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DIY: Anti-Fungal Foot Cream

admin February 21, 2011

Written by Kate TietjeBefore we discovered natural health, we bought every anti-fungal out there.  He was even put on antibiotics for a while.  Nothing helped.  It did turn out that eating coconut oil a lot and staying away from grains/dairy improved the situation but still didn’t remedy the root cause.  As important as diet is, especially with stubborn cases, it’s also important to tackle it topically.

I created this cream, and the fungal infection was nearly gone after about 4 or 5 weeks.  Yes, we were on the GAPS diet, and it helped, but this cream was the last final factor to really help it go away for good.  It’s simple to make, too, with only three ingredients that I chose for their natural anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties.  If DIYs aren’t your thing, try Earthley’s No More Yeast Salve.

Anti-Fungal Foot Cream


  • 7 tbsp. extra virgin organic coconut oil (not refined)
  • 40 drops of grapefruit seed extract
  • 1/2 tsp. tea tree essential oil
  • 4 oz. glass jar


Step 1: Melt the coconut oil in a double boiler over low heat.

Step 2: Add the grape seed extract and tea tree essential oil and stir together to combine.

Step 3: Pour the mixture into the glass jar and let it cool completely.

Apply as needed to skin suffering from a fungal infection, including yeast infection (please don’t apply directly to any internal parts; if you have yeast-like rashes on your arms or legs, apply there!).

Simple!  It could not be easier.  This stuff is powerful, too.  Like I said — it’s taken out a years-old infection in weeks!

If you’ve ever made an anti-fungal foot cream, did it help?

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  1. This will be a great recipe to keep handy. I always have the coconut oil. I will have to order in some GS extract. Sounds simple enough. Thanks!


  2. You are a wealth of information – thank you. I don't get athlete's foot but I do get yeast flare ups on my arms. Much appreciated!



  3. Don't you just love herbal remedies!? Please consider joining me at The Woodwife's Journal for our Herbal Medicine Chest Blog Hop. I'd love to include your recipe. Thanks for posting.


  4. Is there anything else you can substitute for the grapefruit seed extract? If not, do you think the other two ingredients might be somewhat effective on their own?


  5. Would this recipe be safe for my 8 month-old? I believe he has ringworm. We've tried apple cidervinegar, but wonder if this recipe would work better!


  6. As far as I can tell (google), since it's used in diaper rash creams it should be safe. Good luck!


  7. This looks like a recipe that I'll need to try for myself. I've had athlete's foot for years and years, ever since I was a little tyke. I know that you mentioned using it as needed. Would you recommend once a day while needed, or twice a day?



  8. Interesting homemade remedy. Have you done anything to stop the fungal infection, first, so you don't need the cream?
    Just sounds like maybe that would be a better approach to explore see whats causing it in the first place.
    I will keep the information handy. and thank you for sharing


  9. Julieanne,

    Probably twice a day, or more if you notice itching that is problematic. As it heals you probably won't need it more than once a day, and then even less often.


    Yes, I agree that exploring what is causing the problem is important. As I mention in the post, we're currently following the GAPS diet to treat the underlying problem, but are also attacking it topically with this. A two-part approach has been most helpful for us so far. And I would encourage others to do the same, in evaluating symptoms and choosing dietary changes that may prove helpful as well.


  10. Thank you for sharing. I agree that exploring diet is most important yet relief must also come first. A two part approach is probably the best way to "attack" until everything balances out. I love exploring the root cause and take it from there


  11. I’m just going to say, the best natural remedy I have ever tried for a fungal infection was cannabis infused coconut oil. My husband struggled with athletes foot for a very long time and this stuff cleared it up in literally a couple of weeks. I also got rid of my toenail fungus with it. Additionally, I healed an intense cooking burn in a few days with it. It really is all purpose. If you are in a medical legal state, I highly recommend you try it.


  12. Fungal or any other infection is an internal, lymph congestion problem, that is why it is impossible to heal it on the Outside. It has to be healed/cleaned from the inside. There are excellent lectures on youtube how to do it, unfortunately in Russian. Processed coconut oil is not good. He needs uroccesed, home made one with the help of the juicer. Neem oil will take care of the fungus, so does colloidal silver and oregano oil. If you are really interested, send me an email. I have to tell you it will take time and effort to clean the body…. At least 4-6 month…. Regards…


  13. Vic, I’d love to hear what you have to say!


  14. Could this be used topically for yeast infection treatment?


  15. I just made this. I have had yeast flare ups on my skin for years. Started a candida diet to finally get rid of the overgrowth. So happy that I found this recipe. Thank you 🙂


  16. […] tree oil — Anti-fungal (I make anti-fungal cream with […]


  17. Can this be used for vaginal infections?


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