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DIY: Angelica Tincture

admin June 12, 2015

Written by Kate Tietje

This is a tincture I was told it would be good to have on hand for birth.  It’s excellent for encouraging a delayed placenta to come out, which can help prevent infection and other problems associated with retained placentas.  It’s to be followed with shepherd’s purse tincture to stem bleeding (but do not use shepherd’s purse until after angelica and once the placenta is completely out).

However, angelica tincture has many amazing uses for both men and women.

It’s good for colds, coughs, and flu — any sort of respiratory illness.  It’s also useful for UTIs or minor kidney issues (obviously, if you have a true kidney infection, see a doctor or other practitioner first).  It’s a pain reliever, so it’s good for headaches (including migraines) and menstrual cramps and may promote healthy menstruation.  Try blending with mullein for respiratory illnesses and dandelion root for UTIs or kidney issues.  It would pair well with devil’s claw for general pain.

It can be paired with motherwort and/or cramp bark for menstrual cramps and general female wellness.  Try motherwort/angelica to promote regular menstruation and fewer cramps, less anxiety, and overall wellness.

It’s a pretty neat tincture to have on hand, and I’m actually looking forward to using it after birth and beyond, even if I don’t “need” it because of a problem.

Angelica Tincture


  • 4 tbsp. Angelica
  • 2 oz. 100-proof vodka


Step 1: Add angelica to a 4-oz. jar.

Step 2: Pour vodka over it.

Step 3: Add a lid and shake.  Let this sit in a cool, dark place for 6 weeks before straining and bottling.

Use 5 – 10 drops for younger kids (over age 2) or 1 – 2 droppers full for adults, as needed.  Do not use it while pregnant, as it promotes menstruation.  It is safe to use while breastfeeding.

Have you ever used angelica tincture?

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  1. Could you make this tincture using fresh angelica? I have angelica growing in my herb garden and would love to use it if possible. Thanks for your input!


  2. […] is awesome if you are hemorrhaging postpartum.  First, take angelica tincture in case of retained placenta, to encourage it to come out — or anything else that may be […]


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