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Three Breakfast Ideas For Early Pregnancy

sarah clark July 5, 2013

When pregnancy begins one of the most common and universal complaints from moms-to-be is pregnancy related nausea or “morning sickness”.  For some women some degree of nausea is just unavoidable, but for others eating a healthy and protein rich breakfast can help curb that early morning “yuck” feeling and get your day start off right.

Here are a three quick ideas to get your day going right with meals that might just reduce your morning sickness.

Outstanding Oatmeal

Maybe your mom made you eat oatmeal as a kid, but it doesn’t have to be bland and boring like it was in your childhood!  Start with some yummy oats (thick, quick, steel cut, or other grains work great for this recipe too.  Get creative and try out quinoa or a seven grain mix or whatever strikes your fancy.)

Cook your oats on the stove with the appropriate amount of water.  If you want to add some extra protein or creaminess feel free to make your oats with milk rather than water.

When your oats are done cooking turn the heat down very low and add a raw egg and stir furiously.  The heat from the cooked grains will cook your egg up in a just a minute or so and add some lovely creaminess to your meal.

Add a pat of butter or some flax seed oil for some healthy fats and flavor.

Top with berries or banana or another yummy fruit for some sweetness.  And throw on a few nuts or sunflower seeds and you have a protein packed, delicious meal.  A little bit of honey can add some sweetness if you need that too.

Spinach and Egg Scramble

Add fresh rinsed spinach to a greased cast iron skillet.  Cover with lid and allow to wilt while you prepare the eggs.

Scramble eggs (as many as desired, two is enough for most people) in a bowl and add two tablespoons of Greek yogurt.  (The yogurt makes the eggs slightly more fluffy than milk alone.)  After scrambling the eggs pour the egg/yogurt mixture over your cooking spinach.  Cover the pan with a lid and cook on medium low heat while you go about other kitchen chores.

Check back in about four or five minutes (depending on the heat).  At this time you can add some cheese to the top of your egg/spinach scramble for extra flavor.

In just a few minutes you have a lovely and nutritious meal packed with leafy greens!  If you desire a little more protein or you just like meat, you can cook some sausage in the pan first before you add the spinach.

Perfect Granola

One of my favorite fast and easy (but still incredibly yummy) breakfast foods during pregnancy is simply granola and yogurt.  Greek yogurt has a wonderful thickness and added protein so I choose that .  Throw in your favorite granola from the bulk isle of the local health food store and a few berries and you have a fabulous and healthy way to start the day.

Good luck on your pregnancy journeys.  I know that for me, eating a great first meal of the day made the whole rest of my day go better and often was enough to curb if not totally eliminate morning sickness.

What are your favorite tips and tricks and meals for first trimester pregnancy nausea? 

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  1. I’ve been finding relief from this hearty breakfast: Sprouted wheat bagel with cream cheese and avocado. I add a little spike if I’m craving some salt. It also really helps to eat something right before I got to bed. My favorite is a small mug of granola and milk. I can’t wait until I’m through this phase!


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