A letter from a mom with vaccine-injured kid |

A letter from a mom with vaccine-injured kid

Lindsey October 22, 2022


Letters from moms with vaccine-injured kids

We ask that you read this with an open heart and an open mind. Any conversation around vaccines may be the most controversial ones out there, but we think they’re worth having. 

A parents’ worst nightmare is their child or loved one getting seriously injured. There are whole markets designed to keep babies and children safe. From bumpers on fireplaces, corner protectors on tables, to locks for doors, windows and cupboards. “Well baby check ups” give the illusion of safety. They’re in a doctor’s office, they have my best interest in mind. They’re safe, right? 

A lot of good intentioned doctors are not out to harm children. Their goal is often the opposite! They’re taught that vaccines protect children and that they’re necessary to their health. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case.

Did you know that vaccine manufacturers are exempt from liability in regards to vaccine injury? 

In the US, the National Childhood Vaccine Act of 1986 was signed into law (1), This transferred the liability of vaccine injuries from the vaccine manufacturers to the government.

The bill saved the vaccine producers by declaring vaccines a no-fault product. Meaning that childhood vaccine producers cannot have any lawsuits brought onto them from citizens.  There was a special vaccine court created. This fund has paid almost $5 Billion for injuries and loss of life. The Health Resources and Services Administration notes that awarding compensation is really mostly just a negotiation tactic – not an admission of injury. They suggest the reasons for negotiating a settlement to be: shortening time spent in court, reducing risks of loss (seems oddly one sided since the people bringing forth the claim have already suffered their loss with an injury or death), and a desire to resolve it quickly.(2)  These reasons seem to be more beneficial for the pharmaceutical maker than the person trying to get justice and help. Either way, the official amount as of October 2022 is $4,905,627,569.82 in paid compensation claims. (3) 

And then there’s the Covid Vaccine…

Guess what? COVID-19 vaccines manufacturers, distributors, and administrators are currently almost completely exempt from liability because the vaccines – and other COVID-19 products – are under a Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP) declaration.

The only way they could be liable, is if you can prove they engaged in “willful misconduct”. 

Willful misconduct required that someone act:

  • knowingly without legal or factual justification
  • intentionally to achieve a wrongful purpose
  • in disregard of a known or obvious risk that is so great as to make it highly probable that the harm will outweigh the benefit.

So-yeah, they can’t be held liable for injuries that result from the COVID-19 vaccines. And it took them just a few months to achieve that status (4)

There has been a shift in the conversation around vaccines in the last year. The aggressive rate at which adults and children are being vaccinated has brought more awareness to the issue. More and more people are vaccine injured or know someone close to them that is vaccine injured. People are more willing to listen and hear someone’s story instead of writing them off as an “antivaxer”.

A lot of people who advocate for vaccine safety and medical freedom have been victims of vaccine injury, who have worked in the medical profession and have seen it first hand, or both. The following are real accounts from moms. 

This is the first letter from a mom whose child was vaccine injured. 

Growing up in a household of educated medical professionals, I was raised to be a believer of vaccines. Everyone I knew vaccinated themselves and their children and no one ever questioned them. I myself got all of the required vaccines for nursing school as well as for my children. I never even blinked an eye until my second child was born.

The day my daughter was born, she received the vitamin k shot as well as the prophylactic eye ointment. Her birth seemed uneventful and normal by all medical counts yet she ended up with jaundice and hypoglycemia shortly after getting the vitamin k shot. That should have been my first clue that something wasn’t quite right with the vaccines that had been put on a pedestal my entire life. I didn’t question because I had never been taught that a side effect of vitamin k was jaundice and hypoglycemia. 

Over the next year, we kept vaccinating per the CDC schedule. After every appointment, she would end up having some type of reaction. From projectile vomiting, becoming extremely lethargic to the point of almost being unresponsive, to the high pitched screams, she experienced it all. It wasn’t until she lost her hearing and speech that I really started paying attention. 

Shortly after one of her vaccine appointments, she lost her hearing and speech. We went through speech therapy, we learned sign language, and we constantly had to have hearing tests done. During this time, I stumbled across Earthley and a few people who were affiliated with the company. I started reading their posts, asking questions, and learning things. Things that I once thought were made up turned out to be fact. I started to see a pattern in my child’s symptoms and how they lined up with every single vaccine she got. 

While the speech therapy helped tremendously, it wasn’t until we started her on Earthley’s vaccine detox that things truly started to turn around. Her hearing started coming back, she was talking more and more, and she was beginning to thrive again. I was truly astonished. One year after being vaccine injured, she was recovering. After this, we never went back for another vaccine appointment again and my children have thrived like never before. 

