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10 Signs of a Vaccine Reaction

Danielle March 18, 2016

By Danielle and Rustina, Contributing Writers

Vaccines are one of the most controversial topics today. The CDC Schedule now requires over 70 vaccine doses by the age of 18.(S) 

For us, the debate is over: vaccines contain toxins and can damage your child’s health.

Before we get too far into this issue, let’s talk about how many are really injured by vaccines. Your pediatrician and his handy marketing piece, the Vaccine Information Statement (VIS), will tell you that reactions are “one in a million! Very rare!” 

The Vaccine Adverse Reporting System (VAERS) is where reactions can be documented, however, there are no requirements for doctors or medical staff to report any injuries or deaths to this system.(S)  It is all voluntary, and many medical staff do not know how to submit a report there either. There is also not a requirement to follow up to any injuries reported.

The CDC does recognize the system has flaws.(S) According to studies, less than 1% of adverse events are likely reported to VAERS. (S)   48,439 reports were filed in 2019, and in 2022 there have been 201,302 reports so far (at the time of this posting in October). (S)

Times that by 10 or 100. One in a million? Didn’t think so.

Even if you believe you’ve never seen a vaccine reaction, you probably truly have. You just didn’t realize (and your doctor wouldn’t admit) that’s what you were seeing! Here we will go over the most common reactions. These may be considered “normal” by how often they occur, but are by no means “normal” to a child’s health – especially when your child swells up, seizes, or dies.  

Vaccine reactions can occur anywhere from immediately following vaccination to a month or more post vaccination. Research shows us the most critical days are days 5-7 and 14-16 post vaccination, where serious reactions are most likely to occur.(S)

10 Signs of Vaccine Reaction and Damage

#1 High-Pitched Crying or Arching Back

High-pitched crying and discomfort, such as arching the back when laid down, is a clear indication of encephalitis, brain inflammation, which is a common vaccine reaction. Large amounts of bacteria, viruses, and toxins create a hyper-immune response, prompting severe, sometimes deadly, inflammation in the brain.

If your child will not sleep, seems uncomfortable, and cries incessantly post vaccination, take them to the emergency room immediately. These symptoms may occur right away or up to 21+ days later.

#2 Severe Swelling at Site

Severe inflammation at the injection site can be a sign of an allergic reaction or other hyper-immune reaction. Review the vaccine insert to try to determine what allergic reaction (peanut, milk, egg, yeast, etc) may have been created/triggered. If your doctor cannot explain what reaction occurred, then you should consider a different approach to prevent any further damage. Supporting the immune system to create longer lasting immunity is a great approach!

Read the vaccine insert before vaccinating to be sure the doctor is using the correct method of injection.(S)  Injecting in the incorrect method can deliver a serious reaction. These inserts can be downloaded from the FDA link here. If you have trouble accessing these, you can ask your healthcare provider for a copy of the insert – they will usually say no and only show you their facility’s summary of common reactions. These are called “Vaccine Information Statements.” 

#3 High Fever and/or Febrile Seizures

Tell me when in normal, daily life would you intentionally expose several bacteria and viruses that are deemed concerning at one time and directly into your child’s body? Nope, never. In fact, you would probably be charged for child abuse! When your child receives this many immune threats at once – accompanied by other toxins –  their immune systems go into overdrive.

This can produce a very high fever, and if the fever moves up or down in temperature fast enough, a febrile seizure. Head to the emergency room, and demand a review of your child’s health if a febrile seizure or fever lasting over 3 days is seen post vaccination.

#4 Rash

A rash is simply a toxin leaving your body through your skin. A rash post-vaccination can be caused by the virus vaccinated against (measles or chickenpox, for example), or an allergic reaction producing eczema. (S) 

If your child develops a rash, monitor the child for the symptoms of the vaccinated virus or bacteria. Also consider eliminating any possible allergies created by the vaccine. Your child may detox adjuvants such as mercury based thimerosal or aluminum from the vaccine out through the skin. (S)

Eczema, Allergies, and Asthma

Vaccines were designed to sensitize your immune system to specific viruses and bacteria. Although the goal is similar – activating the immune system – the process does not work the same with muscular/blood injection versus the normal means of the mouth, nose, and eyes. These encounter your immune system process through different interfaces like the gut. With vaccines, it goes straight into the blood and lymphatic system. In general, the immune system does not retain as long an immunity to vaccine exposure as it does with natural exposure throughout the body. 

