5 Reasons it Stinks to be Crunchy in a Mainstream Society |

5 Reasons it Stinks to be Crunchy in a Mainstream Society

brittany March 3, 2016

Being crunchy in a mainstream society is not always easy. Here are 5 reasons why it is hard to be crunchy in today’s world.

By Brittany, Contributing Writer

Living an “alternative” lifestyle comes with its own set of challenges. Though we are biologically and naturally raising our families and living our lives….we often face harsh judgment or lack of understanding from our peers. As a “semi-first” crunchy for my family (or friends….) I’ve compiled a list that I find to be the hardest about being crunchy in a mainstream society.

5 Reasons it Stinks to be Crunchy in a Mainstream Society

1. Remedies Being Labeled ‘VooDoo’, ‘Snake Oil’, Etc.

For myself and my family, I *try* to use the most natural remedies possible for any type of ailment. That means coconut oil, essential oils, herbal tinctures, and supplements are all staples to our every day lives. Our society has such an “I want a quick fix. If it’s not a prescription I won’t try it” mentality that this often looked down upon. We don’t turn to an MD for every sniffle or stomach bug and that’s hard for a lot of people to understand. Alternative health and medicine have been around for centuries. Modern medicine is exactly that….modern and new. While modern medicine is sometimes necessary, it isn’t always necessary.

2. Crunchy Remedies and Doctors Are Almost Never Covered by Health Insurance.

You don’t want to be verbally degraded and harassed every time you go to the doctor for not vaccinating/selectively vaccinating, not circumcising, exclusively breastfeeding, cosleeping/bed sharing? So, you decide to seek a holistic practitioner. Guess what? Insurance doesn’t cover it!

I had no idea that I should expect to pay eighty to one hundred dollars, per child, out of pocket. Not that I mind the expense because peace of mind and comfort with your practitioner is super important. However, it irks me that insurance doesn’t bat an eye to pay thousands of dollars per year for pharmaceuticals but won’t pay for holistic health care.

Chiropractic care is covered by insurance, but often only with a pre-approval from your MD. However, the average MD won’t give you a pre-approval for a chiropractor due to recurrent ear aches (which chiropractic health is linked to!)

I recently had to fight tooth and nail to get my home birth covered by my insurance. Why???? It was lower risk, lower cost and was better for mother and child? Why make us jump through every hoop possible for the most instinctive and natural way of birthing? 

3. It’s Hard to Find Like Minded Company

• You did WHAT with your placenta?

• What do you mean you don’t go to the doctor?
• So, like, she’s NEVER had a bottle?

When you can fluently speak birth and essential oils and know an herbal remedy for everything, the general population judges you and thinks you’re crazy. That is not an understatement. You realize who your friends really are when you become a label reading, instinctual parenting (I use this instead of “attachment parenting”),  natural remedy for everything that doesn’t actually require medical attention kind of mama. Things that are backed by science but not covered by mainstream news receive a lot of criticism every time the topic is broached.

4. The Cost of Natural Products

Products that contain less ingredients, cost less to grow and manufacture, and are healthier….cost more!!!! Why? It’s so irritating! When you try to be healthier and buy better products you have to work hard to crunch numbers and live on a budget while raising a family of five.

In the summer months, we have a garden, purchase a CSA through a local farm and {try} to buy mostly local meats, which makes it cheaper food wise.

I make a lot of our personal products. We also cloth diaper and support local businesses or buy secondhand from other Moms for diapers.

5. It’s Hard Being a “Crunchy Mom”

In a world overflowing with “mainstream moms” that vaccinate, visit the pediatrician for every sneeze, spank or formula feed there seems to be a lack of natural moms.  (I’m NOT saying any of these are wrong if you’re informed about your choices.)

I take this as an opportunity to educate those who are willing to receive new information, however, there aren’t many that are. It’s understandable to not want to go against the grain but I’m all for new things.

Some of my closest mom friends are on holistic pages on Facebook. I want to have a village that understands me instead of questioning my every move. It’s hard to become friends with mainstream parents because there is always always always some level of tension and judgment.

We, as a society, need to work together to be more accepting of each other. I’m always open to conversation with others and all for differences in my group of friends. We need to work together to make alternative less taboo.

Have You Ever Felt Judged For Being Crunchy?


