You Ate What?! And Other Questions Natural Pregnant Mamas Face (Part 2) |

You Ate What?! And Other Questions Natural Pregnant Mamas Face (Part 2)

Jackie Scrivanich June 13, 2016

You Ate What?! And Other Questions Natural Pregnant Mamas Face (Part 2)

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By Jackie Scrivanich, Contributing Writer

The Decision to Embrace a Natural Pregnancy and Birth

When I got pregnant, I was determined to do the best for my baby. I spent many hours researching and found that a midwife and a homebirth were the right path for us. This was met with some fear and confusion by my family and peers.

I’m not the only one who is questioning what is best for my family. Many more families are choosing to look at our current medical system and decide that for them, they want something different. They do not want to have an induction, they do not want to be forced into a cesarean, and they want the freedom to choose their birth plan. This is causing many families to embrace a natural pregnancy and birth by using a midwife or even choosing to freebirth.

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You Ate What!? And Other Questions Natural Pregnant Mamas Face

These responses represent some of the things that have been said to me or that have been said to people I know. My hope is that these responses can help you prepare for the type of responses you may receive on this path. It is not always the easy route, but it is what you have decided is best for your family. Do your research and be confident in your decisions; only you know what is best for your family.

Delayed Cord What?

Delayed cord clamping is such a beneficial thing for your baby. Even just a minute delay will make a world of difference–the increased blood flow to baby is linked to higher iron levels later on in baby’s first year. Encourage someone to look into it for themselves.

Won’t the Baby Drown?

Now this question is from a genuinely curious person. Take the time to educate them on the true safety of water birth, such as the fact that babies instinctively don’t take their first breath until the air touches their face.  (also true for “land births”). Water birth and its benefits is such an incredible option that many people are unaware of or misinformed about it.

A Midwife? Do They Have Any Real Education?

I tend to want to be sarcastic in my response but instead I tell them of course they have an education. Actually, they are more specialized in pregnancy and birth than an OBGYN (who is actually a surgeon). A midwife helps to keep labor and delivery on course while the mother-baby team works together. A midwife is extremely educated in her area of expertise, which is pregnancy and childbirth.

You’re Not Getting Him Circumcised? Isn’t That Unclean?

It is odd that so many people have an opinion about your unborn son’s genitals. I take this as an opportunity to share how the US is one of the only places that still does this as a norm and even here it is becoming less common. It is a cosmetic procedure that can result in death. That is not a chance I’m willing to take for a procedure that will forever alter my son.

Wow, You’re Brave!

No, just educated. Plain and simple. I have researched. I have questioned. I have searched and prayed and all sorts of other things. Assume, that just like you, I would never do anything to harm or endanger my child. My decisions are based on many factors.

You Ate What?! And Other Questions Natural Pregnant Mamas Face (Part 2)

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Let’s Support Each Other

The best thing any of us can do for another mom is to be supportive. Supportive of their choices. Give information if they want it, but what we all need the most is to support each other and our choices.

No matter what you choose, take the time to research and embrace what is best for your natural pregnancy and birth plan.

How are some ways you can help educate someone to be a natural pregnant mama?

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