their milk supply, it doesn’t help because of it’s astringent properties.

Astringency – An astringent tightens the top layers of skin and mucous membranes to decrease secretions (anyone else use Sea Breeze for acne as a teenager?). Red raspberry leaf takes it a step further and also relieves irritations and firms tissues.

Those properties make red raspberry leaf tea an ideal herbal remedy for diarrhea and irritated mouths and throats. In the event of diarrhea, not only does it help soothe an irritated digestive tract, but it also helps replenish depleted mineral stores and keeps you hydrated.

So whether you’re pregnant, want to be or just need some relief from menstrual cramps, red raspberry leaf tea is a safe drink to nourish you and your family.

Do you drink red raspberry leaf tea on a regular basis?


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  1. I absolutely love RRLT! I drank if with my last two births and it helped so much. RRLT doesn’t always shorten labor time over all but it should for the active stage of labor and transition. It definitely does for me! The pain is much more bearable as well and my postpartum bleeding is super light if I remember to drink RRLT.


  2. I have started drinking red raspberry tea in the last couple of months. I can tell it has helped with my menstrual cramps. I love the taste as well!


  3. What tea option are recommended or allowable during the first trimester? Any?


  4. I’ve been looking into RRLT, but haven’t decided which one to get yet. I really liked the Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk Tea after my last baby was born and I had some supply issues, so I was looking at that brand. They have one that is just RRL and then they have a Pregnancy Tea which has RRL and other things, has anyone tried either of these or have opinions on either?


  5. Is this somethign you’d recommend for those of us thinking about getting pregnant (maybe in 6 mos-1 year)? Also can you link to a brand I can buy? the Mountain Rose herbs link takes me to an entire list of leaves. Thanks!


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  7. I have been researching ways to regulate my periods. I’m plagued by heavy/prolonged menstruation even when I’m on birth control such as the pill or the nuva ring. After I had my son in 2010, I went on the Depo provera shot and bled nearly daily for 3 years. Even during the 4-5 years between menarche and the first time I went on the bc pill, I would have 14 days of no menstruation and then 1 to 2 weeks of bleeding :/ Would RRTL help keep my periods shorter and less frequent? I don’t want more children, so I am not looking for the fertility benefits of RRTL. I am turning 27 this year and if I can’t figure out this period nonsense by the end of 2014, I have decided to find a surgeon who will give me a hysterectomy.


  8. Hi Nina ! Can I drink the red raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy ?


  9. I hemorrhage after giving birth. Does anyone know what I can do to help.


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