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Why We Still Don’t Vaccinate (Fear is a Powerful Motivator)

admin September 28, 2012

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I’ve shared extensively on vaccines, including an entire series on what they contain, and posts looking at each disease and each vaccine and weighing the risks and benefits of each.  I’ve also shared that our family doesn’t vaccinate.

This year, pertussis is epidemic across many parts of the country, including in my area.  People I know have had it — severely.  For many, the personal stories as well as the CDC’s new (ridiculous) recommendations have made them think twice about vaccines.  Several are seriously considering vaccinating now, even if their children were previously unvaccinated.

I understand the fear.  I have three small children, and I’m pregnant.  Baby will be born in early March, before the flu season is over.  I want to protect my family’s health as much as the next mom.  And I fully understand that these moms are upset, confused, and worried about what might happen to their babies.  The thing is, they’ve made a serious mistake: many seem to believe that vaccination is the only thing that offers protection!

(I can’t even understand the logic, personally, that one would choose not to vaccinate yet believe that vaccines are the best form of protection.  If you believe that…why don’t you vaccinate?  And if you don’t believe that…why are you considering vaccinating now?  If you don’t vaccinate and have no plans to do so, but are not opposed to it either…what is your thought process?  I’d really like to know.)

Given the current fear, I felt that I needed to address the issue again, as well as share our family’s decision and thoughts on the matter.  This is largely opinion, not a scientific research paper.

New CDC Recommendations

Because of the pertussis outbreak, and the potential severity in newborns (which is very real), the CDC is now recommending that all pregnant women receive a Tdap vaccine in their second or third trimester, and that after birth, all family members and anyone who comes into contact with the baby be up to date on their Tdap and flu vaccines.  The Tdap vaccine and flu vaccines have not been tested for safety in pregnant women.

In both the U.S. and Britain, there are trials going on to see if the DTaP vaccine can be offered to newborns on day 1, before they leave the hospital.  Currently, the vaccine isn’t given to babies under 6 weeks, because babies under this age usually fail to develop significant antibodies.  The only reason they are trying again now is because of the recent outbreaks.

These new recommendations have led to such hysteria that some new moms literally will not allow anyone to come and visit unless they are current on both their Tdap and flu shots — some are even requiring people to show proof!  (Who walks around with their medical records?)  I have to wonder, when I hear this, if the parents are also planning to keep their babies at home until at least 6 months of age, when the primary series is completed — because even the scientific literature says that the DTaP vaccine is not really effective until that point.

Of course, most of these parents don’t seem to think twice about going to church or the grocery store; they just won’t allow anyone to visit their home without the vaccines.  This is silly because it’s far more dangerous to take baby out in public — where people will not only not be vaccinated, they may be actually sick — than to allow a healthy, unvaccinated person into your home.

Even if parents are somehow managing to keep them at home that long (which I highly, highly doubt is possible for most families), adults will still need to leave to run errands or go to work, and *they* may still come into contact with something and bring it home to their newborns.  Most adults do not get seriously ill with pertussis; they experience it primarily as a mild cold and slightly nagging cough.  They don’t realize what it is, and they pass it to their newborns.

Since many cases are being caused now by B. parapertussis (against which the vaccine is not designed to protect) and/or protection is waning far sooner than anticipated, parents who have been vaccinated still may bring home pertussis to their newborns.  Additionally, pertussis can live on clothing and other surfaces for up to 5 days, and adults who are recently vaccinated can become “carriers” of the bacteria (from exposure to sick people) even if they themselves are not ill.  There are many ways in which adults could inadvertently make their babies sick.

Not to mention, of course, the ethics and safety of giving a Tdap vaccine to a pregnant woman, not knowing how it will affect her unborn baby.  They have no data to prove that this is safe.  Nor do they have data to prove that the flu vaccine is safe.  I understand that they are doing “the best they can” to offer protection when even the CDC is scrambling for a better solution, but this cavalier use of technology is just breathtaking.

Protecting Your Babies

I fully understand that parents want to protect their babies.  To think that something serious is going around that could cause your baby (or young child) to become seriously ill or even die is scary.  And as parents, you want to do something to protect your child.  Of course!  Nobody wants their child to fall victim and everyone wants to do absolutely everything in their power to make sure it doesn’t happen.

