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How to Handle Shoulder Dystocia

Shoulder dystocia is simply the baby getting his or her shoulders stuck in the pelvis during birth. Find out how it can be prevented, and what to do if it does occur during birth.

Herbal Profile: Ginger

Ginger is not just a yummy addition to holiday desserts, it also has many health benefits. Find out how ginger can be used for health and more.


Hi, I’m Kate.  I love medical freedom, sharing natural remedies, developing real food recipes, and gentle parenting. My goal is to teach you how to live your life free from Big Pharma, Big Food, and Big Government by learning about herbs, cooking, and sustainable practices.

I’m the author of Natural Remedies for Kids and the owner and lead herbalist at EarthleyI hope you’ll join me on the journey to a free and healthy life!

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