You Ate What!? And Other Questions Natural Pregnant Mamas Face (Part 1) |

You Ate What!? And Other Questions Natural Pregnant Mamas Face (Part 1)

Jackie Scrivanich May 4, 2016

You Ate What! And Other Questions Natural Pregnant Mamas Face (Part 1)

By Jackie Scrivanich, Contributing Writer

The Decision to Embrace a Natural Pregnancy and Birth

I remember when I made the decision to have a homebirth after pouring hours and hours into research. I researched the pros and cons. I looked at the statistics. I did all I could to make a very educated decision to ensure that whatever I chose was the best choice for my family. The decisions I make for my family are not done lightly.

Your decisions should not be made lightly either. Where you plan to birth, who you trust as your care provider, what tests you want done during pregnancy, and even what you want during the birth should all be researched and thought about before a decision is made. There is no one size fits all when it comes to pregnancy and birth.

Since I took so much time reading and engaging in the information that is readily available, and because of the importance of these decisions, it took me by surprise the different responses I received.

You Ate What!? And Other Questions Natural Pregnant Mamas Face

The following responses are ones that I have personally received or friends of mine have received. Most of the responses were said with genuine concern, but I was taken aback nonetheless.

Hopefully this list will help you be less surprised when someone responds similarly to your natural pregnancy and birth plans.

You Ate What! And Other Questions Natural Pregnant Mamas Face (Part 1) 2


You Ate What!?

Some women choose to freeze pieces of their placenta to add to smoothies while other some women get their dried and in pill form. Many people are, understandably, taken back by this practice as they did not know it was an option and they know nothing of the benefits. Take this as an opportunity to educate them. The more people know about placenta encapsulation and the like the more accepted it will become.

Are You Sure That’s Safe?

Sometimes doing what’s best for you and baby means you tend to skip certain tests. I would never intentionally do something that could harm my child. Some of our standard procedures, like getting many ultrasounds, are actually more unsafe for your growing baby. Limiting these procedures is more advisable at this point.

Just wait, you’ll beg for pain meds!

A woman’s body was made for this. Period. Yes there are women who choose to use pain medication but to tell an expectant mother that her birth plan is unattainable is rude. Be supportive or don’t say anything at all. I had to be induced for medical reasons and I still was able to do it without pain medication. Get the support you need and do what is best for you and baby.

Wouldn’t You Feel Safer in a Hospital?

I want to respond back-“absolutely not! Especially when most places have a 30% or higher cesarean rate!” I try, instead, to discuss the benefits of homebirth as well as the true safety behind it for low-risk pregnancies. I also let them know that I have researched this for hours upon hours and I have a very educated and capable team of midwives.

What do you mean no ultrasounds?

Getting an ultrasound is almost like a rite of passage for mainstream pregnant women. They often schedule their 3D ultrasound shortly after they find out they are pregnant. With more and more information coming to light it is easy to see why many couples are choosing to forgo ultrasounds all together. Take the time to share some of the newest information with those who are curious.

Misinformation is Rampant

There is so much misinformation and even fear that surround natural child birth. When you choose to do things differently than the norm, people tend to respond with fear. Just because it is not the norm does not mean it is in any way unsafe.

Take the time to education other people about the different options that families have so they can embrace a natural pregnancy and birth. Help them begin their research. Direct them to the right resources. It is a hard road to travel, let’s do it together.

What other questions about natural pregnancy and birth have you faced?

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