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12 Mainstream Vaccine Lies You Probably Believe

admin July 28, 2015

I know — uh-oh, I said the v word.  It’s probably the most controversial topic out there right now, and it can lead to seriously vicious attacks.  So before we even get started, I ask you, please remember that whatever ‘side’ you’re on, there are real people on the other side of the screen.  It is possible to discuss this topic without getting nasty.  And I’m not going to publish comments that swear, insult others, or are unnecessary and don’t further the discussion.  If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it here.  Differing opinions are welcome; nastiness is not.

The argument over vaccines really has gotten ridiculous lately and there are a ton of myths that are flying around.  The theory of vaccination and the immune system are both incredibly complex.  It’s not, and never was, a cut-and-dried issue.  Lately, people want you to think it is.  They’re so sure that vaccines are perfectly amazing and have no side effects (or hardly any) that we should actually mandate them for everyone.

But we can’t do that.  Vaccines, like any other medical procedure, must remain a choice.  That’s especially true because of all these lies that circulate.  Let’s just dive in…because this is so important.

12 Mainstream Vaccine Lies You Probably Believe

1. If you’re vaccinated, you can’t catch the diseases

Sorry, but no.

No matter what, vaccines are not 100% effective.  Some people will fail to develop any “protection” at all.  Some will find that protection wanes after only a short time.  In fact, the pertussis vaccine (DTaP and Tdap) are among the least effective vaccines, with any protection fading in a matter of months (this study explains waning protection).  There’s also no evidence (and can be no evidence) that the disease would be milder if you were vaccinated first.

One study showed that a single dose of DTaP was only 55% effective — and only at preventing hospitalization, not the infection itself.  And even then, only very temporarily.

The bottom line is, you actually can catch the disease, even if you’ve been vaccinated.

2. If you’re vaccinated, you can’t spread diseases

Again, no.

If vaccines work as advertised, then you may come across an illness and not catch it — that’s kind of the whole point.  However, you can still become a carrier of that illness, and you can still pass it on to others.  An article by Suzanne Humphries, M.D., explains that you’re actually more likely to be a carrier if you’re vaccinated.  And, a study shows that DTaP is not preventing transmission and infection.  That’s the real reason why we’re seeing outbreaks of disease right now — that, and vaccine failure (see point 1).

3. Titres mean that you’re immune to the disease

Not exactly.  Titres prove exposure to a disease and are a side effect of the immune system doing its job to rid the body of a threat.  But, they wane after natural infection, over time.  They wane after vaccination, too, but usually start lower and wane faster.  It’s generally assumed that there are other signs that correlate with protection and that some of these correlations aren’t even understood (but must exist because the immune system is redundant — that is, it has many parts that do the same thing, in case one fails).  This article explains it.

4. Safe treatments for these diseases don’t exist.


While our medical knowledge 50 or 60 years ago was clearly more limited, we have made great advances now.  We’re now able to treat many illnesses with simple, non-invasive means.  Vitamin A supplementation is used to prevent complications of measles.  Mullein is an herb that’s excellent at treating pertussis (along with vitamin C) and other illnesses.  We know so much more now.  And alternative medicine often has an answer!

Plus, if you’re concerned about polio, read up on that.

5. The formaldehyde, aluminum, etc. in the vaccines is similar to amounts found in food, etc. and is not a concern


Well — technically, the amounts are similar, or the amounts in foods are even greater.  But, ingested aluminum (etc.) is not the same as injected!  One study shows that aluminum adjuvants in vaccines are correlated strongly with the development of autism.  This study links autoimmune disorders to aluminum adjuvants in vaccines (and cautions against the ever-increasing vaccine schedule).  This study suggests that the relationship between aluminum adjuvants in vaccines and autism is probably causal (ie. vaccines cause autism).

Bottom line, aluminum is a major concern when it’s injected via vaccines, and is associated strongly with serious and permanent damage.

6. The antigens in vaccines are low and children run across more in daily life

Yes — but.

