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Mandatory Vaccines: Who is Really Suffering?

Jodie February 26, 2016


mandatory vaccines who is suffering?

By Jodie, Contributing Writer

“Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin 

What really is the impact of SB-277 on Mandated Vaccines and the loss of liberty? Who really wins or suffers? Certainly not the children developing autism and other significant health challenges.

This law transgresses our conscious as parents.

Why I’m an Advocate and a Mother

I’m just a mom….

A mom who decided thru near catastrophic events to STOP vaccinating our children. It has been the most liberating decision we have ever made as a family.

Unfortunately, instead of cheering on parents who actually go the extra mile and research a difficult decision like this, we are scrutinized and made to feel less than the rest of society. Sound familiar? History tells of events just like this. Forced vaccination of certain cultures or religious affiliations, death camps, genocide, selection of a sect of society that is “greater than thou”. It is a slippery slope and where I live in the state of California, one that is happening right before our eyes with sb-277.

Who is really being harmed here? The children who are supposedly “at risk” sharing desk space with a “naturally vaccinated” child? Or the children whose parents have chosen a different path, a harder path? The path of research and coming to a decision that goes against what society is preaching. That term herd immunity that gets thrown around to scare the pants off you deserves your time to research fully. It is not what you have been told, if it even exists at all.

Our Story:

Our son received a diagnosis of autism. Now what?

I am not a world-renowned doctor, but it doesn’t matter, because our son was vaccine-injured and I don’t need 8 years in medical school to prove it. Call it instinct, mother’s intuition or that gut-wrench feeling in the pit of my stomach; what matters most is that I knew the moment it happened.

I am a mom on a quest to share our story of tragedy to recovery. One careless visit to the pediatrician’s office catapulted us into life-altering events for our family. There are millions of moms who are facing some facet of our journey each and every day feeling hopeless and with zero support from our “expert” medical community. I seek to change that by offering a glimpse into our struggles and triumphs recovering our son from that scary little word…

Moms carry an instinct that is more powerful than any man in a white coat or research study. Five years ago, our son fell away into a deep, dark world after a round of 8 vaccines in one visit to “catch him up.”

I don’t need a degree to understand causation; our boy literally changed overnight after his pediatrician forced those vaccines upon us. I was victim to the scheme of “if we don’t vaccinate then our child will become severely ill and die.” They promise that you will never face hardship if you just inject a serum that is designed to trick our intelligently designed bodies. Never mind the fact that it is filled with highly questionable adjuvants. Ingredients that if any doctor were to try and offer them singly, would have his license stripped away.

Can you imagine willingly injecting any of these ingredients alone? Aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury, DNA from foreign animals (non-human and aborted babies) and neurotoxins to name just a few. I guess five years ago I didn’t have the wherewithal to search the Google we all know and love, because if I did, you better believe I would have told that doctor to hit the road.

There’s a {NEW} Vaccine Schedule Now

Did you happen to notice a whole new load of vaccines are added? As if we needed more! Now parents, like me, get to be even more singled out and made fun of by uneducated “educators” in the California School system {or any state that is jumping on the mandatory bandwagon}.

Don’t worry about locking up your sons and daughters for fear of promiscuity…this new HPV vaccine will surely get them first. Read more about why the HPV is a load of horse manure.

Slipping Into Autism

It was in the days after his 15 month well-check that our little boy slipped away. Fevers (unexplained), major gut issues where he never had a formed stool, rashes all over parts of his body, lost language, hand flapping (that was NOT present before the vaccines), no eye contact, socially delayed, he was utterly and completely lost….His little body was on track for an epic meltdown from all the prior vaccine-adjuvants stored up in his system. That round of 8 broke him.

I wasn’t given the number for VAERS, or even a look of concern from our Doctor. No, instead “it’s completely un-related Ma’am, give him Tylenol.” There was no screening for family history, past vaccine reactions or even asking me if I wanted to vaccinate. The nurse just came in with the needles, assumptions and all, as if it was a government mandated protocol.

A few weeks later, I had given birth to our second son, and in my crazy post-birth hormonal state had to deal with the reality of a diagnosis: Autism. It was like being hit with a ton of bricks and I literally suffocated. I cried uncontrollably every day and felt an enormous weight of guilt-then anger-sadness-then denial-then guilt again, and finally…determination.

It was game on in my book. I would get my child back.

What happened? My child had a complete immunologic meltdown and that spurred his mind and his gut into a state of almost irreversible damage. I do not need evidence, research or some pharmaceutical-funded study to tell me vaccines don’t cause harm. I witnessed it happen with my own eyes and that is all the evidence I will ever require. Vaccines do cause damage. The damage might be slight, moderate or severe, but damage will be done.

You Have a CHOICE

Mommas, I’m speaking to you — an adverse reaction does not have to manifest in full-blown autism. It can manifest in so many different areas. It is our signal that the body is being stressed beyond it capabilities. There is a tipping point. The time has come. Our children are sick.