I, too, want to protect my babies.  I just (still) don’t think vaccines are the way to do it.

Vaccines “work,” in some cases, in that they expose the body to a particular strain of illness and if the person comes across that illness, with the right strain, they will probably not get sick.  But they still might — some vaccines don’t work as well as others do, and DTaP is one that doesn’t work so well (DTP worked much better but also caused too many serious reactions, which is why it was replaced with the DTaP in the 90s).  And of course some people fail to develop antibodies no matter what.

But in another way, vaccines don’t work.  They don’t boost the body’s overall ability to fight off infection before it becomes too severe or overwhelms the body.  They don’t (can’t) address any underlying deficiencies in the immune system.  And they can even cause the immune system to become weaker because the body doesn’t have to undergo normal immune challenges, i.e. natural infection.  Vaccines also bypass the body’s first line of defenses — the mucuous membranes — which some believes results in chronic inflammation and a tendency towards auto-immune conditions.

Although people are getting sick more often now, it’s been proven by the CDC and other mainstream organizations that it’s not because of people who are refusing vaccines.  Also, these facts about vaccines haven’t changed.

I did hundreds of hours of research and ruled out vaccines as a valid way to protect my family years ago.  It does not matter to me how many people get sick or how severe the outbreaks are.  I do not feel that vaccines are the best way to protect my family’s health or to ward off illness, at least severe illness.  My beliefs about the body are that it is possible to fight infection from the inside out, and that giving your body the tools it needs — via excellent nutrition and herbal immune boosters — is a far more effective way to ward off serious illness than a vaccine, which addresses only a tiny part of the immune system (which is still poorly understood) anyway.

(If you do not vaccinate but have not yet reached this level of confidence, keep on researching until all your questions have been answered.  You should feel fully confident in your decision, whatever it is.)

What We Believe and Will Do

I’m not immune to the fear.  I don’t want my babies to become seriously ill.  And I’m going to protect them in the best way I know how.

Since we do not believe that vaccines boost the overall immune system or help to ward off illness in general, they are not an option for us.  Vaccines have not changed and since the way they work is what it is, they will never change.  At this time, I cannot imagine a circumstance in which I would accept a vaccine.

However, we will be doing the following:

  • Limiting sugar/refined grains (even natural sugars like honey or maple syrup)
  • Increasing the amount of soup we eat (ideally, we’ll have stock at least once a day)
  • Increasing the amount of probiotics we get (at least once a day; preferably some with each meal)
  • Increasing the amount of coconut oil we consume (it contains lauric acid, a powerful immune booster)
  • Eating watermelon as long as it’s in season (it contains glutathione, another powerful immune booster)
  • Taking FCLO/BO daily to boost our vitamin D and A levels (deficiencies in these areas are responsible for a lot of severe illness)
  • Taking elderberry syrup if exposed to an illness or at the first signs of illness, especially respiratory
  • Using other herbs (namely wild cherry bark, fenugreek, and slippery elm) to reduce respiratory symptoms at the onset of illness.  The combination helps to produce more mucus, thin it out, and eliminate it from the body more quickly, reducing the length and severity of respiratory illnesses. These herbs are found in my cough and cold lozenges and syrup.
  • Get regular exercise, outdoors as long as weather permits
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Avoiding sick people when possible
  • Seeing a chiropractor at least monthly (for the kids) or weekly (for me)
  • Visiting our alternative doctor if anyone should get sick, the above is not working, and we have a concern

That’s a long list.

I’m not taking this lightly.  And in case anyone does get sick, I’ll be doing a lot more than I’ve even listed — things like warm baths in epsom salts, magnesium oil spray, various other essential oils, extra breastfeeding for the littlest one, etc.

The “threat” of potential illness is real.  But I’m capable of calmly doing research and finding the best ways to protect my family ahead of time, so that even if we do get sick, I can mitigate the chances of the worst illness.

I do not think I can prevent everything.  I fully accept that my family might get sick.  If you don’t vaccinate (and realistically, even if you do), you have to understand that someone might get sick.  You have to be willing to accept that risk.  You have to be realistic about it and know what symptoms to look for, especially symptoms that might be concerning or serious.  You have to know when to call someone for help.  Most of all, you have to feel fully comfortable with the decision that you’ve made.

