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Is Frankincense Essential Oil Safe?

virginia May 20, 2016

Is Frankincense Essential Oil Safe?By Virginia George, Contributing Writer

Gold, frankincense, and myrrh. That is one of the oldest references many of us have to frankincense oil, one of the first gifts Jesus received as an infant. The frankincense he received was most likely an infused oil, frankincense infused into olive oil, perhaps, but what a gift!

Frankincense is often referred to as the “King of Oils,” perhaps because it was given to the King of Kings! But all on its own, frankincense has a powerful history and great support for the health of our bodies and minds.

Is Frankincense Essential Oil Safe?

Essential oils are powerful tools we can use to support the health and wellness of our families. When using these tools on our bodies, they should be diluted in some kind of carrier oil to reduce skin sensitivity.

Is Frankincense Essential Oil Safe?

For adults, I tend to use no more than a 10% dilution for adults, 5% for children 6 and older, 1% for younger children, and .5% for infants under the age of 1. In some cases, further dilution is necessary.

Let’s take a look at how we can use frankincense essential oil!


Frankincense is a great oil to use for healthy looking skin, and is safe to use during pregnancy! Most facial applications should be at about 1% dilution, so add 1 drop of frankincense to 1tsp of your favorite lotion for healthy skin and emotional support! Can be used on your face, or anywhere else on your body.


Frankincense is a great oil for emotional support. As such, it is a great choice to diffuse during labor! Add 2 drops of frankincense with 2 drops of orange to your diffuser to promote feelings of peace while you labor. This can also be helpful if you have an anxiety prone dad in the room!


Frankincense essential oil is again, great for the skin. Many moms have some skin trauma from pushing out their little one, or from a healing incision if there was a c-section. Lavender + Frankincense in a roller ball can be great to apply to an incision (5 drops each in a 10mL roller ball), or they can also be added to a peri bottle for rinsing after using the restroom.

Since frankincense is also great for mood support, it can be helpful in supporting a new mom with the emotional struggles that sometimes come with having a newborn at home.


Frankincense is one of the few oils that is generally considered safe for use on newborns. Diluted, of course. It can be used for immune support and overall wellbeing. Add 1 drop of frankincense to a 10mL roller ball, top with a carrier oil, and you can use it on the bottoms of their feet (a place on the body that isn’t as sensitive), or along the spine.

Is Frankincense Essential Oil Safe?
Now go and use your frankincense essential oil with confidence!

You can find more information about using essential oils during pregnancy, labor, and with newborns right here on MAP! Check out my other essential oils posts here.

What are Your Favorite Uses for Frankincense Essential Oil?

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