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What Kind of Crunchy Mama are You?

admin November 11, 2017

Let’s just have some fun!

Each of us has our own way of being and doing things, and that’s cool!  But sometimes it’s fun to find your tribe — the people who don’t think you’re crazy when you do you.  That’s what this is about, finding that tribe.

So what kind of crunchy mama are you?

What Kind of Crunchy Mama are You?

Keep track of your letters…and how many you get of each.  The quiz is scored by seeing which letter you pick most often!

Question #1: How important is it to make natural choices?

A: Very important.  Choosing natural is a top priority in almost everything.

B: Pretty important, but still learning what is really natural or best.

C: Important for some things, but not everything.  It depends.

D: Not important.  I prefer what works best, and it doesn’t matter if it’s “natural” or not.

Question #2: Where do you have your babies?

A: At home, of course.  Unassisted or with minimal assistance.

B: Home birth with a midwife or in a birth center.

C: Trying for a natural birth in the hospital, but won’t be upset if I take the drugs — we’ll see how it goes.

D: Give me the drugs!  I’m fine with non-medical induction and c-section too.

Question #3: How do you feel about breastfeeding?

A: It’s super important, and should continue until baby chooses to self-wean.  If I couldn’t breastfeed, I would seek out donor milk or make homemade formula.

B: Pretty important for the first couple of years.  If I couldn’t breastfeed, I would use store-bought organic formula.

C: Important, but not make-or-break.  I would prefer to breastfeed, and would use store-bought regular formula if I couldn’t.

D: Doesn’t matter, mom can feed baby however she wants.  There are no significant long-term differences between breastfeeding and formula feeding.

Question #4: How do you feel about organic food?

A: We buy organic exclusively or as much as possible, or food that is grown using organic standards.  We grow our own if we can.

B: I prefer to buy organic food as much as I can, but it’s not a must for me.

C: I buy some organic, but won’t go out of my way, especially if it is more expensive.

D: I don’t buy organic.  There’s no proof that it’s nutritionally better and it may be kind of a scam.

Question #5: Do you get vaccines?

A: Absolutely not, they’re dangerous and we would never.

B: I’m on the fence about this, but lean against most vaccines.

C: I think the schedule is a little aggressive, but vaccines are generally a good thing and I think most are needed.

D: Vaccines are safe and effective and should be mandated.

Question #6: How do you feel about circumcision?

A: Absolutely against it.  It’s genital mutilation and a human rights issue.

B: Leaning against, but still on the fence about it.

C: It’s a parent’s choice.

D: Most boys should be circumcised, because it’s healthier and cleaner.

Question #7: Do you do cloth diapers?

A: Of course, it’s the healthiest and most cost-effective choice.

B: Sometimes, or I want to.  We do some natural disposables on the go or if we’re really busy.

C: No, although I thought about it.  We use disposables, sometimes natural ones if we can afford.

D: No, they’re unsanitary.  Regular disposables are just fine.

Question #8: How do you feel about co-sleeping and cry-it-out?

A: Co-sleeping is the only way I’d do things, until or unless my child no longer wanted to.  We have a family bed or room for years.  I’d never let my baby cry-it-out, either.

B: I’d like to, at least for the first several months.  I would prefer to avoid CIO, especially in the first year.

C: I’m into room-sharing for the first several months, but I don’t know if I’d ever bedshare.  I may use CIO after the first several months to encourage sleeping, but a “controlled crying” kind, not completely ignore the baby.

D: Co-sleeping is dangerous, and babies should be sleeping in their own beds and rooms as soon as possible.  CIO is necessary from a young age to teach babies to self-soothe.

Question #9: How do you treat illnesses, in general?

A: At home almost always, with herbs and other natural remedies.  Mainstream medicine is only for extreme emergencies.

B: I try to use natural remedies, but I’m not super familiar with them.  If my child is very uncomfortable, I will definitely use conventional options.

C: I’m okay with natural remedies for minor things, like sniffles or a tummyache, but real illnesses I usually go to the doctor.

D: I call the doctor or use real medicine.  Natural remedies don’t work.

Question #10: How do you clean your home?

A: With mostly baking soda, vinegar, essential oils, and other natural things.  I make some of my own cleaners.

B: I buy store-bought natural cleaners when I can.

C: I use some natural options, but I’m not afraid to pull out the “big guns” to make sure my home is sanitized.

D: I use whatever is readily available at the store.  It’s important to use chemical cleaners to ensure that a home is truly clean.

Question #11: How do or will you educate your kids?

A: Homeschooling/unschooling all the way!  I may consider a school if it were Sudbury or Montessori, but most likely homeschooling.

B: I’m not sure, but I’m exploring Montessori, Waldorf, and homeschooling as possibilities.

C: I think the public schools have some issues, but my kids will probably go there.

D: Public school, for sure.  It’s the best and most affordable option for most families.

Question #12: How do you feel about discipline?

A: Gentle discipline all the way.  We use time-ins, firm boundaries that are lovingly enforced.  We would never use any sort of physical discipline.

B: I would like to do more positive parenting, but I’m not sure it always works and I don’t always know what to do.

