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Health starts in the kitchen.

What we eat has a huge impact on our health, because either it’s mostly nourishing, or it’s not.  If it’s not nourishing, then it is affecting our health very negatively — many people experience uncontrollable weight gain or loss, thyroid issues, autoimmune conditions, or lack of energy, stomach distress, and more.

Every meal you eat is a choice — will you choose healthy?  (We live by an 80/20 or 90/10 rule here — that is, we’re not perfect, and a small amount of what we eat is just “whatever!”  Life’s no fun with no treats, and sometimes circumstances necessitate less-than-ideal food.  But most of the time, we strive for nourishing.)

We want to help you improve the health of your kitchen, with tips and recipes!


Join us over at Tradishen for a 100% real food recipe and meal planning site!  It’s another project of ours.  Tradishen features over 500 different real food recipes (and we’re adding more all the time).  There are no compromises there — no artificial, processed ingredients to wade through.  You can even filter recipes based on ingredients you do or don’t want, special diets, and more.

Tradishen offers premium service, including meal plans.  Create your own, or use one of our plans.  We offer traditional and GF/DF menus each week.  The plans cover 5 days per week, 3 meals per day.  Each day offers make-ahead or quick breakfast, lunch-box friendly lunch, and quick dinners.  If you don’t like some of the recipes on our plan, but don’t want to start completely from scratch, you can edit our plan to make it work for your family.

Signing up for Tradishen is free, and every new member gets a two-week trial of premium membership.  After that, it’s $10 per month for basic membership, and $15 per month for premium membership (with discounts if you choose a 6 or 12-month plan!).  You can snag 15% off your new membership with code MAMREADER.

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What are your favorite recipes and healthy eating tips?

Hi, I’m Kate.  I love medical freedom, sharing natural remedies, developing real food recipes, and gentle parenting. My goal is to teach you how to live your life free from Big Pharma, Big Food, and Big Government by learning about herbs, cooking, and sustainable practices.

I’m the author of Natural Remedies for Kids and the owner and lead herbalist at EarthleyI hope you’ll join me on the journey to a free and healthy life!

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