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DIY Summer First Aid Kit

admin May 19, 2015

Yesterday I shared with you how to make your own first aid pouch.  I’ve been wanting a nice pouch like this for years but finding one to buy was literally impossible.  There were cases for just essential oils, or just medicine bottles, or just a general pouch with no pockets.  But nothing multi-purpose and certainly nothing cute.

Anyway, I finally designed and sewed my own.  I keep getting it out just to look at it, because I think it’s so cool….  And it really wasn’t hard, and it came together more quickly than I expected.  Seriously, if you sew even a little bit, you need to try it.

Today I’m sharing the next important thing: what to put in it!  (If you don’t want to sew a pouch, I recommend getting a toiletries case to put these items in.  I have one of those, too, which I keep as my at-home first aid kit.)

Knowing what to carry is pretty important.  And, especially for the naturally-minded mama, knowing what you really need on the go (and how to make it!) is important.  There used to be a company that offered cute little homeopathic and herbal remedy kits, but they unfortunately went out of business a couple years ago.  So now we make our own.

What Goes In a Travel First Aid Kit

I pack this in the summer because that’s when we’re outside and we’re subject to cuts, scrapes, bumps, and bugs.  In the winter it doesn’t matter so much, and health focuses more on preventing illness.  That sort of thing is mostly an at-home deal, whereas summer injuries can happen anywhere.

So!  What to carry?

Bentonite Clay Paste

This is one item I buy, from Redmond Clay.  It’s simply bentonite clay and water.  It has many uses, including:

  • Bug bites
  • Stings
  • Poison ivy
  • Other rashes

Bentonite clay has “drawing” powers.  It will help to pull the poison out of stings, bites, and so on.  In case of accidental ingestion of poisonous plants, it could be eaten to prevent severe illness (of course, depending on the plant, seek medical attention, but this is a good start before you can reach help).

We also use this black drawing salve.

Arnica Salve

Arnica salve is for bumps, bruises, and swelling.  It helps for minor muscle strains or twists, prevents bruising, and more.  It’s good if you’re hiking and are feeling sore at the end of the day.  It’s also good if little ones trip on the playground and bump their knee (but it shouldn’t be used on broken skin).  Make your own!

(Or buy it here.)

Antibacterial Cut Salve

This salve (recipe coming tomorrow!) is for basic cuts and scrapes.  It will naturally disinfect the cuts, and help to stop the bleeding.  Use this, then cover with a bandage to keep the cut clean.

(Buy some here.)

Hand Sanitizer Spray

You never know when you’ll get dirty on the go, especially in the summer (hiking and such) and need to clean up, with no sink in sight.  I make safe hand sanitizer to keep with me all the time for just such occasions.  (We can follow up with a cloth wipe from the diaper bag if needed, if hands are really messy.)

Herbal Bug Spray

In case of bugs, prevent bites with a natural, non-toxic bug spray.  Use directly on skin without fear, or spray around the area.  Make your own!

Or buy it here!


I tend not to use sunscreen unless we’ll be out for several hours, but it’s good to carry, just in case.  I keep a small tin of homemade sunscreen in my case so that I can rub it on as needed.

Or buy it here!


Of course, a good first aid kit needs bandages!  We keep standard sizes in ours, since they’re mostly used for small cuts and scrapes.

Gauze Pads

In case of any bigger or deeper cuts, we keep gauze pads in the kit.  We’ve only needed them once, but they’re handy to have to clean wounds.

Sports Tape

I have special fabric sports tape that sticks to itself, and not to skin.  It can be used to wrap minor strains, or to hold gauze on a wound.  I recommend this type over the “normal” tape because it can be re-used and it won’t hurt a young child’s skin.

Essential Oil Rollers

I keep some essential oil rollers in my bag.  They include:

  • Lavender — 10 drops of lavender oil + 1/3 oz. apricot oil (calming, good for burns, minor bug bites)
  • Sore muscles — 10 drops of muscle-aid + 1/3 oz. apricot oil (good for muscle strains while hiking; not for use in children or pregnant women)
  • Bug bite healer — 7 drops of lavender oil, 3 drops of tea tree oil + 1/3 oz. apricot oil (not for use in children under 2)

Check out other EO roller recipes here.


I keep a few tinctures in my bag, too.

  • Shepherd’s purse tincture (recipe coming soon) — Helps stop bleeding
  • Teething tincture — good for teething babies, or any oral pain (if you fall and bump your mouth, for example)

That’s about it!

I pack all of these items into my handmade case.  This case usually rides in my diaper bag, so that I’m never without it.  Sometimes, if I don’t want to bring the diaper bag, I take the case out and tuck it into a stroller so that I have it.  I recommend not leaving it in the car, just because the homemade salves would melt and could be messy.

What do you keep in your summer first aid kit?

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  3. Great ideas thanks! I also like to keep tick removers, Ledum200c, and colloidal silver in my first aid kit.


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