C: Positive discipline works for some kids, but not others.  Some kids need to be spanked now and then.

D: The current generation is much more disrespectful and entitled because they haven’t been given firm boundaries and weren’t spanked for crossing them.  I will definitely spank my children when they need it.

crunchy mama quiz

The Results

Mostly A’s: The Ultra Crunch

Come on — even before you took the quiz, you knew.  You’re into all the crunchy things, and you have been for awhile.  Maybe you grew up crunchy, or maybe you discovered it early in adulthood.  Either way, it’s just how you do life.  There’s not a lot that surprises you or that you wouldn’t do in the natural world.

Mostly B’s: Crunch-In-Training

A crunchy lifestyle is newer to you, and sometimes still surprises or worries you, but you’re interested — and ready to learn more.  Maybe not everything is for you, but you’re pretty into most of it.

Mostly C’s: Kinda Crunchy

You walk an interesting line — you like a few crunchy things, but you’re not sold on this whole lifestyle.  You’d prefer to pick and choose, doing what works for you, but you definitely don’t reject the mainstream ways, either.  You see balance as more important than being natural.

Mostly D’s: The Anti-Crunch

Let’s face it — you’re not crunchy.  In fact, in most regards, you’re pretty opposed to a lot of crunchy practices.  Maybe you do one or two natural-ish things, but you don’t find it at all important and think some crunchy people are kind of crazy.

Now you’ve found your tribe!  Whatever you are, and whatever decisions you make, are yours.  But now you know where you fit and which other moms might be like you — and who won’t think you’re crazy for being who you are. 🙂

What kind of crunchy mama are you?

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  1. Sorry but this was not fun at all n my opinion. Of course I am a mostly A minus the how I gave birth-because mine wasnt even on the list. But this literally would steer anyone away from being more open minded and yeah, only make the “d class moms” think people like you and I are “crazy”. Just my two cents- I would be embarrassed to post such a thing and remove this from the intrnet.


    • right?
      where do you have your babies???
      umm my was an emergency c-section, it wasn’t my choice. I guess I’m more than “crazy” in that question ‍♀️


      • Agreed. This didn’t help me at all. I guess I’m too varied to fit into a “group.” I gave birth to 8.5 and 9.5 lb babies in a hospital, with a doula, using hypnobirthing and Bradley techniques with no drugs and no interventions. So, what, I’m between B & C? I didn’t circ my son. My kids are vaccinated. I eat wholesome organic foods and scratch cook and I also order pizza and Chinese take out sometimes. Breastfeeding is extremely important to me and I have gone through LOTS of struggles but refuse to give up. I mostly clean with vinegar and water but I also know when I need to pull out the bleach. I encapsulated my placenta. I put breast milk in my kids’ eyes to cure conjunctivitis and I treat symptoms, not fevers, but I have used antibiotics when my daughter had a painful ear infection and we keep ibuprofen in the cabinet. My daughter slept in a cosleeper or my bed until 15 months old. My 6 month old has been in my bed since coming home from the hospital (day 2). My kids are taken care of by grandparents and go to a Montessori program. They will probably go to public school when they are school age.

        So, where’s my tribe?


  2. I got mostly A’s and C’s


  3. Mostly A or B


  4. I tried attempting the quiz. The quiz questions do not fit my situation. I have a heart baby, the child is diagnosed with autism, so most of the questions around delivery, breastfeeding, discipline etc do not fit in this context. However, if left on assumption, i would fall mostly in B category. I love in India where eco friendly options are unfortunately very less. Hence,I am trying to learn more about eco friendly, cost effective home made solutions. Would love to be part of the group and learn more about the same


  5. Wondering how Montessori made it into the A category? And Waldorf only B? Waldorf is way more wholistic in in my experience.


  6. Question #2 made me cry.

    I *wanted* a homebirth and planned for one, but ended up with a scheduled c-section due to complications. So yeah, of course I was “fine” with my cesarean. That doesn’t make me less crunchy when it comes to my values (I fall between A and B).


  7. lol I didn’t have a chance. I was all As. I thought this was fun and think you are super creative for creating it. I’m even going to share it in facebook. I think my friends would enjoy it.

    Of course I have my own blog where I teach others all of this wonderful stuff, like making your own cleaners and bathing products.


  8. This test make crunchy people sound like a clique. I have very personal reasons why my children and entire family must be vaccinated. To say they are all dangerous is a very broad generalization. I love almost all things crunchy. I also don’t think how your child contains their education determines anything about crunchy status. It has nothing to do with it at all.


  9. Chewy Granola, I’m your tribe!!


  10. I’m lots of As, a few Bs, and quite a few Cs! I definitely think that every family should pick and choose what works best for them and it’s ok to just be kinda crunchy!


  11. I didn’t find this quiz offensive – it was interesting and accurate in my case! I’m definitely a “Kinda Crunchy” gal 🙂


  12. Hey, Cathy here!:) Proud mama of 8 here, there is so much love in our family and I think this helps us form a bond. The bond between mama bear and Pookie is unbreakable. I love the special time we share while breastfeeding. #milkfromyourmama #crunchyandproud #pookiepride #bigtitiefolife #organicsnacks


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