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Monday Health & Wellness: Aromatherapy Bags

admin September 30, 2013

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I love these aromatherapy bags.  They can be kept cold or hot and you can add any essential oils that you want.  They can be used for a bunch of different conditions, too.  I like to use peppermint and lavender first.  Peppermint aids nausea, headaches, motion sickness and morning sickness.  Lavender aids headaches, promotes restful sleep, and is safe for babies.  You can use oregano or tea tree for antibacterial uses, or blends for muscle soreness, or really whatever you want to do.  I am no expert in essential oils, so do your own research on which ones you want to use.

If you use pure essential oils, these bags are not just nice to smell, they can actually help soothe aches, pains, and ailments!  That is my goal.  We use them most often for headaches and muscle aches, personally.

I talked to a lady who makes them at a craft fair and she said that using flax seeds is better than rice, because the oils on the flax seeds will naturally hold onto the essential oils better.  I’ve tried both myself and I do like the flax seeds.  I’ve used older ones I wouldn’t want to eat and have found cheap ones in bulk stores.  Quality doesn’t really matter here since you won’t consume them.


  • 1 rectangle of fabric (any size)
  • Flax seeds
  • Essential oils


Choose any size rectangle of fabric you want.  I have done various different sizes.  Scraps will work if you want!  Small ones might be 4×8 (about 3.5×3.5 finished), larger ones might be 6×16 (5.5×7.5 finished).  You can do whatever you want.  I used flannel but you could use many different fabrics.

fabric rectangle


Fold your fabric in half.

fabric folded


It doesn’t matter if it’s a rough cut.  Sew up the long sides of the rectangle.

sew fabric


Once it’s sewn, cut the extra off the edges so they are only about 1/4″ from the seam.

clip edges


Turn the bag you’ve made right side out.

fabric bag


Pour some flax seeds in it.  You want to fill it about 1/3 full.  For a bag this size (it’s about 4×8 finished) I used about 2 c.

flax seeds in


Now, add your essential oils.  I probably added about 1/4 tsp. to this (maybe 15 – 20 drops).  Add more or less depending on the size of your bag and how strong you want it to smell.

Then, tuck the fabric in at the top, open side.

fold top in


Sew the top closed.

sew bag closed


That’s it!  Now you have your very own aromatherapy bags.  You can heat them gently in the oven (or microwave, though I’m not sure what this could do to the essential oils), or keep it in the freezer so it’s cold.  Up to you!  I’ve made a few but plan to make a whole set.

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  1. These sound wonderful! I cant wait to try one. Maybe I’ll make a eucalyptus one for my son to help with his asthma.
    If I don’t have large amounts of flax on hand would rice or some other grain work?


  2. Hi. I am new to essential oils. I’ve bought lavender, peppermint and tea tree oil. Sometimes i put some lavender or peppermint on my wrists for no other reason than i like the smells (i can not wear perfume I will get a terrible headache). Is this a safe thing to do?
    I also have a sensitive stomach and when it is acting up i will put some peppermint on my wrists and my stomach will calm down. – i have to say this is great!
    Thank you.


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