The antigens in vaccines have been reduced because older versions of vaccines were causing significant reactions.  Vaccines bypass the normal immune system defenses — the mucus membranes (stomach, nose, throat) and are injected, which is why large amounts of antigens caused a serious reaction.  It’s worth noting that the antigens children run across in daily life do not bypass those initial immune defenses.

They replaced the higher levels of antigens with the adjuvants to stimulate a reaction without so many antigens.  But as we saw in the point above, those are quite dangerous.

The actual number of antigens found in vaccines has never been a primary concern of those who question vaccine safety.  Alluding to this is a red herring.

7. Vaccine reactions are incredibly rare/almost never happen

Unfortunately, this might be the biggest lie of all.

Thousands of children have been injured and even killed by vaccines.  I personally know dozens of mothers who have vaccine-injured children. Even some who, themselves, were injured.  It’s not nearly as rare as we’re led to believe.

We do not have solid data, however, because vaccine advocates dismiss almost all reactions as “coincidence.”  When a child gets a round of shots and develops a high fever hours later, the mother is usually told that “s/he must have been exposed to something a few days ago; some children will just get sick after shots but the shots do not cause it.”  This is a lie.

If we studied vaccines more closely and took reports of reactions more seriously, we’d have a better idea of the true rate of reactions.  Currently, we don’t know, but based on the number of people unofficially reporting damage, it’s significant.  And, although this sounds sort of “conspiracy theorist,” the government has a good reason not to do these studies and to keep denying that these reactions occur.

8. Vaccine companies are liable if reactions do occur

This may surprise you, but no.  They are not.

In 1986, Congress signed an act that removed vaccine manufacturers’ liability for any vaccine injuries.  There were so many lawsuits that the companies threatened to stop making vaccines.  So, Congress gave them legal immunity.

If you are injured by a vaccine, first you must report it.  Then, there is a special court system set up.  Most cases are dismissed — the vast majority.  The few that make it through the entire (long, expensive) process will get a payout from the government.  There is a tax on every vaccine dose to pay for this system.

There is a way to sue vaccine manufacturers after this process, but it’s incredibly difficult and basically, no one does it.  For all intents and purposes, manufacturers are not liable for their products.  This means they have no incentive to make them safer.  They have even less incentive now that some states are forcing all kids to be fully vaccinated to receive an education!  They know people will use them!

9. The dose of the vaccine varies depending on age, weight, etc.

Again — no.

Vaccines are typically one dose.  Occasionally there are two dose options, for certain shots (like high-dose vs. regular flu shot), but generally, there is one.  That means that the same amount of antigens, aluminum, etc. are going into a 10-lb. baby and a 200-lb. man.  Babies and young children, whose bodies do not metabolize drugs like adults’ bodies do, are treated exactly the same when it comes to vaccination.

10. Vaccine mandates are rational policy.

Not even a little bit.

With the mounting evidence of potential harm from vaccines, the wisest course of action would be to develop new methods to screen children for anything that would increase their risk of harm (auto-immunity in the family, certain genetic mutations, etc.).  Also, to delay vaccination, to spread them out, to carefully document any reactions to particular vaccines in each child, to do an individual risk-benefit analysis and decide which one(s) are worth getting for a particular child and which ones are not.  It would be wise to practice individualized medicine, as well as to give fewer vaccines overall — reserving the practice for the truly important ones.

Instead, certain medical professionals and lawmakers are racing to develop more and more and more vaccines, get them all in early and at once, and mandate the whole thing.  This just makes no sense at all.  There are vaccines in development now for autism, social anxiety, ear infections, and just about everything you can think of.  It seems to me that vaccines ought to be reserved for truly serious illnesses, where we don’t have less-invasive treatments available.

11. The diseases we vaccinate for are incredibly dangerous

Thankfully, no.

Most of these diseases were normal childhood illnesses and were a very uncomfortable week or two, but were not dangerous for healthy children.  Read more about measles, a risk-benefit analysis,  and pertussis.  It’s not to say that there aren’t a small number of children who were seriously ill or died in the past, but medical knowledge has advanced quite a bit since that time, and we still haven’t answered the question which is truly safer for our children long-term, the vaccines or the illnesses.  That’s important.