When you vaccinate, you are surely sensitizing your child to not only the bacteria and virus, but also the food and chemical additives in the vaccine, which include milk proteins, other human and animal proteins, eggs, peanuts, latex, yeast, palms, and much more.(S)(S) If your vaccinated child develops eczema, allergies, or asthma, then you need to consider stopping vaccination to not worsen the allergy or cause other autoimmune reactions.(S)

#6 Anaphylaxis and Slowed Breathing Patterns

If your child’s breathing post vaccination is delayed or slowed, it is cause to make a trip to the emergency room and check for allergic response or brain damage. If you vaccinate, a breathing monitor  may be helpful. It can be used overnight for at least a month. Breathing difficulties are listed as a possible side effect of many vaccines, for example here in the Pertussis Pinkbook page.

Anaphylactic shock can also be a vaccine reaction. This is where your airways (or other body systems) go into shock from an allergic response. If your child has responded in this way to vaccines, it is time to stop, and review the possible allergies created. (S)  

#7 Loss of Facial and Eye Symmetry and Itching/Numbness in Extremities

When your immune system responds to a threat, it produces more white blood cells. Your white blood cells are substantially larger than your red. This becomes an issue when your immune system is kicked into overdrive delivering large quantities of white blood cells to your smallest blood vessels, your capillaries. (S) 

The smallest of these vessels are located in your hands, feet, nose and brain, particularly by the area which controls speech. When too many white blood cells are released, they cannot squeeze through the blood and oxygen supply is limited for a period of time. This can cause a stroke in the brain, and can be seen by loss of facial asymmetry (one side of the face looks different than the other) and loss of muscle tone around the eyes, cheeks, and mouth. (S)

You would also feel this, if happening in your extremities rather than your brain, as tingling, burning, or numbing. Your child may not be able to articulate this to you, but if you see them generally uncomfortable, struggling with using those parts, or pulling at the parts, I would consider a possible reaction and a trip to the emergency room. 

Another condition, similar in symptoms, is Guillain-Barre Syndrome. This is when the immune system mistakenly begins attacking the nervous system. (S) While controversial to some (for example those profiting from or those creating policy for vaccines), this has been associated with vaccines, even the newest injections. (S) 

#8 Bacterial or Viral Infection

As noted above, vaccines are designed to sensitize your system to a bacteria or virus. Theoretically, every time you vaccinate, you get that bacterial or viral illness. If your child falls ill post vaccination, bring them back to your pediatrician and demand that the child be examined for the illness against which they were vaccinated. It’s likely that your doctor will ignore your requests and be adamant that the vaccine cannot cause the disease.

Vaccine-strain illnesses, just like the wild strains, can be serious for some people, especially the immunocompromised. Some doctors may not take the symptoms/reactions seriously. If your doctor refuses, take your child to another doctor or to an emergency room. Also, be sure to report the reaction to VAERs.

#9 Vomiting and Diarrhea

Since your child will be receiving the bacteria or viral illness vaccinated against, as well as a load of other toxins and allergenic substances, their bodies will try to detox these substances post vaccination.  This is a vaccine reaction. If your child exhibits vomiting or diarrhea for a day or more post vaccination, have your doctor or an emergency room evaluate the child for the diseases against which they were vaccinated (and treat them for dehydration and the disease).

#10 Behavioral Changes, Attention and Aggression Issues

A normally functioning child does not regress (lose speech, lose eye contact and social interaction) for no reason. Heavy metal toxicity, loss of oxygen to critical areas of the brain, and a body in constant hyper-immune response leads to a child who cannot function and develop.

If you notice your child losing abilities once mastered, exhibiting attention or aggression issues, or withdrawing from social interaction, you are likely viewing a vaccine reaction. The good news is that there are many natural ways to detox and heal vaccine damage. 

Check out these free resources if this has happened to your child, and explore how you can detox heavy metals and vaccine damages:



If your child has had a vaccine reaction, it’s never too late to research vaccines and choose to build natural immunity and a healthy lifestyle instead. You should also look into detoxing from the vaccine. If you still choose to vaccinate, consider a delayed schedule and using a breathing monitor.

