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10 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Danielle April 3, 2020

By Danielle and Rustina, Contributing Writers


Most American holidays seem to be about one thing — the sweets. Don’t get me wrong — I am Swedish, and by definition love baking sweet treats for my loved ones. But, I don’t like feeling pressured to buy packaged and unhealthy candy for every holiday just to appease my little chicklings.


The thing is you don’t have to! There are a number of non-candy, sustainable Easter basket ideas that don’t include lots of sugar, GMOs, food dyes, or other food toxins. In addition to not wanting candy, I have been trying to focus on sustainable toys — toys made with toxic-free paints, without plastic but natural materials like wood and wool, and things that will inspire the imagination. It may sound daunting to look for plastic free options, but there really are some wonderful and cute ones out there!


Let your family members know that you are moving towards sustainable toys, and help them out by providing them with a list. What I have noticed is that European toys have stricter toxin standards, and are way ahead of the game. You can also find nearly anything on Etsy, so try searching it for what strikes your child’s fancy. You may have to stay out of Walmart and Target, and order online.


Without further ado, here are 10 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas:


#1 Grapat Mandala pieces 

These Spanish-made, small wooden imaginative play toys that fit inside of an egg (for 3 and older). These have quickly become the favorite toy in my home. Hands down — get these for your egg hunt!


#2 Sore Muscle and Headache Salve 

Make this great salve for all those sore muscles and headaches that pop up from too much play and hard work!


#3 The Green Family Series 

Gets the Sniffles Book, Green Family Goes Wildcrafting, and soon – The Green Family Goes to Homeschool Co-op! The Green Family adventures are fun and relatable for real families who are trying to do their best to make healthier, natural choices. While most children’s books normalize the mainstream path (schools, doctor’s visits, etc.), the Green Family Series by Kate Tietje normalizes a natural lifestyle! Each book has an activity book as well with fun puzzles, games, and coloring pages!


#4 I love these Montessori ouchless choppers for little cooks.


#5 Grab a rock painting kit for craft time (and mama’s coffee time).


#6 Sensory Ribbon Ring/Hand Kite Use wooden craft rings with ribbons knotted on it for a fun to play with gift idea! 


#7 Avoid plastic and go natural with some wool bunnies and carrots. In fact, search Etsy for any wool felted animal and you may fall in love (and probably bust your budget).


#8 Herbaceous, Floriferous, or Delicious These games are kind of similar to Rummy. You have to fill your pots with the right kind of plants to win. All of the cards are beautiful artwork and can help familiarize your family with different kinds of plants.


#9 Plant a living Easter basket – fill a basket mostly full with peat moss or shredded paper, and top with 1 inch of soil, and sprout some microgreens for a natural Easter basket – that you can actually eat!


#10 Make a basket with dried grasses and reeds! It isn’t as hard as you may think! If that sounds too complicated, try making a paper basket.


Bonus ideas: Get these all natural Kids Fun Shaped Safe and Gentle Soap bars, Vanilla Bean Lip Balm, and Vanilla Whipped Body Butter.


I hope this gave you some fun ideas to limit the candy, as well as the plastic in your Easter baskets this year. Now more than ever, spend this time focusing on what’s most important — your family, being together, and your health, rather than materialism. I know we are all cooped up, so some exciting crafts, games, and puzzles wouldn’t hurt, though.

What are you swapping for candy in the Easter baskets this year?


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