Is Clary Sage Essential Oil Safe? |

Is Clary Sage Essential Oil Safe?

virginia April 28, 2016

Is Clary Sage Essential Oil Safe?

By Virginia, Contributing Writer

Clary sage essential oil is one we often hear discussed in relation to feminine health. The seeds of the clary sage plant were historically used to support eye health. Herbalists believed that if you put a clary sage seed in your eye, the sticky mucilage would clear away any foreign objects. It was thusly nicknamed “clear eyes.” I’m not sure I’d try that one at home!

Is Clary Sage Essential Oil Safe?

Essential oils are powerful tools we can use to support the health and wellness of our families. When using these tools on our bodies, they should be diluted in some kind of carrier oil to reduce skin sensitivity.

How do you know how much to dilute your essential oils? | Virginia George at Modern Alternative Pregnancy

For adults, I tend to use no more than a 10% dilution for adults, 5% for children 6 and older, and 1% for younger children. In some cases, further dilution is necessary.

Let’s take a look at how we can use clary sage essential oil!


Clary sage essential oil should generally be avoided during pregnancy. Clary sage as an herb is an emmenagogue, which means it can stimulate blood flow in the uterus. Many emmenagogues are not strong enough to abort a healthy pregnancy, but they could cause problems in a weaker individual or with an egg that is not strongly implanted.

As such, it’s probably best to avoid clary sage for at least the first trimester, if not until 40 weeks. While clary sage can be calming and soothing, there are several other essential oils that can give you the same benefit. That’s the beauty of essential oils, they’re so versatile!


Clary sage essential oil can be used during labor to stimulate or intensify contractions. Stephanie Fritz LM, CPM says, “In labor, if you need to intensify or strengthen contractions clary sage is perfect. Clary sage is not going to force the body to go beyond what it’s capable of. It’s adaptogenic and very supportive in labor.” (Source)

Clary sage will not “cause” labor if your body isn’t ready. It can also be a very intense essential oil, so use it with greater dilution if necessary.


Clary sage can be used postpartum in a variety of ways. Aromatically or topically , clary sage is helpful for mood support. It can also be used for uterine massage to support the uterus returning to “resting” size. Clary sage essential oil can also be helpful in encouraging milk production to begin.


Clary sage essential oil should not be used with newborns. It is generally considered safe to use on children older than 2, so wait until then. As with pregnancy, there are plenty of other essential oils you can use for your kids until they get a little bigger.

Is Clary Sage Essential Oil Safe?

NOTE: Clary sage essential oil should not be used in conjunction with alcohol as it intensifies the feeling of intoxication. It should also be avoided by those with low blood pressure.

Now go and use your clary sage essential oil with confidence!

You can find more information about using essential oils during pregnancy, labor, and with newborns right here on MAP! Check out my other essential oils posts here.

What are Your Favorite Uses for Clary Sage Essential Oil?

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