Although I understand the risks, I accept them and I feel completely comfortable with the decision we’ve made.  It is the right decision for us.

I encourage everyone to keep reading and researching and praying until you, too, feel that comfortable with your decision.

Fear is a Powerful Motivator

What this has all underscored for me is how powerful fear is.

Many of these parents who don’t vaccinate, or who do on a selective/delayed schedule seem very scared right now over what might happen to their babies.  And while a month ago some wouldn’t have considered vaccinating, they are seriously considering it now.

I suggest to everyone that fear is not a good reason to make a decision about anything.

You should not vaccinate because you are suddenly afraid you might get sick.

You should not refuse to vaccinate because you know someone who had a vaccine reaction.

These are anecdotes and they are fear-based.  Do your research instead: read all about the disease(s) and the vaccines and learn how to boost your family’s immune systems naturally and discover what you really believe about all of this.  Do you believe vaccines are really the best way to protect your family?  Then you get them.  Do you believe they are unsafe and do not really work?  Then you don’t get them.  But this is a decision you should make from a place of sound research, not fear or anecdotes.  It is too important for that.

This winter, protect your families.  Keep them safe and healthy.

Has the recent pertussis outbreak concerned you, or made you change your thoughts on vaccines?  How will you protect your family?

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  1. Wow, Kate. This is really, really well written. So good. Thanks.


  2. We have some friends who had a baby about two months ago, and they weren’t letting anyone visit who wasn’t up to date on their DTaP shot (which means we still haven’t seen him). My first thought was, “Really, so you’re going to stay home and not go anywhere at all?” I didn’t think that would happen, since they’re on-the-go type people. And of course, they’ve been out grocery shopping, to church, etc. I found that really interesting, because I agree that you’d be way more at risk out among crowds than allowing healthy friends into your home.


  3. I caught whooping cough at about 32 weeks pregnant this summer. And guess what — because I’m immersed in natural health (mainstream medicine isn’t an option for me) and had healed my gut years ago and too use the natural remedies you listed, I got sick (it was miserable being pregnant and that sick!) And recovered in about 2 weeks (with residual “inactive” mucus for weeks after). It was rough but I got over it, developed the immunity, and now my baby has the real antibodies to at least one pertussis strain. After experiencing it, I can see why it would be so scary for an infant, but am so thankful I ended up catching it and overcoming it naturally.I would highly suggest that route for others too…


  4. I so appreciate this as well as your full series on vaccinations. I’m expecting my first child at the end of January and wonder what your opinion is on how long would be beneficial to not go out in public? I also do not have any issues limiting visitors, just would like an outside, educated opinion on a realistic amount of time. Many thanks for all the information you share!


  5. In this post the author says: “The Tdap vaccine and flu vaccines have not been tested for safety in pregnant women.” This is not accurate. There are at least two current studies that – inclusive of the data examined – studied the efficacy and safety of vaccinating with TDAP during pregnancy.

    Here are the studies:
    • Gall SA, Myers J, Pichichero M. Maternal immunization with tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis vaccine: effect on maternal and neonatal serum antibody levels. Am J Obstet Gynecol 2011;204:334.e1–5.
    • Talbot EA, Brown KH, Kirkland, KB, Baughman AL, Halperin SA, Broder KP. The safety of immunizing with tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis vaccine (Tdap) less than 2 years following previous tetanus vaccination: experience during a mass vaccination campaign of healthcare personnel during a respiratory illness outbreak. Vaccine 2010;28:8001–7.

    In addition to these two studies, here is the information on the other data that has been examined to determine the safety of the TDAP vaccine in pregnant women:

    “Data on the safety of administering Tdap to pregnant women are now available. ACIP reviewed published and unpublished data from VAERS, Sanofi Pasteur (Adacel) and GlaxoSmithKline (Boostrix) pregnancy registries, and small studies (7,8). ACIP concluded that available data from these studies did not suggest any elevated frequency or unusual patterns of adverse events in pregnant women who received Tdap and that the few serious adverse events reported were unlikely to have been caused by the vaccine. Both tetanus and diphtheria toxoids (Td) and tetanus toxoid vaccines have been used extensively in pregnant women worldwide to prevent neonatal tetanus. Tetanus- and diphtheria-toxoid containing vaccines administered during pregnancy have not been shown to be teratogenic (9,10).”