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  1. I feel judged all the time for not vaccinating, not giving my children medicine when they have fever and for sticking to only all natural snacks and foods. My circle of friends definitely are mainstream parents and that’s ok with me. I just wish I could get the same respect for my decisions in raising my kids. People literally gasp for air & look at me like I’m crazy for not vaccinating. I have decided I’m simply not going to tell people anymore unless it’s someone like minded. Thank you for sharing this article. It makes me feel better that I’m not alone in this. I know this is the absolute best way of life for my kids. No matter what mainstream society says.


  2. Good morning!! Ahhh, yes, I really understand what you are saying….sometimes in a group of soccer mom’s I listen to all their medical woes and prescription medicine talk and just smile. We have been treating everything at home for 4 years, with supplements, herbs and essential oils, and are very blessed to all be healthy. We make our laundry soap and stay away from conventional cleaners…..the teenagers think I am very weird…but hey it is great to be different. Bless you for sharing your story and standing for getting back to natural ways. I have a book detailing how all herbs were used back when that is all we had….God’s remedies listed in the bible and I find it very accurate. Keep on being crunchy!


  3. Every single one of these hit the nail on the head! I hate trying to explain why/why not we do certain things, just to get a blank stare. Its nice when you find likeminded individuals that “get” you 🙂


  4. I can so relate to all of these points! People think I’m crazy for not *immediately* lowering fevers, giving out cold meds, rushing to the Dr for an ear infection, vaccinating… etc. Sometimes I just tell people “oh you should just put garlic oil in his ears” or “just squirt a little breastmilk in her eye!” to see the looks on people’s faces 😉


  5. I cried as I read this. Sometimes I feel that all my work and effort to learn an entirely different way of thinking and an entire pharmacopea of herbal and holistic knowledge, the lengths my family has taken to eradicate all the plastic and foam and microwaves and anything synthetic that can be replaced, and eating organic, grass fed, free range, from scratch, non gmo, and now ( thanks to. Hashim oto’s) gluten free…isn’t fair….and…it gets lonely. Really. Freaking. Lonely. Ignorance was bliss. And I miss having friends. I miss not being the burden at family gatherings. I miss not explaining what I eat, or don’t. But I love my family to pieces, and I think we live in an unjust, synthetic, disposable, commercial society that objectifies woman and youth. It punishes the different and free thinking, and believes that race color creed or sexual orientation matter. It shuns all things enlightened peaceful and preys on the desperation of the masses who are screaming out to be noticed and acknowledged and loved, so much that they will pay any price to conform….I don’t want this world for my children…so I fight and I teach and I do without. I miss the simplicities of my uninformed self, it helps to know there are others somewhere. Thanks


  6. Awesome post! I think we can all relate. We have all felt ostracized by some mainstream moms. Keep up the good fight!


  7. So I’m slowly becoming crunchy. My 3rd child got me doing my research. Many don’t know about our vaccinating choice esp my mom. So there is going to be big arguments about that and our food choices. My 2 older kids don’t quite understand yet and it’s especially hard at school when I feel i dont have control over what over parents bring for snacks. And I’ve got to detox them due to previous vaccines. They seem to stay sick and I feel its harder doing natural things with them vs the baby cuz they have that junk in their system fighting against me. And they are picky eaters. I don’t have my natural medicine cabinet yet and don’t know where to start except for food. Finances are a struggle so I have to be careful. Our last strep throat did end up with antibiotics because everything is new and it scared me (but I ditched them early, don’t tell the pediatrician!) Does anyone have preference as to what to purchase first, I.e. probiotics, essential oils, supplements, etc. I’ve got to slowly build that and natural/homemade laundry/personal care ptoducts. Thanks for your support!!


  8. So how do we get a hold of you local moms in each of our areas so we can meet in person and talk? Need to connect in real life about all this!


  9. Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. It’s amazing how people treat you when you look for alternative treatments. Finding a doctor that will support you in your quest to not use antibiotics or delay or not vaccinate is near impossible. And the cost and the fact that we pay a boatload of money for insurance that doesn’t cover the cost of any natural options is so incredibly frustrating. I am lucky to have a support group of crunchy moms that is available for help or a kind word of encouragement at any hour of the night.


  10. Yes. I have one natural minded friend. My other close friend is pretty accepting. None of the ladies at church are very accepting, and quite vocal about how they think things should be done.


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