DIY: Thyme-Infused Apple Cider Vinegar |

DIY: Thyme-Infused Apple Cider Vinegar

Sarena-Rae Santos May 26, 2023

Digestion is important, yet 60-70 million Americans struggle with digestive disorders (1). As someone with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and gastritis, I’ve struggled with digestion for years (since I was a teenager). Honestly, I never really realized how important proper digestion was until things got to the point that I was feeling ill every day.

The body needs nutrients to function properly. We get these nutrients from foods and beverages. The digestive process breaks down nutrients for energy growth and cell repair. Protein breaks into amino acids, fats break into fatty acids and glycerol, and carbohydrates break into simple sugars (2).

If our food isn’t nutritional, we will have no energy, growth, or cell repair. In other words, we will feel unhealthy if we eat unhealthy foods. Sometimes, even eating healthy foods can make you feel ill because of food sensitivities or digestive issues. That’s where thyme-infused apple cider vinegar may be beneficial.

Ingredient Benefits

This recipe features two simple ingredients that may already be in your home – apple cider vinegar and thyme. Both these ingredients are affordable and beneficial, especially for digestion.

If you read our thyme herbal profile, you know that thyme is brimming with health benefits like:

  • Rich in nutrients
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Antifungal properties
  • Promotes respiratory health
  • May support heart health
  • May improve acne
  • Anticancer properties
  • Insecticidal properties

Thyme is also great for digestion; its rich nutritional content and antibacterial properties can improve gastrointestinal symptoms. Add apple cider vinegar to promote gut health while reducing acid reflux and heartburn, and you’ve got yourself the perfect duo to boost digestion before meals. Now, let’s get to it! 

Thyme-Infused Apple Cider Vinegar

Ingredients & Materials: 


Step 1: Add 1/4 cup of dried thyme into a mason jar, then 1 cup of apple cider vinegar.

Step 2: Before closing the lid, place a piece of parchment paper as a barrier to prevent the corrosion or rusting of the metal, then close the lid. 

Step 3: Store in a cool dark place for four weeks, shaking daily.

Step 4: When the four weeks are up, strain the mixture and store it in a glass jar or bottle.

Usage: 30 minutes before meals, add a teaspoon of thyme-infused apple cider vinegar to as much or as little water as you want.

Have you ever made infused apple cider vinegar? If so, what’s your favorite kind to make?

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