If you suspect damage, do not take “this could not be from the vaccine you had 3 days ago” from your doctor. Your child deserves better than a denial of clear symptoms because of pride and profit fears. Find a doctor who is willing to help you, consider finding a chiropractor, naturopath, biomedical, or functional doctor.

Have you (or a loved one) had a vaccine reaction?

Disclaimer from Danielle: I am not a doctor (yet), but you should find one you trust that understands, listens and treats you how you’d like. Do not tolerate medical bullying. Please make your medical decisions with research, a trusted physician, and common sense.

General Disclaimer: This is not intended to be medical advice nor is it meant to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease. 


This is the writings of:

Danielle was born and always will be a farm girl, searching for God’s natural truths in an unnatural world. She’s a doula, health coach, natural health activist, and currently obtaining her naturorthopathic doctorate degree. When she isn’t reading about holistic healing, you will likely find her chasing a sweet little boy or a small flock of rebellious chickens in the Midwest mud.


  1. Great and very important information. Thanks!!


  2. Excellent article, thank God he made me 40 yr old mom to do research before having my kids, no injections here, but I have seen vaccine reactions in other children, so sad and scary!! Also, just because you can’t see damage or reaction does not mean it’s not there, it changes the body period.


  3. I’ve always been peculiarly tense about letting my child receive a vaccines but these days and ages they won’t be permitted into school or daycare without them. It’s a must with most public schools that you vaccinate your child.


  4. This is an awesome article. I am grateful that my daughter is alive after her first set of shots at 2 months old 22 years ago. She screamed turned Blue and started seizing right there at the Dr office. In 94 they didn’t do hep b at the hospital she didn’t get a vitiman k shot either. She spent a week in icu and out here the seizures when she was 6. Her pediatrician also never said anything about vaccines again even when I had my son. I told him I wasn’t doing any vaccines and he agreed because he didn’t know which one my daughter had reacted to. My children both have medical exceptions and will continue. My daughter is pregnant. And her ob/gyn tried telling her she needed a dtap and fly and she showed him her medical records from when she was two along with the medical exemption she had as a child. He is a smug bastard to say the least.


  5. I am so glad to hear that your daughter survived! Not all parents are lucky, and others are left with life-long damage. Your pediatrician sounds wonderful, I wish all pediatricians had the common sense and courtesy to learn from experience and listen to their patients. Way to use your rights and empower your children. I hope your daughter has a wonderful birth and healthy baby!


  6. After the 4yr MMR vax my son spent the next 2 years fighting severe stomach pains, constipation, growing lymph nodes and regressive behavior.

    It was constantly brushed off by the doctors as food sensitivity. Well, now he’s almost 7 and his body has almost healed itself with the help of pro biotics and natural remedies. The nodes are down, pain is gone and his autism is very much under control.

    I 100% blame the MMR vaccine for injuring my child and praise God for healing him and am so thankful I live in a state with religious exemption.


  7. Unfortunately, this information is just wrong. I’m sorry that people are believing internet research.


  8. That drooped eye and crooked mouth thing. I have that as do some of my kids and grandkids. We don’t vax. So what causes it?


  9. What is your suggestion to the people who DO live in the states where a religious exemption is not available. I am completely against vaccinating but live in CA, homeschool is not an option. What would a good delayed schedule option be?


  10. My second child was vaccine injured. In 2007. But , it took me until last year (2015) to realize this and piece it all together. After his 4mo. Vaccinations, he had a “rash” on his upper right thigh, 5 days after, I took him into the pediatrics office 4 different times regarding this. I was told 4 different opinions “flea bites”..no fleas “spider bites”..no spiders .. “allergic reaction to new laundry soap” ..no new soap.. ..nothing new in his diet, bathing, etc..this “rash” went on swelling like hives for 3 weeks , his only relief was benadryl. I knew this was some type of hives but they had no answers for me. Finally it swelled up so raised and inflamed that I took a picture and pleaded for another Dr. To look at the email picture I was sending them. He Called immediately and asked me to bring my baby in. He brought 3 medical books in the room, comparing pictures, reading a lot .. he said “I have been a pediatrician for 20 years and never have I seen this in person. I need to refer him to a dermatologist but I think this is mastocytosis- uticaria pigmentosa”..he was correct, that was ultimately my son’s diagnosis. What causes this? I ask
    “Unknown”..it’s very rare..
    eventually it went away (or hid in his mast cells) but I haven’t seen it in years. During this same month, we also began noticing his head tilting, out of nowhere. Another diagnosis that month -” Torticollis”.. cause? “Unknown” also “rare”.
    He only had one more round of vaccines after this. After that round, he had “night terrors” so bad that I rushed him in ..what causes this? I ask..”unknown cause”. After all this I completely stopped all vaccines.. even though I wasn’t sure it was best idea at that time , I did that “just in case”.

