How Much Do You Trust Natural Health? {QUIZ} |

How Much Do You Trust Natural Health? {QUIZ}

admin July 22, 2015

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Today’s post is just a little fun — so don’t take it too seriously. ūüôā

Lots of mamas out there are curious about natural remedies, and want to get started using them. ¬†But, honestly — how much do you trust natural remedies, and how likely are you to use them? ¬†I thought it would be fun to have a quiz about it, to see where you fall. ¬†There are different answers depending on whether you get mostly A’s, mostly B’s, or mostly C’s. ¬†No judgment, it’s just for fun to see where you tend to fall.

Let’s take the quiz!

How Much Do You Trust Natural Health?

Question 1: Your child (who is not a young infant) feels feverish.  What do you do?

A: Grab for the thermometer and record the exact degree of the fever, then give Tylenol every 4 hours until the fever stays down.  You call the doctor to make sure this is enough an ask if you need to make an appointment.

B: Check with the thermometer, but don’t worry unless the number heads over 103. ¬†You snuggle your baby and ride it out, but offer Tylenol if the fever gets too high or your child seems uncomfortable.

C: Ignore the thermometer and watch the child’s behavior. ¬†You’re not afraid to call for back up if there are serious symptoms, but for fever alone you snuggle up, rest, offer extra fluids and maybe a warm yarrow bath until it breaks.


Question 2: Your child wakes up crying with an earache.  You:

A: Immediately call the doctor. It’s time for another round of antibiotics.

B: Give Tylenol or other mild pain relievers (and maybe some extra probiotics) and wait it out for a few days. ¬†If it’s not better, time to head to the doctor.

C: Pull out the warm garlic-mullein oil and call the chiropractor!


Question 3: Here come the sniffles!  What do you do?

A: Give OTC cold and cough medicine every few hours until symptoms get better. ¬†Watch for signs of sinus infection; if you see them, you’ll call the doctor for a prescription.

B: Get the saline nasal spray and a natural brand of cough medicine off the shelf.

C: Brew your own ginger or mullein tea, or your own herbal cold or cough syrup, plus lots of rest.


Question 4: Uh-oh…the dreaded stomach virus has come to visit. ¬†What now?

A: Offer small sips of soda to settle the stomach, or anti-nausea medicine, and call the doctor or go to Urgent Care if it lasts longer than 12 hours or you see signs of dehydration.

B: Total stomach rest for awhile, then the BRAT diet for a day, plus extra probiotics.

C: Total stomach rest, then homemade gripe water and/or breast milk, followed by lots of probiotics.


Question 5: Time to go shopping and refill your medicine cabinet.  You buy:

A: Tylenol, ibuprofen, Benadryl, etc.

B: Natural brands of medicine — Little Remedies, Delsym, etc.

C: Herbs. ¬†You’ll prepare your own remedies!


Question 6: It’s day 3 of an illness in your child. ¬†There are no really “serious” symptoms, but it also isn’t going away. ¬†What do you do?

A: Take him to the doctor (again). ¬†Whatever was prescribed the first time clearly isn’t working.

B: Take him to the doctor (for the first time). ¬†You’re comfortable waiting it out and helping at home, but only to a point.

C: Look up some different herbal remedies and try them — maybe the first ones weren’t right. ¬†You won’t get help until or unless you see symptoms that are truly serious.


Question 7: Your child is showing signs of ADHD or sensory issues and is having trouble in preschool/school.  What do you do?

A: Have her professionally evaluated, then follow the therapeutic recommendations, including medication, counseling, and educational modifications.

B: Get a professional evaluation, but see if some natural things might help first, like fish oil or cutting out sugar. ¬†You’re open to medication, though, if the natural stuff doesn’t work.

C: Immediately look at your child’s diet, cut out sugar and do an overhaul. ¬†Add in extra herbs and cod liver oil. ¬†Seek a chiropractor or osteopath for adjustments.


Question 8: What do you consider preventative medicine?

A: Vaccines.  They are the most important prevention out there.

B: Vaccines (maybe only some), good sleep, good diet, and a multivitamin.

C: Herbal formulas, probiotics, chiropractic care, avoiding toxins.


Question 9:Your child falls and seems to have sprained or strained his ankle.  You:

A: Immediately take him to Urgent Care or the ER for x-rays.

B: Put some ice on it and watch it for a few hours; head for the ER if it doesn’t seem to be improving.

C: Unless you suspect a break or something more serious, soak it in Epsom salts, put arnica on it and wrap it up.


Question 10: Who’s your child’s doctor and how often do you see him/her?

A: A pediatrician, and on the AAP-recommended schedule.

B: An alternative pediatrician or family doctor, and a few times a year at first, then annually.

C: A chiropractor, other alternative practitioner, or no doctor



Mostly A’s: Mainstream Mary

Natural health just isn’t your thing and you don’t apologize for that. ¬†In general, you trust modern medicine and are quick to head to the doctor when your little one isn’t feeling well — or you aren’t. ¬†Vaccines, prescriptions, and whatever the doctor orders are what you trust.

Mostly B’s: Moderate Martha

You’re interested in natural health, but you think there are limits to it. ¬†When it comes to sniffles and scrapes, you’re happy to give natural a try, but if it doesn’t work, or if there’s something more serious going on, you don’t hesitate to call a doctor. ¬†You’re definitely a moderate mama, who uses the best of both worlds.

Mostly C’s: Natural Nancy

You’re a natural mama all the way! ¬†You fully trust natural medicine and believe that there’s almost always a way to use natural remedies — except for very specific things, like serious injuries.

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Which one are you?  Were you surprised by the result?

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  1. Natural Nancy – C all the way!


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