Treating Sunburns Naturally

beth June 3, 2013


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By Jill, Contributing Writer 

Sunshine is such a great source of good health for everyone.  Sunshine provides our body with vitamin D, helping to strengthen bones, give good eye health, and fight things like cancer and diabetes.  Every person needs at least 30 minutes of sun a day.

In the summer months, it is very easy to be in the sun for too long at a time, sometimes resulting in a terrible burn.  While everyone knows that they should limit how long they are in direct sunlight, burns still happen to most of us.  Some burns are down right terrible and can make a person feel ill and miserable.

If you do find yourself with a bad sunburn, here are some natural suggestions for relief and healing:

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel is a very popular buy at the store for sunburns.  A real aloe vera plant is better than the gel and an easy plant to keep on hand.  Simply scrape the insides of the leaves and apply to the burn.  You can of course keep a bottle of aloe vera gel or juice in the refrigerator to use as often as needed if you don”t have a plant.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar contains buy Cialis Scientific Papers (from the National Library of medicine) automated Medline search; a listing of scientific papers in abstract form regarding buy Cialis . vital trace elements and minerals, plus beneficial enzymes. It is believed to help balance the skin”s ph levels, making casino it an effective remedy for sunburns. Only the raw vinegar with the “mother” contains these healing properties, so I personally don”t use the processed kind at the stores.

Add 2 cups of ACV into a bath and soak at least 20 minutes. Repeat if pain returns.
Place vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the sunburned areas as often as needed. Use a wash cloth or cotton balls to apply to face.

Peppermint Oil

Mix 2-3 drops of oil into 1/4 a cup of olive or coconut oil. Apply as often as needed. This is cooling and soothing.


Cucumber can have a cooling effect for soothing burns.  Slice open a cucumber and directly wipe it on the skin.

Burn Paste

For a serious burn, you can mix together and apply Dr. Christopher”s Burn Paste recipe.  This recipe is taken from Herbal Home Health Care.

The recipe:

 Mix all of the above ingredients together and store in glass jar with a lid.  Keep in a cool, dark place, like a cabinet.  When applying to the burn,  cover the burn with half-inch of the paste and cover with a bandage made for burns that will not stick, or cover with a soft leaf and wrap with gauze.  Check the burn a few times a day and reapply more paste on top of the original paste to keep the thickness at half an inch.  Do not remove the original paste until the burn is healed.  The body will absorb the herbs as the burn heals.  It”s important to keep not remove or wash off any of the paste until the burn is healed.  

What are your favorite remedies for sunburns?

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