    Last year when his private school thought that the new law was required vaccines in our state and he needs to be up to date,the laws changed – (highly incorrect & over my dead body was my exact response). I began researching intensively on vaccines. What I uncovered was horrific. I have studied this to the fullest and wouldn’t vaccinate a dying animal.
    This past summer I ran across his “official vaccine record” ..what was folded inside of it ? All of his diagnoses & referral(s)- from 2008. All within a 3 month period -All of those issues From vaccines! He has been to the Dr. One time since that year and he’s rarely sick, never had an antibiotic and hasn’t missed a day of school, ever. 3rd grade-age 8. Sorry for this long essay- but to find All these issues listed on the Vaers website, as vaccine injury actually put me through the roof! This has become a passion for me now – to speak truth and knowledge . I always say “If I can save one baby’s brain- it will all be worth it”


  11. Thank you for this x


  12. What a great article. I live in Australia & in the state we live in (Victoria) it has now become compulsory to vaccinate our child or they won’t be accepted into pre school. I’m at a loss what to do. I have a 10 month old & really dont want to vaccinate her. So stressed about this! I’m thinking to wait till she’s a bit older at least her body may be stronger. Don’t know what else I can do to avoid vaccination


  13. I didn’t begin researching vaccines until pregnant with my 3rd son. His reaction (high pitched screaming, vomiting) to his two month shots was what finally tipped the scales for us. As I continued to research and observe, I realized that my older two sons likely had been affected by their vaccinations. After having genetic testing and discovering they have MTHFR C677T plus other variations that affect methylation, it made even more sense.

    Note: Check the 1st and 2nd paragraphs under point #7. It says white blood vessels where it I think it should say white blood cells.


  14. 14 month old. HepB and Meningitis vaccines only. Began having seizures that evening – about 300-400 myoclonic jerks in an hour. The pattern of evening seizures continued for several months, along with disrupted sleep pattern. Then seizures were mostly in the morning. Then they moved to only emotionally charged causes (happiness, crying, etc). She stopped trying to walk, talk, stand for the next year.
    She is now FIFTEEN and still very delayed in nearly every aspect. No shots since.


  15. Thanks for putting this information out there!! Too bad the majority are brainwashed with the pharmaceutical “machine”.


  16. This article is very eye opening. I’ve seen #10 in my own child. Does anyone know if it’s too late for me to take action? He is five, and the regression started after he received vaccines at 18 months, and by the time he was three it was really bad. At the time, we didn’t even think it could be related to vaccines, so we unfortunately allowed him to get them all. I’m kicking myself for allowing this to happen to my child.


  17. Kate – keep empowering all the “mama bears” out there! It’s only the weak and fearful who are frightened into doing something so obviously risky when threatened that their most precious children won’t b allowed into school.


  18. I am so very sorry. I pray that she experiences a complete healing someday. It’s horrible that so many families have to learn the hard way, yet are mocked by many when the evidence is clearly in front of us.


  19. The Dtap is known for the high pitched scream from brain inflammation. The MTHFR gene mutation is very common, and indeed causes more issues in detoxing the toxins in vaccines.

    And thanks, you’re right!


  20. In most of these States, you can find a doctor who will give you a medical exemption – or school alternatively. I know a number of groups that are mobilizing in California – check out stopmandatoryvaccination.com.
    I live in Illinois, and the medical exemption has recently opened up to include a doctor’s personal judgment. I am hetero MTHFR gene mutation (from a $200 23andme genetic test), and that renders me a medical exemption, even though I have not had a serious reaction.


