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Feeling Guilty About NOT Homeschooling? Don’t!

Rustina September 8, 2023

By Rustina, Contributing Writer

Feeling guilty feels horrible. That sentence even makes me cry! No one enjoys feeling guilty or less-than, but we all feel that way sometimes. It is tenfold the pain when it involves caring for our kids. 

I have been a full time working mom, a stay at home mom, and now a full time working from home mom. I have felt many of the feelings, and I have heard the judgmental words from others. From “Ugh, I would be so bored staying home with my kids all day!” to “Oh wow, I just couldn’t leave them with a babysitter when they are only little babies!” 

Add in educational arrangement woes, and some people get aggressive about it! Educating our children is a personal choice, and we each have to do what we feel is best. Whether we homeschool, private school, public school, or road school – we are all still here for our children. 

There are a lot of readers here that homeschool (and many of us on the team that do as well), and there are many readers who opt to send their kids to a school. Some have expressed guilt over not being able to stay home and homeschool. In some cases, that is because they feel they cannot homeschool while parents are working. If homeschooling is your wish, then we want to encourage and help you make that wish happen so leave us a comment below or message us on our new Facebook page

If homeschooling really isn’t your wish, and THAT makes you feel guilty. Please don’t feel guilty! (If homeschooling is your wish, then check out How to Homeschool if Both Parents Have to Work.)

It’s important to remember that being a working parent and seeking out the education you feel is appropriate IS a valid and valuable choice. 

Here are some daily affirmations to help alleviate guilt and reinforce your love and dedication as a parent.

I am doing my best to provide for my family and create a secure future.

My work contributes to a better life for my children, and I am proud of that.

I am setting an example of hard work, dedication, and perseverance for my children.

I prioritize quality time with my children and make the most of the moments we have together.

I am making a positive impact on my children’s lives by providing them with opportunities and experiences.

My love for my children extends beyond the time we spend together, and they feel it every day.

I am teaching my children valuable lessons about independence, responsibility, and resilience.

I deserve to pursue my career and personal growth while also being a loving parent.

I am creating a balance that works for my family and respects the needs of everyone involved.

I am grateful for the support system I have in place to help care for my children while I work.

Guilt is a natural emotion, but it’s important to challenge it with positive affirmations and self-compassion. You are doing your best to provide for your family and create a loving and nurturing environment whether you homeschool or not, whether you get to stay home with your kids or not!

What helps you when the guilt sets in?

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Rustina started studying herbs and natural living after allopathic medicine was unable to provide answers or support when she needed it. She is continually working on learning more and improving her and her family’s health, diving in and researching any topic. A love of learning led her to homeschool and begin working from home. She now spends each day with her husband and four sons as they travel on their home education journey together. She is thankful for the opportunity to write about these interests and passions for Earthley Wellness and Modern Alternative Mama.


  1. Maybe supporting the community’s school is a better option. Our public schools will only be as good as we make them. As a grandma, I can now brag about how good my own kids have done. Both attended the local school and one earned a masters from a state college, earned a CPA license and is now a CFO for a cell tower company. The other is a registered nurse working for the VA. She attended a military college, as she had a scholarship.

    To each their own, but no one should feel bad about sending their kids to public school. Unless it’s important to you to homeschool for some reason. From my POV, your kiddos will be successful, as long as you don’t skimp on loving them. Don’t beat yourselves up!


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