You Are What You Eat: Food’s Role In Your Health |

You Are What You Eat: Food’s Role In Your Health

beth September 20, 2013


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We’ve all heard the benefits of eating traditional, whole foods.You see it mentioned here and on other sites all the time. It can still seem discouraging when your getting started with a major lifestyle change. What should you eat? Why? How will it pay off to follow such eating habits? Here are some of my favorite resources we’ve shared from facts to life experiences.

Avoiding Nasty Ingredients

When you know the source of your food – you know what”s in it. It makes it much easier to avoid ingredients that could have a detrimental effect on your health. We’ve talked about this topic before:

Healing Health Problems

Many people have healed themselves from so many health concerns simply by eating traditional foods that are free from toxins and additives. Some examples of this are:

Weight Loss

We’ve even talked about how real food can help you reach a healthy weight goal without diet fads:

Day-To-Day Resources

You don’t have to wait for us to make a post about it. There is TONS of information just waiting for you to take advantage of it. I’m a horrible cook when it comes from making things from scratch so I’ve done my share of research and these rank towards the top of my list.

Modern Alternative Kitchen – This site is so valuable if you are starting off with real food! They talk everything from recipes, tutorials, and the facts on what eating a traditional diet can do for you.

Tradishen – Tradishen is up and coming. Soon it will be packed with recipes and other useful resources that will make all real foodies (including the newbies) have an easier job in the kitchen. Head over and sign up to be notified of information around it’s launch.

How has a traditional, real food diet helped your health? What are some of your favorite resources?



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