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DIY: Detox Foot Soak

Rustina June 15, 2023

Written by Rustina

All the running around that life brings can leave you with tired, achy feet. That can lead to sore legs and a crabby mama! No one wants that!

Spending half an hour soaking your feet can help relieve the pain and rejuvenate you.

This is one of my favorite soaks to use. I love how all of the ingredients soothe and support detox.

Epsom salt, bentonite clay, and apple cider vinegar work together to soften the skin, draw out toxins, and ease sore muscles. The Epsom salt also adds magnesium to the water for your body to soak up. You can choose herbs that address your needs best. I used dried calendula flowers and grapefruit peels to help ease my achy, swollen feet. Another good soothing and relaxing choice is lavender and witch hazel. Honey helps if you have dry skin.

Soothing and Detoxing Foot Soak



Step 1: Prepare an area (preferably in the bathtub to avoid any water messes, but wherever you are comfortable). You will need a short bucket that is wide enough for your feet to sit inside. You can also just use a bathtub and up the ingredients a bit.

Step 2: Add the warm water. I like to get it really nice and hot, but do whatever temperature comforts you. Cold can help promote some lymphatic action.  

Step 3: Mix in all the ingredients and insert feet.

Step 4: Soak for 20-40 minutes.

Step 5: As long as no oil is used, the liquid can be poured down the drain, but be sure to pull out the herbs to discard (or compost).


  1. Don’t use a metal tub/bucket. That “distracts” the bentonite clay from removing toxins from your feet. Instead, it focuses on the larger metal around it.
  2. It is a great full-body soak, too! Just double the recipe for that.

What’s your favorite foot soak?

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