I want others to know that vaccine injury is real and it happens more than they want us to think. If I, a medical professional, from a family of medical professionals, can see this, then you can too. I want to help others and stop more injuries from happening. Thank you for listening to my story. I want to help others and stop more injuries from happening.

Here is another letter from a mom who experienced her child having a reaction to a vaccine.

“I remember the guilt and fear I felt every time I took my kids in for their shots. I dreaded them, but I believed that was what we were supposed to do to keep our kids safe. 

My third born was a very big and healthy little baby. Because of how well he was doing at the 1 month weigh in/wellness visit and the busy appointment listing, we didn’t do his 2 month until he was 3 months old. His visit went great, and she commented on how she wished I could give new parent lessons for diapering babies because although he was a rather chubby little man there were no red marks, rashes, or skin depressions from a poorly fitting diaper. It was not easy to find ones that fit him well so that made me feel great. Then, the sad part started. Time for his shots. One oral and 3 injections. 9 diseases in total to my 3 month old son. 

They had just changed the rules at the hospital that you could no longer hold your child on your lap – they had to be laying down on the bed. Watching them hold him down while crying for me was a huge triggering moment. I really just wanted to grab him and leave. After the guilt of not only watching that happen without protecting my little one but also the guilt of giving him the shots in general, I nursed him until he fell asleep. This was about 5:30 in the evening since we had the last appointment of the day. He slept until 11pm, then briefly nursed and went right back out. 

About 8am, I woke up and he was still sound asleep. I wanted to change his diaper and start to rouse him, though, since he had a good, long rest. I have been terrified of baby sleeping habits since my niece passed away in her sleep at 3 months old. I laid him down in front of me on the bed and opened his diaper – to find bright red blood in the front of it. He was still not really waking up either. I called the clinic right away, and they said I could come in, and that there was an opening in a doctor’s schedule so ER wouldn’t be necessary. 

By the time we got there (an hour between the long drive and getting clothes on), he had started to wake up more and there was no more blood in the new and dry diaper. He was pretty irritable and seemed to have stomach pains with the way he was arching. The doctor – well actually, nurse practitioner – said he seemed fine though, and wasn’t concerned at all about even looking at the blood in the diaper I had brought. She noted that it is common for babies to have urate crystals and that I shouldn’t worry, “he’s fine now.” My husband had already found that in a google search, and studies indicate that it is only common in early days of newborns and possibly a couple of months if premature. My son was born at 42 weeks and weighed 10 lbs at that time. Not to mention that the blood was bright red – not pinkish, orangish, or tanish in color like urate crystals. 

I asked if they would test his urine for blood. They said that is too hard to do with infants, but I told her how they do have little collection bags at the clinic with a sticky end to fit right up to him and inside his diaper. My oldest actually would get a little blood in his urine; looking back, it was also always after wellness visits. My first born did not experience extreme sleepiness nor that much blood ever however. Our then pediatrician would always test his urine to make sure everything was ok. 

After the brief disagreement over the urine test, they did track down a collection bag and test him. About that time, I asked if this could have anything to do with the shots he received the evening before. The nurse got up immediately and closed the door to the room while the NP assured me that there was nothing in the shots that could have caused this to happen. When the test results came back, they said everything looked normal now (with a higher than normal platelet count but they said that was fine). The nurse then said it was probably just an infection from the diaper. She took him over to the bed to “check him for signs.” When there was nothing noticeable, she pointed out that inside the tip (the urethral opening) was “a little pink.” Ergo, they concluded infection probably from a dirty diaper that stayed on too long (sweet, right? blaming the mom).

Flabbergasted, I left and started my own research. I also was able to get back in touch with my retired pediatrician which helped immensely with all the follow up rashes, eczema, and other sensitivities that he developed during the following 3 years. It took me 5 years to start understanding what was probably happening to him at the time. If you are curious to know more, start learning about the gut and vaccine induced conditions. It is eye opening, and devastating that so many professionals do not seem to take the time to learn more than the “safe and effective” hook line.

He and his brothers have not received another shot nor have there been any more cases of blood in my children’s urine (including his youngest brother). The month before, my oldest had received his Dtap shot and had so much swelling and soreness in his one leg that he wouldn’t walk for 24 hours. Of course, a call and quick search told me how “normal and temporary” that was and not to worry. 