    “Several studies provide evidence supporting the existence of efficient transplacental transfer of pertussis antibodies (citations: 7,11,12). Cord blood from newborn infants whose mothers received Tdap during pregnancy or before pregnancy had higher concentrations of pertussis antibodies when compared with cord blood from newborn infants of unvaccinated mothers (7,11).

    The author also presents information accurately representing that the vaccine doesn’t protect against B. parapertussis, a variant of Pertussis. During the big Pertussis outbreak in California, zero of the infant deaths were from B. parapertussis. Using the lack of protection against B. parapertussis as a case against the aP vaccine is, therefore, less than compelling.

    VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: I believe that the choice for or against vaccinations is a personal one and there is no blanket policy that can or should be applied across all families. We have chosen to employ some vaccinations and to hold off on others. What I believe IS very important is to be accurate in the facts, as available, about the efficacy and side effects of any vaccination.


  6. Actually we have taken the opposite stance, we have asked folks who are freshly vaccinated to stay away for a bit. I read the study that linked the DTaP vaccine with the 40 fold increase of B Parapertussis colonization in the lungs of mice. I have also read the horror stories of mothers who were freshly vaccinated and still passed on Pertussis to their children. Getting the vaccine gives people a false sense of security. I am due at the end of October and will take every precaution to try to keep my family safe EXCEPT vaccinating!


  7. I just typed this long post and it’s gone! Urgh… Well, I am the type of person you wrote this to… I have much fear about this topic. It’s horrible. I fear vaccines and therefore will not have them given to my son (although he did have a couple at 4 months but we haven’t done them since.) However, I fear the potential of contracting the disease and therefore have NO peace and often try not to think about the fact that I’m still not confident with our decision! Which is dumb. When I hear of friends decided not to vaccinate I think “well, if they are confident then why shouldn’t I be?” I wish my husband had confidence in the decision but he still is unsure..although he IS much more sure of not vaccinating then I am. Granted, he doesn’t have the time to research and think about it like I do. I read your list above and think that I can’t do all of those things mentioned. Which makes me think that I’m not doing enough to protect us so now what?? We eat as healthy as we can with the income that my husband brings home (which isn’t much.) Rarely processed foods, everything from scratch, lots of produce-organic or local, whole food vitamins, breastfeed my son, lots of coconut oil, probiotics… but we cannot afford the great meats and eggs and milk from the farms like you do. We just can’t, there is no way. I desperately need to see a chiro but we can’t afford that either…We are going to try this winter to do the elderberry syrup and keep our supplements up to keep our immune system good. Also using essential oils (but they aren’t doTerra so maybe they won’t work as well?!?!) But we can’t afford adding FCLO on a regular basis… I’m still learning but I just don’t think I will every have the ability to do as much as you do, health wise. So that adds to the confusion and fear. I did so much research while pregnant and I read through your series, I’ve read other books, etc.. but still I waiver. I just want to have confidence!!! If it wasn’t for the fact that I believe in God and that he is sovereign I would probably be one of those hermits that never left my house. Thank the Lord I don’t worry THAT much. 🙂 If I think too much about it I will though.. since we are around vaxed and non vaxed people weekly at church (a very small church.) Anyways.. Pray for me!!


  8. January is a tricky time. If you can manage it, 4 – 6 weeks is good. If you’re breastfeeding it’s not *as* much of an issue because you’re giving your baby the immune benefits. When you do take baby out, wear him/her in a wrap of some sort so strangers can’t touch and so baby’s face is mostly covered and away from any of the “junk” that could be out there. This helps protect baby from well-meaning admirers.


  9. Some friends in Dallas who were up on their vaccines still got whooping cough. Happily only the mother and sons got it, and not the daughter who is undergoing chemo for a brain tumor and was immunocompromised at the time. Here is the news report on them: http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/health/Dallas-Family-Warns-Others-About-Whooping-Cough-After-Vaccinated-Children-Diagnosed-With-It-171420401.html


  10. Great article!
    Fear is not a good reason to make a decision about anything. It’s so true. Thank you for all the helpful tips about how you protect your family!

