Turmeric-Lime Electrolyte Drink

admin April 13, 2015

Now that it’s spring — and finally getting warm — sports season is starting.  That means there will be lots of electric-colored sports drinks passed around.

But those drinks?  They aren’t healthy.  They’re full of artificial colors, flavors, and other junk.  Plus they’re sugary.  Overall, they’re really not the kind of thing you want to be giving your child when they need real hydration.

Of course, sometimes more than just plain water is really needed.  In hot weather or during intense exercise, we lose a lot of salt through sweating.  This means that to be properly hydrated, we need to replace those salts (electrolytes).  Some athletes can become dangerously dehydrated because they are losing so much salt and are not replacing it properly — which can lead to confusion, irregular heart rate, or even unconsciousness.  So yes, sometimes a “sports drink” is really needed!

Making your own is actually really simple.  This version combines some simple ingredients that you probably already have at home.  The flavor of turmeric is earthy and refreshing, and it is a natural anti-inflammatory (which could help any sports-related injuries).  Mixed with lime, it’s a delightful and healthy treat.  I’ll be mixing up batches of this when my 5-year-old starts t-ball very soon!

Turmeric Lime Electrolyte Drink

Turmeric-Lime Electrolyte Drink

The fresh turmeric is the only ingredient that may be hard to find.  Many health food stores carry it, and often ethnic markets do too.  We find it at a local ethnic market, usually.  It isn’t too expensive, about $5 – $6 per lb., and you don’t need much.  If you can’t find it or don’t prefer it, feel free to substitute fresh ginger, which is available at basically any grocery store.  (Look in the produce section, near the fresh herbs.)

Both turmeric and ginger have natural anti-inflammatory properties, which makes them all-around excellent, but great for times of intense exercise especially.  (This is also an excellent recipe in case of illness, and I frequently make it during the winter for that purpose.)


  • 4 – 5 slices of fresh turmeric root, about 1/4″ thick
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • 3 c. water, divided
  • 2 – 3 tbsp. raw honey
  • 1/4 tsp. sea salt
  • 1/4 tsp. baking soda


Step 1: In a small saucepan, add the turmeric root and 1 c. water.  Bring it to a boil, and boil for about 10 minutes.

Step 2: Strain out the turmeric root.  Add the honey, lime juice, sea salt, and baking soda.  Stir to combine.

Step 3: Add the remaining (cool) water and ice.  This will make 3 – 4 c. depending on how much ice you add.

Serve!  It’s super easy to keep this in the fridge and grab it as-needed.  Store it in glass, if possible, for up to 3 days.

Do you serve electrolyte drink or a homemade version?

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  2. Can you tell me the benefit of adding baking soda? It certainly reacts with the lime juice, but I’m not enough of a chemist to know why this is beneficial for the purpose of this drink.


  3. I have turmeric powder. How would I vary the recipe for that?


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