12. There is a clear scientific consensus on vaccines, and doctors recommend them because they fully believe in them.

As we can tell from all the information above — which is not shared in the mainstream, but which many doctors and researchers believe and share through alternative means — there is not.

Moms and dads, this is not an easy decision.  There is not a clear answer.  There is vast disagreement in the scientific community.  In fact, many doctors recommend getting vaccines because they are required to do so by their professional organizations.  They may or may not make the same choices personally, or believe it is best, but they could lose their licenses to practice if they spoke out against vaccines.  Even so, I have met many doctors who question vaccines (or some vaccines) or outright reject them.  The answer you get face-to-face is very different than a public answer.

Unfortunately, there are many more vaccine lies than this, but I tried to focus on the ones that are less commonly discussed.  Many people simply argue vaccines and autism, herd immunity, and not much else.  I have no interest in getting into a fight with anyone over issues that can’t be informed by science.

And by the way, for those who will argue with this post, if you are going to state that the science I relied on is wrong, you need to be prepared with your own peer-reviewed information.  Newspaper articles do not count.  Saying it exists and not sharing it does not count.  Saying that your science is right and my science is wrong will be ignored (and not published).  Acknowledge it’s a complex issue and we’ll discuss it rationally.

And please, please, please do not refuse to click on the many links I shared, say that I have no evidence. Or insist that the science is clear, vaccines are safe and effective, and all medical professionals agree.  That’s demonstrably false and I’ll delete it.  I’m not going to waste my time or yours on that.

If this information was new to you and you have questions, please ask!

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What vaccine lies have you heard?

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  1. Just for full disclosure, I’m totally in favor of vaccination. My children are fully vaccinated. My husband and I are up to date on our boosters. I had the recommended vaccines during my three pregnancies.

    This is a question I’ve been wanting to ask someone who is against vaccination. If everyone stopped vaccinating right now, what do you think would happen?

    I ask this question with all due respect. I’m sure you already know what I would say, so I won’t say anything else on the topic.


  2. So all the doctors, medical schools, and researchers all over the world are wrong?


  3. Thank you for posting. Our daughter is not vaccinated and we are 100% informed in our decision (a no-
    brainer for us). SB277 makes my heart race 🙁


  4. Great timing – just got an email this morning, probably as a response to a petition I signed. Same info: vaccines are great, everyone agrees they save lives, etc. What gets me every time is that while there is always a mention of ‘studies’, noone ever gives you any links!! The few that have been referred to in various articles are not exactly conclusive, of course sponsored by companies with vested interest, study only one vaccine, etc. Where are these 100’s, 1000’s of studies??? Why not show them? Just saying ‘The President supports vaccines’ or ‘Surgeon General supports vaccines’ does not hold much water with me. I would love to dig into a study that was unbiased, studied a multi-vaccine or a combo of single vaccines, etc. Haven’t seen one yet. The one about vaccine companies not being liable bothers me, too…


  5. I was told by the nurse at the doctor’s office that the hep b shot was only water and killed virus and could have no side effects and was probably the safest one. Fast forward four years, as I learned more, not only did I learn the REAL ingredients of the hep b vaccine and learn of the many children who have died after it, I learned that my preemie had been given 4 doses instead of three. I had signed a refusal paper at the hospital. They gave it anyway. I caught this when I pulled his files. For me, it’s an issue of trust. If doctors can’t give out correct information for true informed consent and if they have to resort to vaccinating in secret and lying about it and risking over-vaccination, I have no trust in the system. If vaccines were so wonderful and without a negative side, there would be no need for all the lies and deceit. Doctors could just confidently share the ingredients. Instead, we don’t get to see the full package insert unless we fight the doctor to do so (and are often refused at that point). We are lied to about the ingredients. And to add insult to injury, we are told that we aren’t educated enough to look at the ingredients and make a decision for ourselves.


