DIY: Postpartum Tea for After-Birth Pain |

DIY: Postpartum Tea for After-Birth Pain

abykm91 April 16, 2014

The moments and days following birth are some of the most special memories a momma can have. I always look back so fondly on these times. But the time following birth also comes with its pains and trials.

In the days following birth, mothers will experience after-birth pains as the uterus contracts and shrinks back down to normal size. This is intensified by breastfeeding, as breastfeeding hormones signal the uterus to contract. Just another neat way God made mommas!

But after-birth pains can be truly painful, especially by third or fourth babies, as the pains become worse after each subsequent birth.  Tea has been an excellent source of nourishment during my pregnancy, I love using herbs in tea form! There are herbs that can help you along in managing after-birth pain, and here is how to utilize them:

After-Pain Tea Recipe



Step 1: To prepare this brew, use an infusion method, which creates a stronger brew than a cup of tea.  To make an infusion, place herbs in a quart-sized jar and fill the jar with boiling water.

Step 2: Let sit for eight hours (or overnight), then strain out the herbs and refrigerate your infusion.

Step 3: You can reheat the brew as you sip it throughout the day as needed or drink it cold.  Salt can be added for taste.

For more awesome herbal remedies, teas and tinctures, check out Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year by Susun S. Weed!

Have you used any herbal remedies to ease discomfort following birth?


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  1. These are some very good recipes! I have found an online source for all of my medicinal herbs and they have always had what I needed but never many recipes. Thank you for posting these! 🙂


  2. Depression in dad’s is a very common occurrence that is often ignored and not treated.


  3. Thanks for this information!
    Is Blue Cohosh safe while breastfeeding?


  4. I used this tea recipe for my last baby (number 3) and it saved me. By my 2nd baby I had such bad contractions that I was shaking and practically vomiting from pain. No amount of pain killers helped. This lasted about 2 weeks and it was honestly worst than labor for me. For my 3rd baby I found this tea recipe. I gave birth at 6 pm, drank the tea around 8 and by 9 am this next morning felt better than I had felt 2 weeks postpartum with my second.


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