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10 Reasons Why Being a Natural Mama is Awesome!

Daja March 4, 2016

By Daja Gombojav, Contributing Writer


A natural mama is awesome! We are our own breed of awesome. We are weird, a little wild and unpredictable, sometimes crazy, but always cool. If you’re one of those baby wearing, breastfeeding, unschooling, barefoot, crunchy, hippie mamas, this post is for you! If you know or love one of those hemp wearing, baltic amber donning, bread baking girls, this post is also for you! So, raise your glass of kombucha and let’s toast these trendsetters!


Here are 10 Reasons Why Being A Natural Mama Is Awesome:


#10 The money we save on personal hygiene supplies

(Such as shampoo, body wash, perfumes and hand sanitizer). It’s a sizable chunk of change! Which we spend on coconut oil, baking soda, and essential oils. So, our net savings is probably like 75 cents. Anyway….


#9 Also the money we save on our entertainment budget

(Like eating out, cable TV, video games), because we’d rather entertain ourselves reading the latest Michael Pollan book or making a craft out of dryer lint. This in itself adds to our entertainment with Pinterest Fails we can share on Instagram.


#8 If you are ever stuck in a snowstorm or lost at sea with a bunch of natural mamas, count your blessings

You can survive for days on breastmilk and gluten free snacks you know she has in her canvas purse.


#7 If you ever get sick around a natural mama, you are in luck

For sure there will be some awesome home remedy at the ready. Activated charcoal, essential oils, a variety of tinctures like Feel Better Fast, homemade super tonics, or in a pinch, breastmilk. You will be back to normal or better than normal in no time.


#6 Two words: Organic Wine.

#5 Food allergies sensitive: she knows what you need.

If you have a chance to eat dinner at a natural mama’s house, you can rest assured that she can accommodate any food allergy, sensitivity or aversion with the aplomb of a master chef. Give that woman a Michelin Star, someone!


#4 Have a free Saturday and don’t know what to do with yourself? Call up your natural mama friend.

She’s sure to have the skinny on festivals, indie concerts, yoga in the park, and she probably has a couple museum passes she can make you a sweet deal on.


#3 It’s not that we are anti-social, but natural mamas are not bound by arbitrary schedules of the school system.

Because we homeschool/unschool/charter school/Montessori/Waldorf/alternative private school, we can be at the beach on a Tuesday morning and get to take advantage of the amusement park at non-peak times. Woot.


#2 Have you ever woken up on a chilly snowy morning next to a toasty two year old that smells like lavender and lemon essential oils?

There is nothing like it. Nothing.


#1 Free from societal pressure, we’re able to enjoy our children daily!

But the best thing about being a natural mama is that free from the pressures of society to conform to false rhythms or phony standards of beauty, health or perfection, we are able to enjoy our children at every age, every stage, every day. Even the tough days seem redeemed when you can be present in the moment with a cup of tea, diffusing some oils, and hugging your babies.


Tell us, why do you love being a natural mama?

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  1. Natural mamas rock! Great post! Thanks for being another in the clan 🙂


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