Recipe Collection: Dairy-Free Fall & Thanksgiving Favorites |

Recipe Collection: Dairy-Free Fall & Thanksgiving Favorites

dona November 21, 2012

Dairy-Free for the Holidays

Are you or someone in your family dairy-free?  Just recently, we met with our chiropractor and determined for the time being to avoid dairy for my youngest, and since he’s breastfeeding, that means I’m dairy-free too.  As a girl who loves real cream in her coffee, this was a bit upsetting, but I’ve been dairy-free in the past to detoxify so I knew I could handle this again.

Except, wait, what about the holidays?!?!?

How will I make it through all those meals at Thanksgiving and upcoming holiday get-togethers without those creamy sides or desserts?

If you’re participating in a group dinner, you may not be able to know for certain that all the items are dairy-free, but you can always bring your own….

Fall & Winter Treats:

Peanut Butter Cookies


Crockpot lattes:

Image by Civilized Caveman Cooking

Thanksgiving Dinner:

Pro Tips:

If you have a family favorite that calls for butter, you can often subsitute coconut oil 1:1. Or, if you are sauteing, try olive oil instead.  Lard can also be used in some instances.

For sweet treats, substitute full-fat coconut milk for whole milk or cream.

With an online recipe, if you are not sure about a substitution, scroll through the comments or user reviews, perhaps someone has made a dairy-free modification and shared their success story online!  You can do a quick search on the page for “dairy” or “dairy-free” or what have you to find these comments more easily.

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your delicious foods dairy and guilt-free!

What are your favorite dairy-free holiday treats or indulgences? How has going dairy-free impacted your holidays?

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my Pumpkin Fudge 🙂


    • My pleasure! Thanks for posting what looks to be a wonderful recipe for dairy-free fudge! I found your recipe from Just Eat Real Food on Facebook! 😀


  2. Heads up – the pumpkin pie isn’t dairy free. There’s butter in the crust. 🙁


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