  21. This is basically a mini stroke in the brain, cause by lack of oxygen from decreased or ceased blood flow. Any toxin, especially heavy metals, or major assault on the immune system can cause this. Once blood flows again, it may go away, or it may stop entirely.

    What is alarming is that certain parts of the brain which control facial movements are close the speech parts of the brain. If blood flow is restricted in those parts, we will see learning disabilities and impaired speech (autism).

    Read more on Dr. Moulden’s work: http://www.amazon.com/Dr-Andrew-Moulden-Vaccine-Produces-ebook/dp/B00VNYPKHA
    Or watch his YouTube videos, “Tolerance Lost.”


  22. Thank you! Keep going mama bear!


  23. I am sorry that you feel that way.
    Any study or research article is posted on the internet today, so credibility is really the same when judging something on the internet, in a book, etc.
    Those who believe that vaccines work and are safe are also researching on the internet, from studies funded by the vaccine manufacturer, which are poorly interpreted, if not entirely corrupted. They do not see the raw data, nor pull up a Pub Med study, and definitely do not research any independent studies. In addition, a mother who has seen her child harmed immediately after a vaccine does not need to research anywhere, it was clearly in front of her eyes, and I am unsure how you can call that “wrong.”
    How would you suggest people research today?


  24. Hi-when the eyes become unbalance and stop tracking together or one side of the lip droops-it is often a stroke from a vaccination.


  25. Other vaccine reactions- A stroke, sudden loss of weight seemingly in a minute without warning, awful constipation so impacted that it might need to be manually removed.. Loss of family, friends, sibling shut downs, overtaxed public schools, and other long term transgressions.


  26. Really? I follow “Montanans for Medical Freedom” on Facebook, you may ask them. This may be true if a private school does not fall under the public school laws, but that’s not the case in my State, at least.


  27. Wonderful article . Thank you!


  28. After my two month old’s vaccines, he would only sleep being held, thrashed if I set him down, screamed incessantly, and showed aggressive behaviors (biting my nipples, hitting his head) for three days. The peds told me it was a normal reaction. The next week he started developing anaphylaxis reactions to dairy, eggs, and tree nuts (through my milk) and little blooms of eczema started on his cheeks. His eczema spread all over his body, opened and oozing. After a few tries with different specialists and peds, we began treating him 100% holistically.

    He is 2.5 years now, and it has been a difficult journey. He has not received another vaccine. His eczema is very minor (dry skin on his thighs). He just ate baked egg successfully! His reaction scores to dairy and nuts have decreased significantly. I give thanks daily for my healthy little boy.

    It has been really hard not being able to talk to my friends about our journey. I see some of his friends who are also sick in the same ways, and if I bring up vaccines, nothing productive comes of it. We have also been asked to leave two practices and can’t find a doctor we trust. Thanks for speaking out.


  29. Hi Logan,

    I just came across this informative article on “how to legally avoid immunizations of all kinds.” I hope this helps:-)


  30. Can you post independent studies that prove these statements are wrong?


  31. I fully vaccinated my daughter. She has food sensitivities, eczema, and she had asthma for many years. She outgrew that finally around 16 years old. She’s 20 now and pregnant with her first child and just got her flu shot and will no doubt vaccinate her baby as instructed. I can’t convince her to research vaccination at all. Her younger half brothers are not vaccinated. They have no food allergies, no eczema, no asthma. That alone would be proof for me, but there is so much more proof vaccinations can be devastating to children and adults.


  32. Great article, thank you so much!
    I would like to add a couple of things —

    Irritability and excess sleepiness occurring together are another sign of encephalitis.

    Vaccination actually SUPPRESSES immunity for weeks to months. So another “bad reaction” to a vaccine is a child getting sick with a bacteria, virus, or fungus that the child’s immune system had been successfully controlling until the vaccination was given.

    My daughter had a severe whole-body bacteria skin infection (white rash, so severe her skin felt like sandpaper) plus a severe whole-body yeast skin infection (huge red raised areas) that developed within a few days after a vaccination. Not to mention symptoms of encephalitis, and severe digestive problems… (She hasn’t had a vaccine since then! She now has a medical exemption. But I had to go to a different doctor to get the exemption, because her regular doctor said “This is a normal reaction.”)