    We don’t vaccinate our children. And of course I do not like my kids getting sick… But as for typical childhood diseases as measles, mumps, rubella and to a certain extent also pertussis, I believe going through these diseases is a natural part of childhood and will provide an opportunity to grow, in different ways. These diseases are usually very well handled by children. Because of vaccination, unvaccinated kids are more likely to have their first encounter in adulthood, wich can be really nasty and a much higher risk for complications. Which is why I prefer they get sick rather sooner than later ;). I believe in USA chicken pox is also vaccinated for am I right? Here in Holland it’s still something every kid will get sooner or later. No big deal. It must have been like that with other childhood diseases, too, one day…

    Pertussis though is something you do not want around with a baby under 6 months! You’re doing such a great job keeping your family safe and healthy and yourself sane, in the midst of all this panic! <3


  11. My children are partially vaccinated, but you know what made me decide to stop? I actually GOT a pertussis booster at my last “well woman” exam. The doctor sprung it on me, I hadn’t researched it, but decided to get it because I was almost due for a tetanus booster anyway and I’m an adult, so it’s not as big of a deal, right? 😛 Big mistake. I got SO sick from it! I was sick in bed for 3 days after getting the shot and had pain so bad in my arm that I couldn’t lay on the right side of my body for nearly a week. It was horrible. I got so sick from it that I began re-researching tetanus, my risks of contracting it, and so on. There is so much information available now than there was even five years ago when my son was born that I couldn’t believe the amount of research I was able to find that showed how ineffective vaccines are really becoming.

    Thank you for this post again and again. We use On Guard now too and I absolutely love it.


  12. Early this summer, my 3 year old caught pertussis. We treated him with vitamin C therapy…. about 5 gr. spread throughout the day. It worked SO well! If we skipped a dose or didn’t give enough , the “whoop” sound would come back , but if we kept it up it was just an annoying cough right when he woke up. It was not the huge deal I was expecting and I credit his quick recovery and minimal discomfort to not only the vit. C therapy, but also to his healthy diet , which includes fclo/bo , probiotics, little to no grains ( we are “almost” GAPS :).

    As a side note, my 5 year old who had the DTaP at 2 4 and 6 months before we stopped vaxing, also had a swab confirmed case of pertussis , even though he was asymptomatic. ( actually one day he had a bit of a sore throat and the next morning he coughed once – that was it, though!) My husband and I never got sick at all … my husband had pertussis as a child of 7, and while I can’t remember ever having it – I guess I must have got it in university or something and not known what it was! I was also about 24 weeks pregnant when DS2 contracted it – I fully expected to get sick , I was coughed and spat on so much 🙂

    I’m assuming my exposure to it acted as a booster of sorts? I’m hoping when my baby arrives in the next few weeks, it will benefit from those immunities via breastmilk!!

    Sorry – this was long … mostly just wanted to mention the vitamin C thing 🙂


  13. You forgot breastfeeding! Add that to the list! Haha
    As far as the logic goes with people choosing not to vaccinate and then changing their mind, I think guilt is a powerful motivator too. “What if the vaccines DO work and my kid gets sick because he wasn’t vaccinated and it’s all my fault? All the other cool parents are doing it.


  14. One other thing that I do for myself and children is to use a lot of Vit C. This can help a lot. As for the previous poster who spoke about testing being done on pregnant women, you need to make sure that any testing done should be done outside of the manufacturer and without any monetary support. Because anytime you find Drug companies paying for the research you will find questionable results.
    I would never, ever recommend a pregnant woman get a vaccine. If you do some searching you will see that specifically with the swine flu vaccine, there were literally hundreds of women who had miscarriages within 24-48hrs after receiving the shot. This is not safe! And there was a certain gentleman, from
    Australia I believe who survived a near death experience only due to the fact that his wife pushed the drs. to give him iv vit C when sick from Swine flu. You can google it on youtube for the tv broadcast. His recovery was so fast that the drs stopped giving it to him and then his wife had to take them to court to force them to start readministering it. And the drs. tried to claim that it was because they changed his position in bed. It is crazy!


  15. My mother had whooping cough early this year when my little was just a newborn…of course, we didn’t know she had whooping cough until after 3 months she finally went to an ‘alternative’ doctor who diagnosed her. She was in contact with all my kids and my unvaccinated newborn the whole time (because we didn’t know)…my 3 older children have been vaccination but my newborn hasnt. Guess what? My newborn didn’t get sick. I put it down to breastmilk to be honest.


