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Is It Normal? Second Trimester Edition

janine March 31, 2019

Phew! You’ve made it past your first trimester. It’s easy sailing from here, right? The good news is that it mostly is. But some things in your second trimester might still cause you to ask yourself is it normal or should I be concerned?

Increased Discharge

I’m just going to jump right in and talk about discharge first thing. Get the taboo part out in the open. Actually out and open might not be a good idea right now. Many women find that they have an increase in vaginal discharge in pregnancy that is so voluminous that they have to wear panty liners to stay fresh. So going commando may not be the best choice right now.

Good news is that increased discharge is completely normal! Your body is so smart; it creates extra vaginal discharge to help protect your new little tummy dweller from all the nasties in the outside world.

Your nose doesn’t miss the memo either, and sometimes even your nasal secretions can increase. Some theorize that this increase in nasal mucus is to help protect the woman from getting sick from a virus in pregnancy. Fever can cause birth defects so being healthy throughout your pregnancy is key. You don’t want to introduce any extra viruses to your system while pregnant.


Dizziness can be a common symptom in your second trimester, but it isn’t quite normal. Dizziness has many causes and should definitely be discussed with your midwife. But sometimes there are simple reasons why you could be dizzy. Some women get dizzy when they become dehydrated. Drinking enough water is important when you’re pregnant.

Low blood sugar from not eating enough or frequently enough can also cause dizziness. This is also easy to do since many women in their first have gotten into the habit of not eating enough due to morning sickness and food aversions.

During your second trimester, your body starts to make more and more blood to help your baby grow. This increase in blood volume can be hard to adjust to and when you stand up your body can have a hard time pumping all this new blood around efficiently. When your blood doesn’t circulate fast enough you can get dizzy.

If you’re experiencing dizziness be sure to mention it to your midwife.

Shortness Of Breath

As your baby grows the space in your abdomen gets more and more cramped. All of your organs begin to run out of space and get squished. This includes your lungs. When your baby grows you lungs have less and less space to properly expand and this can cause shortness of breath.

As long as your shortness of breath isn’t extreme and you can regain breathing mostly normally then this second-trimester symptom is completely normal.

Persistent Severe Headache

Headaches can be annoying, especially when you’re pregnant and already dealing with a myriad of other symptoms. Some women who suffer from headaches or migraines before pregnancy find that they have less of them while pregnant and some women find the opposite.

A mild headache that goes away quickly isn’t anything to get worried about as long as they don’t happen frequently. But if you get a severe sudden headache that just won’t quit then you should be seen immediately.

A sudden severe headache can be a sign of preeclampsia and other health issues that can be life-threatening. Go to the ER if you have these symptoms to be checked immediately.

normal second trimester

Skin Changes

Lots of skin changes happen during pregnancy, and unfortunately, most of them are annoying.

During pregnancy, many women note that they’re hair and face become oilier and breakouts become an issue. Dry skin is another common skin change that occurs, mainly on the face and hands.

And stretch marks? Yep, they happen too. Stretch marks happen when the skin grows rapidly and doesn’t have enough time to cope. Some women have no stretch marks and some women end up with the stripes of a warrior on their tummies.

Some natural health professionals would agree that skin issues can be caused by nutritional imbalance so make sure you’re getting good nutrition to see if your issues improve. It could also be that your skin issues are caused by the rapid change in hormones that women experience in pregnancy. Skin issues are common with hormonal shifts.

Try using a nourshing skin balm to help relieve some of the discomforts you’re feeling as your belly stretches and grows.

Braxton Hicks

Braxton Hicks are practice contractions that the body uses to prepare itself for real labour. These can start happening in your second trimester and are completely normal. As long as you don’t experience any pain while having a Braxton Hicks contraction and they aren’t constant then there is nothing to worry about. Your body is very smart and is practicing for the big day.

If your Braxton Hicks become painful or don’t go away then it could be a sign that you’re dehydrated. Lie down and grab a large bottle of water with a pinch of salt and don’t get up until it’s gone. If after you’ve finished the bottle you’re still experiencing painful contractions then contact your midwife.

Final Thoughts

Becoming educated on your pregnancy and what is normal or not is a good idea. Getting the facts will empower you to make the right decisions for you and your baby.

The second trimester is often the smoothest and most enjoyable for women since the fatigue and sickness of the first trimester are gone and the aches and pains of the third trimester haven’t begun yet. You’re also definitely feeling the baby move and maybe even your partner, too.

Did you have an enjoyable second trimester?

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