    My best advice is, don’t vaccinate at all. But if you are determined to vaccinate, don’t allow vaccination if your child has ANY sign of infection or illness!

    Thanks again for this really great article!


  33. Mothers who bring their children to the ER for a non-life- threatening vaccine reaction, should at first, not mention that the child has received the vaccine, let the doctor diagnose it as the disease the child was vaccinated against, and then tell them, “well, he was just vaccinated for that disease.”. And, if possible, candidly record the whole interaction and reversal you’ll see. They’ll suddenly go from being SURE it’s the measles (or whatever disease), to being absolutely sure it’s not. If videos of this nonsense were posted all over the Internet, maybe people would catch on to how the game is played. Body cameras are being used to bring to light bad police officers, why not bad doctors or poor medicine?


  34. Thank you so very much for this article, you’re awesome!! My son was diagnosed with Complex A typical febrile seizures & has only had the Hepatitis B shot but I’m curious if the vaccine did this to him! I vaccinated my daughter for the first year until I realized what vaccines really do to the human body & I’m kicking myself for it. She luckly hasen’t had any issues. My son has had Total of 7 seizures & he’s only 2 1/2, we’ve done an EEG & it came back normal ( I don’t trust the EEG he had though bad doctors & two of the prongs weren’t even attached!!) We’ve had to look for a new doctor since the one we were seeing refuses to see my children since their unvaccinated ( all they did was tell me febrile seizures are normal!! What!! How are they normal? ) Now we’re working on getting my son a proper EEG done & making sure him & my daughter are exempt from all these toxic poisions their trying to inject in their body’s. Please keep up with your articles, they’re very informative & make me feel like I’m not alone in this horrible battle. Once again thank you so much.


  35. […] Back then, I didn’t know how to spot the signs that his body wasn’t handling vaccinations well. From a chronic runny nose and allergies, to abnormal digestive symptoms, to persistent eczema, his body was in a constant state of inflammation, but I didn’t know it meant his immune system was malfunctioning. (Read 10 Signs of Vaccine Reaction and Damage.) […]


  36. […] Reactions look differently for everyone depending on your body’s current immune system and health status, as well as your genetics. You may have a rash, fever, or just feel ill, or possibly develop an autoimmune disease. Review the vaccine’s package insert to see its ingredients and side effects. Look at the VAERS database to see reported adverse side effects, and even see if a batch number you took had similar reactions. […]


  37. I grew up on a farm in the 1970s and 1980s. I received every shot. I went into the military and received every shot. I have vaccinated all of my children and none of them have had any reaction other than fever and grumpiness for a day or so. My kids are all healthy and happy and intelligent and well adjusted.


  38. Hey I live in Melbourne Australia.I would like to get a vaccine exception.my baby is 11 months and I dont want to continue the vaccine scedule.Do you know how can I do it?
    Thank you


  39. My 8 year old daughter developed eczema over most of her body after her first vaccine. The doctor told us it was normal. She continued to have eczema for years and then developed allergies and asthma. She hasn’t had a vaccine in 5 years. She has been seeing a naturopath for 2 years. She healed from 70 food sensitivity through probiotics, l-glutsmine powder. Eating organic. Not consuming a lotof sugar (none for months) some occasionally. She was in a health crisis when I put her on an elimination diet when I realized she had leaky gut from vaccines and dietary factors. As well as from antibiotic use from skin infections re:eczema vaccine injury. It’s been a long road. But she’s gotten through. Fermented food and grass fed antibiotic hormone free meats. Bone broth. It takes time to dig to the root and heal it from there. But it can be done. Stay strong parents. And try not to feel to guilty. I remind myself that I did the best I could with the information I had when I allowed my child to be vaccinated. And I would and have done everything to bring her body into good health and recovery. The nectar in the poison is that our whole family’s way of life has changed for the better because of this. Organic food. No chemicals or proccessed crap in our food. No toxic laundry detergent or body care products. Home made everything. Ferments! We all feel better for those changes even though she suffered so much for it.


