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admin March 20, 2015

It was about three months ago.

It was post-holidays and my kids were starting to wake up at weird hours.  My then almost 2-year-old had been sleeping through the night for a couple months but had started to wake 2 – 3 times a night again.  My 7-year-old was claiming she couldn’t fall asleep until after midnight (and was awake that late when I went to her room one night).  Then my 3-year-old started wandering around at 4 AM and claiming he couldn’t sleep anymore.  I knew I needed to do something, so we could all have a peaceful night’s sleep again.

I’ve been supplementing with magnesium lotion personally for a few years now.  I’ve never been consistent with the kids, though.  If they complained of growing pains, then I would put it on them, or if they were sick, but generally I didn’t.

Magnesium promotes restful sleep, so I decided to try it out.  Within 2 nights, all were sleeping through the night peacefully again.  Awesome!

We’ve been keeping up with it since (most of the time) and they have continued to sleep peacefully.  Also, they get sick less often and when they do they’re over it much faster.  It took weeks last fall for my 2-year-old to get over a cough after having a cold.  Recently it only took a couple days.  Yeah!

The only problem left was that the kids were getting riled up at bedtime, and having trouble settling down to fall asleep initially.  I decided it was time for some special “Good Night” lotion to solve that problem.

good night lotion

Good Night Lotion

The goal was to help the kids feel peaceful so they could fall asleep faster and easier, in addition to getting a good night’s sleep once they were out.  The magnesium would promote the solid night of sleep.  I chose lavender for the “fall asleep faster and easier” part.

Lavender is known to promote rest and relaxation.  It’s also very safe for children and babies.  Plus, many like the scent.  Lavender and magnesium combine to make a powerful good night lotion for, well…a good night, for all!

I included only plant-based oils that are edible, so this lotion is so safe, kids could eat it!  Although I wouldn’t recommend that. 🙂  This is much safer than the so-called good night lotions that come in stores (which made my poor daughter’s skin turn bright red almost instantly as a baby — one of the reasons we began to explore more natural options in the first place). It comes together very quickly and easily, too.


  • 1 tbsp. shea butter
  • 2 tbsp. coconut oil
  • 2 tbsp. avocado oil (or other liquid oil — olive, apricot, jojoba, etc.)
  • 2 tbsp. double-strength magnesium oil (mix 1 tbsp. warm water with 2 tbsp. magnesium chloride flakes)
  • 1 tbsp. beeswax
  • 15 drops lavender essential oil


Step 1: Melt the shea butter, coconut oil, and beeswax in a saucepan over low heat.

Step 2: Add the avocado oil and magnesium oil.

Step 3: Add the essential oil.

Step 4: Use an immersion blender to blend it all together until thick and opaque (or pour it into a standard blender and mix it up).

Step 5: Scoop/scrape it into a 4-oz. jar or tin.

That’s it!  Allow it to cool completely before using.  Spread a small amount on thin-skinned areas, like the back of legs or bellies before bed.  Promotes restful sleep all night long!  Our first night using it, the kids fell asleep faster and all slept for nearly 11 hours before waking.  Not bad!   Good night lotion works!

Love this idea, but know you aren’t ready to make it yourself?  Buy it from us, right here!

How do you promote restful sleep for your family?  Have you ever tried a good night lotion?


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