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Two Ingredient Diaper Rash Cream

abykm91 April 28, 2014

Sometimes even with cloth diapers, diaper rash happens. How do you protect your cloth diapers and help soothe baby’s rash? With this easy and simple two ingredient diaper rash cream.

By Angela Parker, Contributing Writer

Cloth diaper safe!

As much as I would love to be the perfect mom… I am not. I try to change diapers quickly during the day. During the night, I get lazy and don’t change a diaper unless it is leaky.

I love cloth diapers. I cloth diapered Aidalyn (my oldest) until she was 2 and now I’m cloth diapering Annaleigh (my 8-month-old). Using cloth diapers can reduce the chance of diaper rashes (at least in my experience). Saying that, rashes still happen : /

It is still nice to have an easy and simple cloth diaper safe Diaper Rash Cream recipe.

Two Ingredient Diaper Rash Cream


Coconut oil

Patchouli Essential oil


Get about 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil.

Add in 5-10 drops of Patchouli essential oil.

Mix together.

Rub on booty.

Rub on your hands. Smell. Smile… okay that’s just what I do : ) (You can skip this step)

I keep in a little container with a lid. I use 1/4 teaspoon or so each diaper change (or as needed).

Why These Ingredients?

I am in love with essential oils. They are easy to use and all natural. They smell wonderful as well!

Read more about how I use essential oils to treat a cold here. 

I choose Patchouli for this diaper rash cream because: 

A) I liked how it smelled

B) Patchouli is good for skin irritation.

C) I was getting bored with Lavender

Learn more about Patchouli  Essential Oil from Mountain Rose Herbs

2 ingredient diaper rash cream


I use coconut oil because:

Coconut oil is antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, calming and moisturizing…  and Cloth diaper safe (Yay!)

Other essential oils to try: 

Lavender is great for skin and calming rashes – this is what I normally use for diaper rash creams.

Tea Tree oil is great if Yeast is expected since it is antifungal.

Chamomile oil is also calming.

More About Essential Oils

Read more about About Essential Oil Safety

Read more about Top 5 Essential Oils for Babies 

More Homemade Baby Care Recipes 

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What type of diaper rash cream do you use on your babies?


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  1. Love this recipe. 🙂 Normally I use lavender & tea tree oil, but I never thought to use patchouli…I absolutely love the scent of patchouli so I will try it for my next batch of diaper cream. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thank You for the recipe for the cream. it is very useful for parents who have babies or toddlers who are not yet potty trained


  3. that is common phenomenon everbody do but it is not enough to protect child from Diaper rash. We need to use Ecological diapers for children to protect them from rash


  4. Thanks for the wonderful recipe.


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