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DIY: Fun Marshmallow Dough

admin March 16, 2015

Written by Kate Tietje

This is some fun stuff.  It’s not edible — a lot of recipes for “marshmallow dough” are actually made with, you know, marshmallows.  That’s not why I call it that, though.  Rather, it has the texture and appearance of marshmallow creme.  It’s really pretty cool.

This makes for a nice science lesson because the finished dough is halfway between a liquid and a solid.  It holds its shape loosely when molded (and more so as it dries out), but it also slowly oozes down to take the shape of its container.  It’s a fun way to explain the states of matter to your kids and how some things in life don’t neatly fit into those categories.

Plus, for smaller kids, it’s just really fun to play with.

This time, I let my kids mix it up, and theirs came out much more liquidy than I remember before.  We had to add a lot more of the baking soda and cornstarch to get it to the right consistency.  But I also added the water simultaneously with the other ingredients, and you’re not supposed to do that.  Now I remember why.

It’s some really cool stuff, and you should make it.

Fun Marshmallow Dough


  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup cornstarch
  • 3 tbsp. glue
  • 3 tbsp. liquid oil
  • 1/4 cup water


Step 1: Mix the baking soda, cornstarch, glue, and oil together.  (I used cheap vegetable oil since we’re not eating it.)

Step 2: Add the water a little at a time and mix it in.  It should be clumpy, then slowly become a smooth, thick batter that’s almost a dough.  Add a touch more water if needed to achieve a smooth consistency.

Step 3: Play!

My 2-year-old wasn’t a fan.  He stuck his hands in, then stared at his siblings, horrified, saying, “STICKY!” and yelling for me to clean him off.  Then he stuck them in again…and repeat.  After about the third time, we washed up, and he went to play with his cars.  The dough clearly wasn’t for him.

Have you ever tried making marshmallow dough?

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  1. Your kids looks like they are having a lot of fun! How well does it clean up? I see it on your table and just wondered if it’s easy to get off or if I need to put something down. Does it stick to paper or can I have them play on cardboard? Thanks!


  2. […] I was concerned because my 3-year-old actually isn’t a fan of messes.  When we played with marshmallow dough a year or so ago, he stuck his hands in it, then pulled them out, looked horrified, and shrieked to […]


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