  16. […] talking a lot lately about how to keep your family healthy this winter.  Last Friday, I shared why our family (still) doesn’t vaccinate, and what we’re doing to protect our health instead.  Even if you do vaccinate, if you […]


  17. My wife and I have many concerns about vaccinations. We’ve been trying a variety of pediatricians. So far we’ve been scoffed at, patronized and in a newborn class we attended, the instructor/teacher/nurse made it a point to bring it up while trying hard to not sound condescending to those that might have felt uncomfortable about it…but it didn’t work. She made her bias very well known for those of us considering not vaccinating, and she made us feel inferior as if our concerns were just plain silly. It’s amazing to me how so many people just don’t question anything and accept everything from the pharmaceutical companies and government as pure truth, when the evidence of shenanigans and bottom lines is so overwhelmingly against them. This vaccination thing (and the public schooling system) is, by far, the worst thing about becoming a parent. And as a side note, I don’t necessarily believe any study on a drug/vaccine by the very people who sell that drug/vaccine.


  18. This is very well written. I just found your blog and I have much exploring to do, but are there posts about all of your natural remedies? And what is doTERRA?


  19. One of the facts the pediatrician threw at us, after she admitted proudly to vaccinating all of her kids and how it was otherwise and poor decision to not vaccinate, was that all of the nice ingredients in vaccinations, aside from the germ itself, is found in trace amounts in foods, anyway. How do you respond to that and does it really matter that there is aluminum, formaldehyde and mercury in some of these things? I know we don’t purposely go and seek out aluminum, much less formaldehyde to ingest, and in fact, have removed any product from our arsenal of hygiene products that contain all this crap, especially antiperspirants. It angers me that you try and bring valid concerns to the table and you’re made to feel stupid for even bringing it up. Obviously we’re not choosing that pediatrician but most that we’ve met, so far, are like this.


  20. Great post – thanks for sharing! We’re expecting our first baby in about two weeks and we do not plan to vaccinate. I admit that there are times when the “fear” has gripped me, but we know we’re doing what’s right for our family

    We contacted our family about a month ago and suggested that IF they wanted to be vaccinated for DTAP / flu, please do so ASAP. We explained the concept of vaccines shedding as the reason we did not want our little one exposed to anyone who had been vaccinated recently. I felt it was the best way to broach the subject without being overly demanding.

    We plan to limit public exposure for the first few weeks, plus I’m EBF-ing and babywearing. Thanks for the additional immune-boosting suggestions. I’ll keep the close by in case we come down with something!


  21. Great article and posts! This is a link to Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ protocol for giving vitamin C to treat whooping cough, with the weight-adjusted dosage: http://vaccinationcouncil.org/media/The-Vitamin-C-Treatment-of-Whooping-Cough.pdf

    My baby got the DTaP at 2, 4, and 6 months, I didn’t realize at that time that it does nothing to protect young babies until maybe the six month shot. She caught pertussis anyway at 8 months, and gave it to me. It’s usually only dangerous to babies less than four or five months old. I would quarantine so young a baby at home, and not only not take them out but probably not allow anyone other than the (healthy) caregivers to get very close to them. My baby coughed alarmingly for over a month, I for over two, but it wasn’t dangerous, and we both eventually got well. When she got the DTaP booster at 18 months, it wiped out her only two words, and she didn’t speak again until 34 months old, but she had been diagnosed with autism in the meantime, at 20 months old.
    Alternating homeopathic remedies Pertudoron 1 and 2 also treat pertussis, as well as vitamin C. Cough suppressants are both useless and dangerous, and antibiotics won’t treat the coughing once it has started. Parents must hold the infant up to their shoulder throughout coughing fits, which will mean holding them all night.
    If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t let my daughter get any shots, would have quarantined her rather than take her to a La Leche League meeting in January, and would have used vitamin C therapy.


  22. This is actually the only why I don’t vaccinate article I’ve come across that I feel satisfied with. I completely agree with it, it has helped boost my onside nice in my decision, and provided good health advice I hadn’t been aware of. Thank you so much for sharing your view.

    It is unfortunate that in our culture we take health for granted and (typically) buy into easy fixes provided by allopathic medicine, and the convenience of processed and GMO foods–thereby neglecting the natural balance of our bodies and our status of health.