  6. I can’t tell you how many doctors I have heard say, “Before I researched the ingredients in vaccines I thought it was just a little killed virus and saline. I was shocked to discover mercury, aluminum, etc. in the ingredient list.” Dr. Nancy Snyderman, former NBC chief medical correspondent even commented on the nightly news a couple of years ago that vaccines are “just a little medicine and saline water”. It makes you wonder. Is she really that uninformed (as many doctors have been) or does she think nothing of lying to the public?


  7. This is one of the most fantastic, succinct Web articles I’ve come across yet that clearly, kindly and confidently communicates much of my personal and professional research and understanding concerning infectious diseases, natural physiology, immunity, and vaccination. I have a hard time, though, getting what I know across! This is more than an excellent primer (links included) for those who really do care about “the issue”.

    Keep up the great work…you are filling a much needed role right now, and you seem to enjoy it and have passion. Thank you.

    A little side note about “Polio”, and what may also play a part in its more symptomatic forms: I’ve read the first diagnosed and reported case occurred within the first year of the invention of the white flour mill in Europe. Additionally, an MD in a southern U.S. east coast state noticed that refined carbohydrates seemed to be involved, and made an announcement over the radio in the 1950s in his area for people to avoid sugary junk foods. Many people obeyed, and while ice cream companies lost out, incidence of severe Polio issues dropped dramatically!


  8. I am not anti-vaccine but I am very pro-educating and advocating for yourself. I also am very anti-disrespecting patients and their families. I worked in healthcare for 10+ years and saw physicians and nurses talk so nasty about patients that questioned their orders behind their backs. I have many friends who are nurses and doctors and highly respect them but I was shocked to hear them speak about people who didn’t just bow to their demands and, instead, opted to ask questions and make their own decisions. I appreciate this article because while I am not against vaccinating, I do thing it is naive to think they are perfectly safe. 🙂


  9. Vaccine injury is far more widespread that your (excellent) post indicates. The explosion in autoimmune conditions in the US is likely due to the overloaded vaccine schedule. Aluminum is highly neurotoxic and immunotoxic and is one of the last things that should be injected into any human — with strong competition from Thimerosal (ethylmercury).

    Wiley just published a textbook “Vaccines and Autoimmunity” that describes in depth how the nanoparticles of aluminum in vaccines can cause autoimmune diseases. You can read via Google Books the beginning of the chapter on aluminum, written by the author of the study you included in the post:


    Here is the textbook itself:

    The bottom line is that aluminum is not fully excreted by the body (that’s precisely why it is used by vaccine manufacturers) and is certainly not excreted when it is injected into infants with not-yet-developed kidneys. Gherardi and his team found aluminum in their patients from vaccines decades after the injection. The aluminum is engulfed by macrophages that then distribute it around the body including to the brain. The effects may take years or decades to show up (so we have a ton of neurologic problems heading our way with the current generation). This website does an excellent job describing how this mechanism works:


    The toxicity of aluminum has been known for over one hundred years. Here is Albert Prescott, professor of organic chemistry at the University of Michigan, giving testimony to the U.S. Senate at the turn of the twentieth century, regarding potential food legislation:

    “Alum and other aluminum salts are inherently injurious, actually poisonous to the system, so far as they gain admission to the circulation of the blood. Exact researches upon the effect of aluminum salts when they are introduced into the blood show that they cause degeneration of nervous and other tissues, acting slowly and insidiously in their course.” (5)


  10. Oh my gosh! I am in total shock. I have 3 kids, 13, 6, & 1 & have always had my kids vaccinated because the docs make you feel like you have no choice & my kids have had reactions to the vaccines as well. I’m just now learning about all the terrible ingredients in these vaccines & it makes me feel like the worst mother for allowing the doctors to poison my children. I am on a research rampage & refuse to let these ingredients be put into my childrens blood streams anymore. Thank you for opening my eyes & saving my childrens lives!


  11. I am not in support of mandated vaccines. I was vaccinated. My children were not vaccinated. I educated myself before I was pregnant! I was also treated poorly by the pediatrician for my choices. Try finding a truly open minded physician these days. I focused more on health promotion….. diet. Breastfeeding, sleep, getting outside daily etc. my kids are 22 and 16 now. Healthy and intelligent. No cavities either but we used sealants !


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