  40. […] Back then, I didn’t know how to spot the signs that his body wasn’t handling vaccinations well. From a chronic runny nose and allergies, to abnormal digestive symptoms, to persistent eczema, his body was in a constant state of inflammation, but I didn’t know it meant his immune system was malfunctioning. (Read 10 Signs of Vaccine Reaction and Damage.) […]


  41. I’d like to add that your child DOES NOT have to have a fever to cause seizures. It happened to my son and there was no fever.


  42. Please help! I don’t know what to do, this past Friday my 9mo daughter received the Prevnar shot. Two hours after she started running a fever and 6 hours after she had a rash all over her body. Little red bumps. She’s acting normal. Saturday the fever was gone and the dr said not to worry it was a rare but “normal” reaction. Today her fever is back after and all the little bumps all over her skin are still there. I don’t know what to do. Dr seems to think it could’ve been caused by something else. Is there anything I can do to help her body cleanse itself? How long is this fever supposed to last for before the dr takes me serious? What abbut the rash? I’m so sad! We have 5 children and this is the first time we decided to spread out vaccines and not to get some of them and this happens. I can’t find anything online about rashes after the prevnar vaccines. Help!


  43. My son had a reaction from the dtap at 2 months. He started screaming the high pitched scream at 6:00 the dat of his vaccine. He was never the same. He screamed that horrible scream every night for about a month starting T around 6 pm and not stoping until he cried himself to sleep about 3 hrs later….every night. He had a very intense rash on his forehead and the top half of his body for about 2 weeks. I took him to the doctor…told her about the screaming, she saw the rash and said…hmmm…it looks very neurological. I will never forget that statement. About a yr and a half after that he was diagnosed with autism. He is now 20 yrs old. I will never vaccinate again, myself to anyone else I can educate.


  44. My daughter has never been vaccinated. We live in California. She will start preschool soon and is on the waiting list. My ped said she has to start from all the ones she has missed since birth. Which is nuts! I cannot just move out this state and start a fresh life with no vaccine law. My ped has been very understanding. Thank God. Ultimately the law is in place. Mandatory vaccinations to public schools. No way around it. I will start her off on two vaccines. Which two do you recommend? Does it matter? Following that I will detox her with high vit C and A. I have never felt so terrified. I am praying to God to bless me with no reactions and a smooth recovery. I truly appreciate this article and makes me feel happy. I am not alone..


  45. My daughter (3.5 years old), received her flu vaccine and two days later experienced partial lower facial paralysis. The doctors scoff at the idea that the vaccine is somehow the cause but have thrown their hands up after MRI of her brain coming back “normal,” ENT visit normal, bloodwork “normal.” It has been so terrifying and I am so worried the inflammation around her facial nerve will not heal completely. I live in GA and will be contacting a lawyer about how to get an exemption? I will also look into the genetic testing you mentioned. So stressful. Also, now I don’t want to do anymore shots for my other child but since she hasn’t had a bad reaction yet, can I protect her as well?

    Thank you for validating what I knew was true.


  46. Anaphylactic shock is a common vaccine reaction? Really??


  47. My friends child recently had its routine vaccine and about a week or so later the parents realized their childs eyes and face was swelling. It progressed to the whole body. After extensive testing at the top pediatric facilities in their country to find out the blood work showed a 0 protein count in its blood. No absorption, no trace. In critical condition their child was placed in intensive care with constant IV fluids and specialized protein drips with no success no improvement. It’s been not two weeks and the parents are being told nothing is indicating an issue in the body minus the protein depletion. They are on the verge of losing their child. This is the first case that has ever been reported and on top of the devastation the parents are dealing with they have medical reporters following their every move recording this tragic occurrence. I don’t want children anymore. Every country demands you vaccinated your children and I never want to have a life in my hands that I am forced to ruin in the interest of big pharma.