I wish I had learned to follow my gut and say no long before risking my children’s health with vaccines. Take the time to dive deep, mommas. It is important to know and understand the risks. Informed consent does not happen inside the clinic – it happens with you! We are the defense line, and we got this! 💪

We are thankful for these brave women for sharing their story. There are many, many more stories, not only about children, but adults too. If this is your first time really hearing this message, and you feel chills, or a pit in your stomach, that’s your intuition telling you something. Listen to that little voice. Do more research. Here is an archive of blogs designed around vaccine education, it’s a great place to get started. Don’t feel ashamed or judged, we are here to meet you wherever you are in your journey. 

If you or someone you love has been injured by a vaccine, check out this Vaccine Detox Protocol and Earthley’s Vaccine Detox Tincture

Here is where you can report a vaccine injury and reaction. 

Do you know someone who’s been vaccine injured?

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  1. Thank you for sharing these stories. I’ve been working to share the truth for 20 years with parents but we are labeled and attacked. Thankfully I knew the truth and never vaxxed my son but I work to support other parents in understanding the dangers of all shots. God Bless all the children


  2. One of my four daughters was diagnosed with autism after receiving her MMR vaccine at a little over a year old.
    I brought her home the day of the vaccine and she developed a 103 -104 fever. I called and the doctors office and they stated that this was normal.
    She began to regress on all of her learned abilities.
    She stopped walking, she stopped talking and she no longer had an interest in the learning toys she had previously occupied her play time with.
    At her next well baby check I spoke of my frustrations, believing it was behavioral, but the doctor stated that her regression was not behavioral, but in fact autism.


  3. I’m almost certain my 11 year old son is vaccine injured. I suspect he had brain swelling after his 2 month shots because that’s when the high pitched screaming started, but I never knew why. He has food sensitivities, sensory issues, communication issues, still wetting the bed etc. I don’t even know if any of it can be healed if it was from swelling of the brain that happened 11 years ago. Any help in where to find info on this would be much appreciated!


    • Dear Ash,

      Have you heard of the GAPS diet? I would recommend looking into it. There’s a book on the subject that I believe was written by a mom who was searching for help for her autistic child. I believe she had great success in healing her son by putting him on the GAPS diet. God bless and don’t give up hope! May Our Blessed Mother be with you !


    • So sorry to hear about your son. I have spent thousands of hours studying this. Checkout http://restoringbalanceautism.com/ and watch their documentary.

      It is so helpful to detox the mercury and aluminum from the vaccines.

      A natural path is also helpful.


  4. Thank you speaking truth in this corrupt and crazy world and thank you for providing help.


  5. The fact that parents of vaccine-injured children have been demonised for decades reveals that pharma companies and government agencies are not interested in the TRUTH – which is that vaccines can and do cause injury to certain (albeit not the majority of) children. This TRUTH is seemingly so offensive to them that they counter it with unseemly attacks and untruths. It’s worrying that supposedly intelligent doctors don’t question this illogical behaviour, and sometimes actively participate in it. It’s a real incentive to, as far as possible, avoid reductionist medicine and look for wholistic alternatives.


  6. Thank you, thank you to the mommy writing the stories and to you for posting the stories. More people need to believe the truth! Keep it up, don’t stop.


  7. I have severe reactions to a few vaccines. My daughter has allergies to many medications, dyes, vaccines and foods.
    I have also discovered that every military base our family served on has been listed as contaminated. My daughter was a baby while we were stationed in Hawaii, 1978-1980, where the milk/dairy cows were contaminated by pesticides. I have often wondered if this has been the culprit behind our many medical issues.
    Also, many of the vaccines have been made into combination of 2 to 3 in one syringe: For example, Diphtheria/Pertussis/Tetanus. I just need the Tetanus and it is not available in the US. Even my doctor has contacted CDC about getting a plain Tetanus. Diphtheria vaccine does not like me, my last reaction was swelling in extremities and shortness of breath.


  8. My son had seizures every time he got the MMR vaccine. And I never equated it with it because the pediatrician never told us it was a possibility. Instead he 1) shamed me for not seeming worried enough 2) then insisted he had epilepsy 3) asked me to take a video so he could see it We had to take him to get a neurological test at age 3 and no one, not his current pediatrician nor the pediatric neurologist believed it was due to the vaccine. The only way I realized it was he only had seizures following his wellness check up. He had flus and fevers but never had a seizure. I also looked it up on the CDC website and it says febrile seizures is one of the potential side effects. After stopping all vaccines he has never had one again.


  9. I also have a vaccine injured son, http://kcreekliving.com, our doctor testified in hearings before the FDA and it was admitted that “they” knew the link to not only autism, but all auto immune disorders, but would never go public with it because it would bankrupt big pharma…Dr. Sherry Tenpenny said that vaccines were Pharma’s cash cow and that they would stop at nothing to protect that income flow. They do NOT care about the injuries, deaths that have occurred from their products.


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