    It would be a mistake to think that vaccination is an easy way out of this longstanding tradition of damage to our health. There is no vaccination for nutrition deficiency, so we should all be aware of advice like this no matter our preferences when it comes to vaccines.


  23. When I was a kid/teenager, I caught Rubella AND the Mumps- even though I was vaccinated. My mom also started me on the HepB rounds until she found out they were killing kids in France. I got 1 shot I think.

    I decided against vaccinating my children because of the risks. I wish I was NOT vaccinated because of the stuff in them. But since I got Rubella, I have a LIFETIME immunity to it, and have passed on a bunch of antibodies to my babies.

    My kids also have not had any OTC drugs except when my MIL gave my daughter Kids Tylenol once when she had a fever- I already sent them to the store for Oscillo and she came home after that (I was at my due date with #3) But I was SO mad that she gave it to her I was crying (a bit hormonal of course). She is still under the assumption that 103 is a “killer” fever. SMH All this propaganda is killing our children and we are allowing it by believing the hype.


  24. Great article. Wish my supervisor would read an article like this, however she is probably also having to listen to state regulations also. She right now is saying that all employees have to be up to date on their DTaP vaccinations by December 31. Since I work in the infant room (newborn to 1 year) it is even more critical for me. Not only am I reluctant to vaccinate since people are getting pertussis even vaccinated, but I also know that this vaccine gives me a pretty intense immune response, making me sick the day after. If it kicks off a fibro flare I will be pissed.


  25. I whole-heartedly agree that living a healthy lifestyle and following the list you mentioned are the best way to go…but what if you can’t afford it? I have a 6 week old and am coming close to her 2 month visit where the doctor is going to guilt trip me into giving her the DTaP-IPV-Hib, Pneu-C-13, and oral Rot-1. Because I know we are not living a totally clean lifestyle (made impossible by the fact we are currently living with my in-laws for a time–at least 7+ more months), I know I cannot provide a healthy enough environment I would want to should I choose not to vaccinate. I have already decided not to give her vaccines for diseases I know we can handle (MMR, Varicella, Rotavirus) but I am very unsure about the DTaP-IPV-Hib, Pneumacoccal, and Meningitis since these ones are far scarier and not as easy to treat with natural home remedies. I have a good stash of essential oils (Oregano, lavender, eucalyptus, patchouli, tea tree) and am planning on getting a few more (Thieves, grapefruit seed, On Guard), I drink Kefir milk a few times a day, and I try to take a few tablespoons of coconut oil every day. When it is sunny, I lay her in the sun. We cannot afford to eat organic. Because I was tested GBS+ I was guilted into taking the antibiotics and now she has a yeast infection and I know my gut health is not back to normal yet. But this makes me feel all the more strongly against giving her even more non-natural substances.
    What is your advice on this? Is my moderately healthy lifestyle enough to protect my baby? I want to feel confident enough going into the doctor’s office that when he looks at me as if I am physically torturing my baby, I will not just break down and give in.


  26. Our family had whooping cough this summer. I did a LOT of research on this desease and basically learned that the vaccine isn’t protecting people. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated are getting the desease in equal rates. The vaccination isn’t working.

    And I shudder to think of giving new babies in the hospital this vaccine. I hope mothers are cautious, but unfortunately, I loose friends for even suggesting that colicky, highly allergenic infants might should receive DELAYED vaccinations. Most people do whatever the CDC suggests.


  27. Kate – you are a G-d send! Your lovingly logical, in depth explanations about all the vaccine issues and rhetoric is so beautifully packaged and freely shared. I’m certain you have the goal to be a part of the paradigm shift that is happening but needs to be accelerated so that more children can hold on to their birthright of vibrant and robust immune and brain function. That, too, has been my goal and I started a grass roots movement called Parents Educating and Advocating for Children’s Health (PEACH). One of our “members” made this website EnrichedParenting.org. I would love to print out and distribute your vaccine articles to parents that I invite to lectures my friends and I give for parents on vaccine education. We volunteer our time – we spend A LOT of time on this since there is no greater mission or pleasure than protecting people from unnecessary poor health and dysfunction. I have your name printed on the booklet and will remind those who have internet (many don’t around here) that they should visit and patronize your site. Let me know if this is ok with you. May G-d bless you! Continue your G-dly work – wishing you much pleasure in raising your family!


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