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New Baby Postpartum Bag

admin June 8, 2015

A few weeks ago, I shared what’s in my postpartum bag.  I actually keep two, though — one for me, and one for my new baby!  The new baby postpartum bag includes items that s/he will need within the first hours after birth, or in the first few days when everyone’s still healing and settling and no one wants to look around for baby’s things.

(Last time, because we didn’t know “what” we were having —  boy or girl — we didn’t even bother to get baby clothes out before birth.  We had both girl and boy clothes in tubs in the basement, so several hours after baby was born I sent someone to go fetch the right tub.  ha!  Which is one reason the new baby bag came in handy.  I had a few gender-neutral little t-shirts in it.)

Since we’re expecting baby in the next week or so, baby’s bag is packed and ready to go!  Curious what’s in it?

New Baby Postpartum Bag

This bag doesn’t include any items for me, nor any items needed during the birth itself.  It only includes baby-specific items for after birth.

Cloth Diapers

I have two cloth diapers tucked into baby’s bag, so they’re immediately available.  The rest of the diapers are stuffed and stacked on a shelf downstairs.  Baby will wear his/her first diaper about an hour or so after birth (after our initial bonding and newborn exam).

Small Shirt

I sewed small shirts out of organic bamboo velour for baby.  They don’t fasten at all and they’re super soft.  I can’t bring myself to put more clothing on new baby skin than this for the first day or two!  Luckily this baby is going to be born in June and it’s been quite warm, so baby shouldn’t need more.

Goldenseal Root Powder + Swabs

This is for cord care.  At diaper changes, we’ll dip a clean swab into the powder and use it to clean around the cord very gently until it falls off.  Goldenseal root is a natural antibiotic and keeps things germ-free.


Of course, baby will need to be changed in those first few hours, and it could be that sticky meconium!  Wipes will come in handy then.


Although we won’t need it right away, I tucked our at-home sling into baby’s bag so I wouldn’t lose it.  I made it — here’s the tutorial.


I sewed a special blanket for baby, the same as I have for all my babies.  This is folded and tucked into the bag too.

That’s it!  Baby really doesn’t need a whole lot in the early days, except to stay snuggled up to me.  So we’re keeping the baby bag minimal. 🙂

What do you use in a new baby postpartum bag?

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  1. What would be the next go to trick for cleaning the cord area after the goldenseal root powder? Goldenseal is consciously harvested because of it almost being overharvested, and I prefer to use other herbs. I would love to hear more options for cleaning that area. thank you!


  2. You make me want to have more babies! 🙂


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