  48. Thank you for this article.

    I have only recently started to research my only child’s vaccinations and question them. What I’ve learned (after 20 units in Child Development courses, research papers, and tireless dissection of medical studies) has made me feel incredibly sad and angry at both myself AND the CDC.
    My son has experienced tics, the arched back and crying (it was shocking to my husband and me, and we NEVER considered it was a response to the vaccines), fevers, and crazy eczema.
    He has had 28 shots since birth, and I am adamant not to put him through ANY more without thorough evaluation of the risks vs. benefits. 🙁


  49. A mother knows best.


  50. My 1yr old had shots a little over a week ago. He had 5 shots at one time I begged not that many bc we don’t vaccinate our children due to what we went through with our oldest boy! I fully regret ever doing this. My 1yr old has been crying a lot at times for periods of time with no relief. He doesn’t eat very much and he used to eat very well. He’s always got a fever and now he’s got green goopy eyes. I became concerned about vaccinating him after the doctor had told me to watch out for signs of fever over 102. I asked why? She said bc sometimes they can get a fever bc their body is getting immune to the vaccine. She explained that by giving him the vaccines that they are giving them the disease or whatever and their body is fighting it off. I told her that didn’t make sense because my son had never been sick besides one time at Christmas when my nephew and my sister-in-law was sick. She raised her eyes and thought that was very odd. I told her I said I’d never vaccinated him before and he’s never been sick so why should this make him sick if it’s supposed to prevent or fight off the bad stuff? She couldn’t give me a direct answer after that. I am homeless with my three kids under the age of 5 so everyone has been on me about getting my kids vaccinated. We are struggling so I thought by getting him vaccinated that would help considering you cannot get your kid in daycare or school without having them vaccinated. my five year old has very bad aggression very bad behavior he goes through counseling and Behavioral Services all the time we are getting him evaluated for autism. And before he used to be the sweetest little boy ever as he still is he’s a very different boy now! And now I regret it more than anything. I will not be fooled into vaccinating my 5mo old! They mine as well kill me and my husband first! How do you go about getting an exemption from vaccinating? Please help!!!!!????


  51. My daughter has egg and peanut allergies, pet allergies, seasonal/environmental allergies, super sensitive skin and eczema. No one believes me that it was from vaccines even though she was fine the first year of her life (lived with a cat/dog, was around eggs and peanuts and was breastfed for 16 months while I ate all the things, never had sensitive skin, etc). After her 1 yr well check and shots… all of a sudden she had so many issues that continue to this day almost 7 yrs later. I’m always “that mom” if I mention it. 🙁 I will regret vaccinating my children till the day I die… but in the meantime I am trying my best to create a healthy environment for them by eating organic foods and minimizing other toxic things from their lives! Not perfect, but I’m trying! Thank you for this information!


  52. All parents who face required vaccinations, especially those in California should read the following book:

    The Vaccine-Friendly Plan: Dr. Paul’s Safe and Effective Approach to Immunity and Health-from Pregnancy Through Your Child’s Teen Years Kindle Edition, by Paul Thomas (Author), Jennifer Margulis (Author)
    Also: http://www.drpaulapproved.com/uploads/6/4/8/3/64831775/dr_paul_approved_vaccine_plan.pdf

    In the event of adverse reactions that the pediatrician dismisses, take this article’s advise and find another doctor or alternative healthcare practioner who knows about detox proceedures. Detoxing mercury can be aided by 1) cilantro (make a “green” drink containing organic cilantro; it help eliminate mercury; 2) to detox the aluminum adjuvant – a neurotoxin, drink bottled a water containing silicic acid (dissolved hydrated silicic acid). Two such brands are “Spritzer” from Malaysia and Fiji Water, from Fiji (available at Walmart and Kroger grocery stores). They should contain at least 35 ppm ionic silicic acid. There are several others including several from France and several from New Zealand – I’ve forgotten the brand names. Dr. Exley at Keele University in Kent England has published papers on aluminium toxicity and this detox method. He also has his detractors which you can find if you google his name, aluminum, Keele University, and vaccines. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=il6wH81qHAo


  53. My son had bad reaction to the MMR immediately after with high fevers that started from his fingertips and went like a wave the center of his body and then slowly back to his fingers… Had a fine red rash on his shoulders with white heads, he had day and night horrors, and even today as a young adult he has a low grade asthma. He has dysgrafia and was nearly labeled ADD. I worked hard to chelate what I could out of his tiny body at the time… There are no do-overs and this is my one HUGE regret of my life… I feel like I harmed and failed him… I read a magazine back then that the authros were mothers dealing with the huge affects of the MMR and other vaccinations at that time and that helped me to try to undo something… BUT THERE ARE NO DO-OVERS!!!!


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