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Simple Tips For Making it Through 1st Trimester Exhaustion

faith October 29, 2012
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Once upon a time I was in my first trimester of my second pregnancy, I had a 14 month old who decided teething four molars at once would be a cool adventure, and my husband had just started second year of grad school while also working part time. Want to know how I would describe then? Exhausting. I barely made it to days end.

Even without a 14 mo waking up several times a night, first trimester of pregnancy is DRAINING. Never underestimate how much energy growing a pea size baby takes.

Recently I stumbled across one of my first blog posts that was written then. In it I shared what helped me through the time. Honestly, the advise is very simple but it is still sound. I’m not sure how I would have made it WITHOUT doing these things.

Simple Tips to Feel Better During Your First Trimester of Pregnancy

As written a few years ago, with slight edits as my knowledge on writing and nutrition has grown.

  • Going for a walk. It is a amazing! I could feel like I have NO energy, be overwhelmed, stressed, and nauseous but once I get into the fresh air and start walking I feel fantastically better. This also helps with my overall energy and helps keep me fit for when Baby comes.
  • Keeping up with the house as much as I, and my VERY helpful husband, can. There is little more draining then a pile of dishes or laundry. Thankfully, I have a husband who doesn’t mind doing dishes. I mind asking him, but realize it’s for a good cause.

A lot of times I am too exhausted after finishing dinner to do them. But if the dishes are done I start the day feeling a LOT better. A good start to the day is essential. The kitchen is right off my bedroom. Who wouldn’t feel overwhelmed to step out of your bedroom and immediately see a messy kitchen?

  • A balanced diet that includes a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. My body is doing enough right now for me to NOT be feeding it well. A balanced diet full of proteins, healthy fats, plenty of vegetables, whole grains ect. is important, but when I make sure to have plenty of raw fruits and vegetables I feel all the better.
  • Not a lot of processed foods- We recently went for a weekend trip to Missouri. Because of the nature of the trip we ate out every meal for three days. None of the restaurants were fast food, but restaurants are rarely healthy. I loved the trip, but that much eating out took it’s tole on me. The whole weekend I was lethargic, more nauseous, and my stomach constantly hurt. It took a couple days of being back and eating well to feel 30% human.
  • Very little sugar- It just is not worth it right now. Financially, I want to focus on other foods, and good sugars (honey, maple syrup, sucanat) are EXPENSIVE. Physically, it takes it toll on me and can get in the way of eating more nutritious food.
  • Enjoying Christopher- I doubt if there is anything that makes you think it’s all worth it then a kid. He’s such a blast! Nursing him has added to my being tired, but the times I get to sit down and do nothing but snuggle him and know he’s getting the best food in the world, doesn’t only benefit him.
  • Vitamins- I am taking a mixture of vitamins that my midwife has prescribed. It changes if my needs change. I have been having trouble with getting out of breath, she had me start an iron supplement and I feel MUCH better. They’re high quality and are taken throughout the day instead of my overdosing at once therefore making my pee expensive.

Without them I hardly function.

Note: Next time around I want to try Kate’s vitamin tincture instead of pills if I get the go ahead from my midwife.

  • My husband- Mark truly is my night in shining armor. He has helped me so much! Spending time with him, even if we are doing nothing but snuggling, makes the entire day better.
Last, but NOT least.
  • Depending on God- I know that He is my strength. He has blessed me with this baby and He is the one I need to trust to help get me through the tough pregnancy times. I need to focus on Him and what a blessing this pregnancy and this baby are.

Nothing earth shattering by any means, but they are the things that got me through a rough time physically.

What are some tips you have for getting through that first trimester exhaustion?


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  1. Great post! What are some of the vitamins and supplements you take other than the iron you mentioned?


  2. For me it has been giving myself permission to take a nap or skip an activity. When you’re used to living a go-go-go lifestyle or being the person in the (extended) family who is always the first to step up to help others it is really hard to say, “No, I think I need to skip that and take a nap instead”. At first I felt so lazy, and GUILTY – like a real deadbeat. I NEVER used to drop what I was doing in the middle of the day to flop on the couch.

    But it’s amazing what just a 15-20 minute nap does to bring back some energy and alleviate some of my stomach upset. I find that most people are understanding when you need to bow out of attending a party or volunteering your time or things like that during pregnancy.


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