And mandatory vaccines are just the tipping point. If vaccines are supposed to keep everyone healthier then WHY are our children the sickest they have ever been? 

Is this what we want? Our children to become little drugged-up vaccinated robots with fake, synthetic systems? I really do try and accept the stance of all those pro-vaxxers but unfortunately my simple-mindedness goes back to logic. Logic dictates that nature will ALWAYS win over synthetic. Nature has this amazing ability to change and alter when threatened. Instead more vaccines are made. Hey, that’s the answer right?

Study after Study show no proven link between vaccines and a healthier child or society. In fact, it shows the opposite. So who really wins when we begin to mandate vaccines in schools? NO child wins. NO family wins. Everyone is hurt. 

We Cannot Play the Hand of God

We now make family decisions by using the good ol’ brains that God gave us. Contrary to what the media and plethora of pro-vaxx sites will tell you, a person who decides NOT to vaccinate is pretty darn smart. We actually put in more time and research to land where we are than your average Joe. So, here is what I have come to know:

We are NOT to play the hand of God. Our bodies are perfectly designed with extreme care and intelligence. And that can never be replicated in a laboratory. Just look back thru history when man takes control over nature, it never works, yet our society presses on with complete arrogance thumbing our nose at God’s design.

The medical concept of health is virtually unrecognizable in today’s media from what it once was. Gone is the belief that our bodies are self-regulating organisms capable of amazing feats of healing, instead we get to hear the voice of organizations and companies who would have you believe the reason you get sick is primarily due to lack of their synthetics filling your body.

Our family now comprehends naturally acquired immunity, which stands far away from vaccines. We rely on our bodies ability to self-correct with awesome intelligence and we use amazingly strong natural medicine that is always a step ahead of those nasty germs. We went from visiting a neurologist, ENT, pediatricians, emergency rooms, oncologists, you name it we were in an office figuring out this puzzle multiple times a month. Zero progress was made and no answers were given by our allopathic community. My son kept getting worse. He made small, incremental gains in therapy, but his body was clearly not well and the ROOT was the toxins that had filled his body.

Fast-forward to present day and after 5 crazy-long years of recovery, we have not used a single synthetic or OTC in over three years (we use essential oils extensively for this healing process). Our children’s immune systems are healthy and strong, and each day we seek natural choices, steer clear of synthetic body-altering substances, and pleasantly ask for those vaccine exemption forms with a smile.

It was nothing short of amazing to watch his progression over the years and I often sit in amazement and shock as I see my little social, happy guy thriving in school. It wasn’t easy, and the whole road was against the grain. We met resistance from family, friends and the medical community. But our prior state and “prognosis” didn’t win us, we won it! Autism recovery is real, and it is our life story. 

What Now?

How many parents have been thru the same storm we have? They now are faced with forced vaccinations when they know full-well their children may not have the capability to process the junk adjuvants that are present in vaccines.

California is just the beginning as we are witnessing the ripple effect. They are regulating themselves out of a population of tax payers, and so will every other state that follow suit.

The issue is deeper, however. A parents God-given right to choose what is safest for their own child. That should scare the hell out of you whether you support vaccines or not.

Press on, research and follow your instinct. The tide is turning, the media cannot hide it any longer and the truth will come out. We must create a movement of vocal change against mandated vaccines.

What would you do if the school your children attended required vaccines with no exemptions available? 

Disclaimer: This site/blog/correspondence is not a replacement for medical advice or treatment. This is our story, that is all. Please make your own choices and seek medical treatment when needed.

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  1. The Right to Say No to ANY medical procedure should be a fundamental right. For THAT reason I will ALWAYS fight mandated vaccination (along with all the other medical and health reasons you mentioned). I have a son that I choose not to vaccinate thanks to researching, and based on his sensitivities to external chemical exposure and nutrition, I truly feel he would have slipped into autism had I vaccinated… Like my brother.


  2. This is just what I needed to hear today. Today someone told me I should vaccinate my child because she is a risk. My child has leaky gut if I where to vaccinate her that would be detrimental to her body! But people still see vaccination as manditory! It drives me crazy. I’m also called uneducated because I choose not to vaccinate! Insane! So thank you for sharing.


  3. My younger brother has autism also,
    My mom went to take him in for his 5 year old shots and he got 6 and became a different child!!!! I swear, he change to someone different, I was in college I only came home when I had time to, the first time home jack was a different little guys, his hands where always moving he was sping and he could talk correctly, I asked my mom that day what wrong with jack. She said I don’t know Chelsea he has changed and he is getting out of control! now he is 9 and goes to therapy two times a week to help him! It’s hard but I pray everyday for some one to admit the vaccines did something.

    I mom took the pedi to court because jack change and wanted to know everything in the shots, and he said vaccines don’t cause autism. And she said my son didn’t act like this till he got the vaccines!!!

    May god be with us all!


  4. PLEASE! Will you all speak put against mandated vaccines for medical professionals! If I cannot keep my job as a perinatal nurse, I will have a harder time warning young families about vaccines! Zostavax is being shoved down my throat.


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