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10 Minute Kettle Bell Workout For Busy Moms

admin February 26, 2014

10 Minute Kettle Bell Workout

10 Minute Kettle Bell Workout for Busy Moms


By Angela Parker, Contributing Writer

***Always consult with your doctor before beginning a new workout program.

Kettle Bells


Kettle Bells are weights that can be used to add extra weight in body weight exercises. They can help you build more lean muscle mass which improves your metabolism and help with reaching your weight loss goals.

I bought my kettle bell at Walmart for about $30. I use a 20 lbs kettle bell, but I would recommend 10 lbs for starting out. You could even find kettle bells at Amazon (affiliate link): Tone Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell Set

Warm up


You want to warm up your muscles before starting any exercise to prevent injury. You can jog in place for 1 minute or do 1 minute of jumping jacks. Then you are ready to grab your kettle bell and start your workout!

30 Kettle Bell Swings


Hold your kettle bell with both hands. Spread your legs slightly wider than hip distance. Roll your shoulders back. Bend at your waist and swing the kettle bell between your legs. Then, bring the kettle bell up to shoulder height. Here is a video to watch to help with your form.

Kettle Bell Swings 101

30 Dead Lifts


Continue to hold the kettle bell in both hands. Roll your shoulders back. Begin to bend at your hips keeping your back straight. Bending down and coming up counts as one rep.

dead lifts

30 Squats


Holding kettle bell in both hands, stand with feet shoulder-width apart. begin bending your knees, lowering your body into a squatting position. Keep your knees behind your toes. Pretend like you are trying to sit in a chair behind you. Lower the kettle bell to the floor, then straighten your legs and bring kettle bell up with you.

basic squats

Side Pull


Hold kettle bell in one hand and bring to side. Keeping arm straight, lower kettle bell a few inches and then raise it back up. You should feel a pull in your oblique abdominals on the opposite side. Do 30 on one side, then switch to the other side.

side pull

Squat and High Pull


Hold kettle bell in both hands in front of you. Go back into squat position with feet shoulder width apart. Lower into a squat, but this time raise the kettle bell to your chest when you straighten your legs.

squat with high pull


Reverse Lunge


Stand with kettle bell in one hand. Step backwards, slightly back and away from you to help with balance. Feel free to hold onto a chair for added support. Then return to standing position. Repeat on both legs for 30 lunges. Reverse lunges are easier to get proper form and keep your knees protected.

lunges 101

Cool down


Bring your arm in front of your body, pulling in right above your elbow. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat on opposite side.

Grab your foot with your hand and pull it behind you bending your knee to stretch your hamstring muscles. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat for both legs.

That’s it!!! You are done! Congratulations on completing a full body workout in 10 minutes. If you found this workout too challenging, you can always start with holding a can or jar of vegetables and work your way up to heavier weights.

If you want more of a workout, you can repeat this set 2 or more times. 

For More on Working out as a Busy Mom Check out this post here: 

Adapted from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/yourdon/2593849213/

Adapted from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/yourdon/2593849213/

What is your favorite way to workout? How to you find the time to fit in your exercise? 

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  2. Kettle bell training is such a great way to get in shape. It’s a great full body conditioning workout because it targets so many different muscles! Just make sure to have the proper equipment in place, such as mats, weights, etc, in order to stay safe and productive. Thanks for sharing!


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