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10 Simple Natural Beauty Swaps

admin January 28, 2015

How I Found the Right Shampoo

When I first switched from “standard” to natural bath products, I went for ultra-natural with the no ‘poo method for my hair.  It worked great for awhile, but as I went through seasons of pregnancy, postpartum, and various other situations, I found sometimes it really didn’t work.

I spent months switching back and forth between no ‘poo and a bunch of different “natural” shampoo brands, to no avail.  Nothing worked for very long.  I even tried some regular shampoos in desperation, but quickly found even those didn’t work for very long, either!  All I wanted was something simple, that washed my hair, that worked consistently, and wasn’t full of chemicals.  I hated that my hair didn’t feel clean after washing, that it had a heavy texture, similar to lamb’s wool…I didn’t even want to look in the mirror sometimes!  It shouldn’t be this hard….

I eventually found a brand this past fall that finally, really, worked for my hair (and has continued to work consistently for almost five months now).  What a relief that was!  I’m satisfied with the ingredients, too, and it’s not too pricey.

I think a lot of people who are considering a switch from their “usual” brands to something more natural have this fear — what if it doesn’t work?  What if I have to spend lots of money and a lot of time trying to find the product that does?

Most of the time it’s not that hard.  Most of the time, stuff just works and it’s okay.  Occasionally, especially if you have finicky hair or skin, it can be a bit trickier.  But, you don’t want to waste a lot of time and money on DIY options, either…especially if you’re as busy as I am (mom to almost-five, homeschooling, running two businesses…).

That’s what this is about.  These are tried-and-true, simple switches you can make to safer, healthier products — that work.

Choosing the Best Products

None of these products are on this list because a company paid to be included — it’s not sponsored in any way.  I’m including them because I’ve actually used them, and I can tell you that they work.


Body Soap

Baby Wash

I often don’t use any soap on young babies, because their delicate skin doesn’t need it.  I use a small amount on hair if they have a lot every few weeks, and I use it on their bottoms if needed.  Once they are mobile, I use soap a bit more often and like to use foaming pumps so that they can “help” wash!



I usually use my own homemade lotion.  But there are good options out there, too.

Face Wash

Honestly, I use my DIY oil cleansing here and haven’t found any commercial product that beats it…but if you’re looking for something easier, these did pretty well too.


These are my favorite brands and products.  They are quality options if you’re looking to switch!  Many are fairly affordable, too.  The shampoo I like best is close to $10 a bottle, but that bottle has lasted me 5 months so far, washing about 3 times per week.  (And I have really thick hair.)  That’s really not that much, when you think how long it lasts!  And that’s true with many of these products — they last a long time.  Dr. Bronner’s is really versatile, too.  You can use it for cleaning, hand soap (mix half and half with water for foaming pumps), and more.  Branch Basics is similarly versatile and tear-free — works for laundry too!

Choose your favorites — and make some easy switches today!

What are your favorite natural brands?


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  1. We love Earthpaste. We use Dr Bronner’s for the body, but I dilute it with water and don’t use it straight up. For deodorant we use plain milk of magnesia (husband doesn’t have to use any deo, that lucky duck!) I also use the no-poo method, but here in Cali it isn’t working as well as it did in Colorado, so I *am* looking for something else to use while we’re here. I will check out your suggestions. I was feeling rather overwhelmed with the task of figuring out what was really safe to use on my head.

    We also buy bar soap from natural stores, but am very careful with the ingredients. I’d love to make my own someday. For the face, I refer to Crunchy Betty’s “food on your face” ebook. Another brand we love is Bragg ACV. It’s always in our bathroom for hair “conditioner” but I also use it (diluted) “down below” for that fresh and clean feeling. (Nobody ever talks about “down there” care, I wonder why?? It’s important not to use chemical filled products down there too!)


  2. Aww!! Thanks so much for including us, Kate! 🙂


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